Little Miss Curious’ last minute Valentines

Well Edmontonians, if you haven’t gotten a gift for today, because you don’t need to I applaud you. Valentine’s Day is pretty commercial and can be a time and money waster. If you need a gift, however, and you forgot to get something, that may be another story. Skip the flowers, the Hallmark and the cheap chocolates. Here are a few quick last minute suggestions.

  1. Traveling Tickle Trunk is CLOSED on Mondays! So picking up a toy may be a little bit tricky. Take a peek at their online store to see what’s available and just say “It’s coming!!!”
  2. Kerstins IS open today. Go forth and pick up some top-quality chocolate!
  3. I was in Chapters the other day and they have a lot of great books on the Kama Sutra. Sadly not the pop-up ones, but most had pretty good pictures.
  4. Buy a bong and get a thong…classy!

Good luck. May the force be with you. And for all you single people out there, it’s just another day of the year with an even better day following it; February 15 is truly awesome because all the chocolate goes on sale.

Love LMC.

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