May 26 YEG Headlines

I’m not sure I’ve ever thrown our Twitter/International Airport identifier into the Headlines subject before. I feel like I should have, since I freakin’ love Twitter so much.

So I guess that times are still tough, especially when it comes to the rising cost of items.

For example, the seemingly homeless guy asking for “Two bucks to get a slice of pizza,” around Whyte Avenue is now asking for “Three bucks.” Inflation stinks.

He also had a hand, completely, full of change when he asked me for $3. I’m pretty sure he had more than that already. It’s sad really. I saw him offered food, from an event I was at, when he was asking for money – for food – last summer. He could not have been more disgusted with the offer of food.

I’m glad the city is continuing to look at ways to help Edmonton’s less-fortunate and street people, without just handing over money.

from the Edmonton Journal:

Tree service $1M cheaper if city did it

Ward 6 Coun.Thiele’s record left for others to assess (My favourite thing is that Dave Thiele says term limits should be implemented for councillors.)

NAIT faculty drops grievance against president

A treacherous field (Farmers had a tough 2009.)

Second man sought in cold-case murder

Former Edmonton Sun columnist sues employer (Surprisingly, or not, this isn’t in the Sun today. I did a quick couple of searches to make sure they just didn’t have it earlier too.)

Second Apple store and iPad arrive together (So here’s what you do, you go down to Southgate Friday and wait in line and buy me an iPad.)

Edmonton’s BioWare expands to Ireland

Metric, Stereos, Canyon to his Telus Stage at Capital Ex (Don’t call it Ed Fest.)

from the Edmonton Sun:

Province performs unauthorized credit checks

Beaten bus driver blinded: dangerous offender hearing (The crown is trying to have the man who beat bus driver Tom Bregg declared a dangerous offender, meaning he would go to prison with no clear release date.)

Duckett taken to hospital (There’s also info in this story about some bed closures and new beds opening to replace them.)

from Metro Edmonton:

2010 hockey teams to help raise funds for outdoor rink (The gold medal winning teams from Vancouver.)

CFB honours native youth

from 630CHED/iNews880:

City looks to LRT cams to catch criminals

Edmonton job prospects improving

Stats Can reveals its population projections (Come on, one to two million people.)

from CBC Edmonton:

Flaherty to unveil single securities regulator (Alberta, Quebec and, sort of, Manitoba are against this idea. They like our current system of provincial regulators.)

Man, 19, arrested in LRT slaying (So, I was all ready to link this story to CHED/iNews this morning, since they looked to break the news yesterday, but they never followed up. I want to showcase your good work, newsrooms! Oh, and don’t blame LRT.)

Youth charged in Edmonton slaying ward of province (As Paula Simons detailed, the victim also spent time in provincial care.)

from CTV Edmonton:

Job cuts hinted for Alberta teachers (The provincial budget, and its deficit, is starting to loom large for teachers and schools.)

City’s safety compliance team looks to target problem bar patrons (I’ve said it recently, I’ll say it again, I like the new gusto of this team. Meanwhile…at the Blush Lounge…owners think about how to re-open…And at least one city councillor is musing about bar and entertainment districts leading to problems.)

Salads recalled over salmonella contamination concern (Is packaged and processed food getting worse, or are reporting and recall methods getting better?)


An update: The Edmonton Folk Music Festival’s full lineup has been announced.

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  1. Derjis says:

    You guys are more than welcome to go buy your ‘iPads’; I prefer my products to NOT have been made by companies that employ slave labour, beat up employees and reporters, and drive people to suicide.
    Just sayin’…

  2. Sally says:

    you’re right. let’s buy a dell instead.