The Terrible Twos

sex and the city, the edmontonian, 2You know what? We almost forgot it was our birthday today.

But, then, we remembered there was a reason we spent an hour on YouTube looking at confetti cannon videos.


Two-years-old. Now we get to be all cranky and agitated and you just have to deal with it. Ha!

Yup, two years ago, on this very day, Sally wrote the post that launched a blog. I quickly followed that with a post of my own (Stop upstaging me, Poulsen!) and we kicked off an Edmonton conversation that’s still going. It’s neat to look back at those first two posts and see that most of the goals and aspirations we had for the edmontonian actually happened, and are still being worked on today.

It’s also crazy to think about actually being around for two years. I’ve had couches that didn’t last that long.

This isn’t mine and Sally’s website though, it’s only here because people want it to be here. Without contributors, commentors, and an Edmonton conversation I don’t think we stick around this long.

The list of everyone that’s helped us, including writers, photographers, sponsors and advertisers, designers, video producers, and those involved in the edmontonian celebrates democracy (our election show), Saturday Night with Samsonow (basically a vehicle for Pepe) and the edmontonian presents (our new show on ShawTV), are way, way too numerous to thank. (You can also poke around the Guest Blogger, Feature, and opinion categories for a quick snapshot.) I’d totally leave people out and feel awful. I hope some of them pop into the comments so you can thank them personally. (And lots of them are on Twitter too.)

Edmonton is a great city. It’s not the world’s best, the largest, or the most nougat-filled, but it’s a great place to live. There are amazing people, fantastic businesses, fun activities, plenty of sports, tremendous music and art scenes, gorgeous geography, and passion. Sure, there are bad things, but every city has those too.

We are proud to have discovered Edmonton’s best and creative sides, and we are prouder to be able to share that with Edmontonians, Albertans, Canadians, and moon people.



7 Responses to “The Terrible Twos”

  1. sally says:

    couldn’t have said it better, samsonite. i did, however, think “DMX confetti cannons” meant confetti cannons set to music of DMX.

  2. Jeff says:

    No such luck. There is one set to Coldplay’s “Fix You:”

  3. sally says:

    wow. what an incredibly poignant and moving video selling confetti cannons. WELL DONE, CONFETTI MASTER!

  4. Karen Unland says:

    Happy birthday to one of my favourite websites. I stand in awe of your ambition, your persistence and your excellence.

    One quibble, in the spirit of thinking big: Why can’t Edmonton be the most nougat-filled city in the world? Let us aim high. Deliciously high.

  5. Jeff says:

    Bring on the nougat cannons!

    p.s. Thank you Karen. I am continuously proud such a smart woman, good journalist, and gal-about-town as yourself even knows who we are.

  6. Steve A. says:

    Happy Birthday, The Edmontonian!

  7. Derjis says:

    Totally unrelated, but the greatest DMX line of all time:
    “Listen, you ass is about to be missin’. You know who gonna find you? Some old man fishin'”
    Wordsmithery at its greatest! Keep ’em comin, DMX! You too, The Edmontonian!