February 15 Edmonton Headlines

A balloon? You think a balloon one day a year will make up for you being a jerk? Or, at least something like that is how I picture this little guy getting left behind.

Hey, just because Valentine’s Day is over doesn’t mean we don’t love you, Edmonton. We’ll try to keep showing it.

On a more serious February 14 note, it’s a day to march and remember murdered and missing women.

A dangerous offender hearing is on to decide whether a man who attacked Edmonton bus driver Tom Bregg should be sent to prison without a release date.

Clear that ice on your sidewalk. You can avoid a bylaw ticket if you at least sand the crap out of all that ice.

An Edmonton police officer had her house burned down, and will likely end up testifying as a victim of crime instead of just an investigating officer.

99 Street and Scona Road is going to be one of the largest construction closures of 2011. So, you probably want to avoid that, starting in May.

Let’s see what else is going on…

Alberta Health Services says more hospital beds have improved emergency room wait times 20 to 20 percent. Or was it 2 to 3 percent

Alberta’s political parties say post-secondary education could do better and have more funding, but they can’t agree on how that’s going to happen.

The U of A is getting ready to send its court sports (like basketball and volleyball) to the South Campus, so that means 50 years of history have a final chapter at its main gym.


Looks like Alberta Progressive Conservative MLA Doug Griffiths is next into the race to replace Premier Ed Stelmach. I wonder where 630CHED/iNews880 learned of this news… (Check that first Griffiths link for a possible answer.)

The discussion around the way that story was presented was whether a newsroom claiming to have “learned” something meant they were trying to pass themselves off as the breaker of said news to their audience or if they were slyly admitting to their audience they weren’t first with the news but just didn’t disclose its source. Either way it’s old school news habits when a newsroom tries to pretend it’s the only source of information around. Your audience is smarter than that.

Maybe this post about sportswriters jumping over each other to post team lineups makes the point even better than I do.


Weird, the website Griffiths is pointing people to in a news release isn’t live yet. (As I write this, anyway.)

Maybe fancier VLTs will get you gambling a little more. But totally within your limit, of course. Of course.


You want to go to a meeting and tell Shaw what you think about usage based Internet rates? You better be one of the lucky 80. The rest of us can phone and e-mail our rants.

South Edmonton Common is getting a Lowe’s. Yay.

7 Responses to “February 15 Edmonton Headlines”

  1. Derjis says:

    I have no illusions that Shaw will actually listen to any of the feedback gleaned from the UBB forums, but I’ve thrown my name into the hat regardless. Now, to see if they actually PICK me as one of their chosen 40!

  2. Jeff says:

    You know you’re getting a hidden camera if they pick you. Please!

  3. Adam Snider says:

    Griffiths’ website still isn’t live, 4.5 hours later…

    The Scona/99 closure will make trying to cross the river from downtown during rush hour absolute hell. I predict that 109 Street will be clogged up worse than ever, as half of the people who work downtown try to cross the river using the High Level all summer long. I’m very glad that I now work on the same side of the river as I live on. I know it’s a temporary headache but, my god, it’s going to be a big headache for drivers.

  4. Derjis says:

    Agreed, Adam… there are really no decent alternate routes to get across the river. I don’t need to take the High Level or Scona Road, but that closure is going to ‘eff up anyone trying to use Groat Road, River Valley Road, 98th Ave, and Connors Hill…
    It’s 2011!!! Why are we still driving everywhere? Back in the late 90s, I was promised that by now everyone would telecommuting to work, goddammit! There’s a big ol’ ZING in there somewhere about the empty promises of how “social media” will “revolutionize our society”, but I’ll leave that one up to the more competent Zimg-Makers out there.

  5. Jeff says:

    Doug Griffiths meant to say http://www.betteralberta.ca/ – not .com.

    And he’s the young, Internet-savvy Tory.

    Since the City is widening the southbound lanes of Scona Road (heading up the hill, off the James MacDonald Bridge) they should have put in a dedicated bus lane up 99 Street (from at least Whyte AVenue) and through the valley, in both directions. That’s the kind of street widening Edmonton needs. Then, when 99/Scona re-opened it wouldn’t even be as busy as it is now because you’d probably get a few more people into buses.

    The same would then go for Gateway and the new Walterdale.

  6. Jeff says:

    To be fair, that could have also been someone at the Journal putting in the wrong link. (I do that all the time.)

  7. Derjis says:

    Yup, it’d be nice to see this town get serious about Transit; while it’s great to see a renewed focus on the LRT, that can realistically only be one part of the puzzle.

    p.s. Let Shaw put me on a list; they’re going to either charge me for bandwidth or throttle my speed once I hit a certain amount anyway… what more can they do?
    I was talking about this with a friend of mine a couple of weeks ago; I read a book last year called “Predictably Irrational” (I’ve name dropped it before on The Edmontonian), and there’s an interesting chapter that deals with the relationships businesses form with people. When money doesn’t enter into an equation, most people generally behave courteously, following directions/protocols, trying their best to be good, conscientious customers. When you bring money into things, people are far more likely to feel like they’re OWED something, and generally start behaving far more selfishly. One of the classic real-world cases cited was that of a Day Care (can’t remember where it was…). They had a bi of a problem with parents showing up late to pick up their kids; not a TERRIBLE problem, just parents running a little late, but enough to be annoying. As a result, they instituted a “late fee” for lack of a better word. You’re late picking up your kid? You pay a fine. Easy fix, right? Except that they found parents were far more likely to be late (and were showing up far LATER) picking up their kids. It went from being a situation where the parents were trying to be conscientious of wasting the time of the Day Care workers, to one where they were, like, “‘Eff it. I’m paying for this, what does it matter if I’m 10 minutes late or 30 minutes late.” The Day Care went from having a nice, cordial relationship with their customers to one based strictly on money.
    I know this seems long and rambly, but to bring the point around, I (and a couple of other people I’ve talked to – hardly scientific, mind you, but enough to make you think about the possible consequences of Usage Based Billing) used to be very conscientious about my internet usage. I work in video production, so I’m uploading and downloading elements, completed projects, etc. on a regular basis. It’s been a long time since I haven’t gone over my bandwidth cap. I know that the largest strain on the network is during the morning, as people wake up, check their email, go to work, screw around on Facebook for a while, etc., and in the evenings. I’d typically avoid any downloading/uploading at these times, and would generally self-throttle (ha! sounds DIRTY) my connection most of the rest of the time (my connection is capable of 7.5Mbps down, but I’d typically only use 4.5-5Mbps of that, max). I was trying to be a good customer, and do what I can to not cause problems for Shaw or for their other customers. Now that they’re talking about implementing UBB (make no mistake, they will ABSOLUTELY implement UBB), guess what? I’m using all of my bandwith whenever I want to. Why wouldn’t I? I’m paying for it, I should be able to use it however I want, network concerns be damned.