Not since Rex Manning Day have a group of retailers been so psyched to tear away the calendar pages.

That’s right kids! It’s August 5! Uh, finally!

Before we get to anything else, I need to address this:

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From Southgate Mall’s website to God’s ears – if you get to today’s opening early enough, you’ll get a Southgate giftbag. GET THEE TO SOUTHGATE, EDMONTON!

But back to our story.

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Via the Edmonton Examiner

In case you didn’t know, one of the worst-kept secrets in the City is that the giant silver August 5th signs you’ve been seeing around town have been pushing to today’s Grand Re-Opening of Southgate Mall – which, from what I hear, is re-inventing itself as a higher-end fashion shopping centre.

Now, I’d be a liar if I said that we weren’t a little disappointed that the proverbial glittery cat was let out of the proverbial sequin-encrusted bag long before August 5 actually rolled around.

If we all get in the Wayback machine, I’m sure we can remember that when these signs first started appearing, no one had ANY idea what they were for (though I was convinced it was for a DVD re-issue of the Sex and the City movie). But slowly, word started trickling in and by early July, it had become sort of common knowledge that the signs were, in fact, related to the Grand Re-Opening of Southgate (which suits me just fine, if only to finally have the transit centre in one static location that is in the vicinity of an actual, functioning door).

But in the interest of full-disclosure (we’re nothing if not transparent), the City-wide revelation that the signs were Southgate Mall-mandated definitely thwarted a few plans we had for stealing them, claiming them as our own, and having a big, glittery edmontonian launch party in the parking lot of our apartment building (and apparently, we weren’t the only people to think of co-opting the campaign).

I digress. If you’re looking to learn, y’know, FACTS (you elitist) about the mall’s grand re-opening, the Journal ran a story yesterday, and the Southgate website has details of which new stores are opening (hello, Sephora!), and which old favorites are returning with a sexy new exterior (Thank God, Cinnzeo! I was so worried.)

You guys, if anyone is in the vicinity of Southgate Mall at 11 a.m. when the fashion hits the fan, I’d love a picture. Or a phone interview with you. Or even just live-blog it. Because I want to go to there.

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4 Responses to “IT’S AUGUST 5TH!”

  1. While this is exciting, I was under the impression HMV would be moving to the new section of the mall. I don’t see that happening now, but having worked there for about a year, I can tell you that store is in desperate need of expansion.

  2. Jeff says:

    Maybe they can’t pimp-out the HMV, so as to not compete with the WEM HMV?

  3. JProssa says:


  4. Sally says:

    Say no more, mon amour. Kiss moi, baby, je t’adore…