Are You Tired of Hearing People Complain About Snow?

thumbnail from Edmonton, A Beauty ResponseSo, I’m lucky enough to live next to an empty lot. I know that’s sort of a non-sequitur, but bear with me, I’m going somewhere with this.

Year-round, the lot is home to what I call “bunnies,” and Jeff calls Snowshoe Hare,  but could be killer rabbits for all I know.  There are nights when I’m completely bundled up, like crystals-forming-on-my-eyelashes, breathing-my-own-sweaty-scarf-breath, peripheral-vision-compromised-by-hood bundled up, and yet, through my snow blindness, I can make out the shape of a fat white rabbit sitting in the middle of the sidewalk outside my apartment building, staring at me like I owe him money. And suddenly, my blood-lust for old man winter just sort of dissipates as I chase after the bunny, Elmyra-style.

That is why I liked the video posted below. While it does not feature the tiny animals typically needed to capture my attention (though maybe you could consider doing that in your next one, Adam), it certainly did give me the kind of warm fuzzies I associate with a good bunny-spotting.

This is part of a poetic response assignment our new friend Adam (@theleanover on twitter) completed for a creative writing class. I found it on youtube while searching videos of Edmonton – specifically, videos where peoples’ cars were stuck in snow so I could make a cutting-edge “what’s the deal with snow removal” joke – and after watching this sweet little love letter to the City, I kind of feel ashamed of myself.*

*But not so ashamed that I won’t put a pin in the “what’s the deal with snow removal” joke for use another day.

3 Responses to “Are You Tired of Hearing People Complain About Snow?”

  1. Derjis says:

    Yeah, what IS the deal with snow removal? It’s neither snow, nor is it being removed!
    Well, technically speaking, it IS snow, I guess. I can’t be expected to check all of my facts! Who do I look like, over here? A hard-hitting investigative journalist?

  2. Derjis says:

    p.s. I’m going to send you a video of me spending 2 hours hammering massive chunks out of my eavestroughs, desperately trying to stem the tide of leaks in my place. It will be set to something by Brahms, or perhaps Wagner. And you will LOVE IT.
    Also, it’s easy to be smug about this weather when you live in an apartment and have other people shovel your walks for you… ;)

  3. sally says:

    Ha ha ha, you need a reality show about being a homeowner. BIG TIME. It’ll just be you fixing things and complaining.