This past weekend, we were invited to be on a panel of Speed Mentors (FYI, also the name of my new deep house project) at Edmonton Next Gen’s super cool DIYalogue. Obviously a wildly flattering invite, both Jeff and I showed up to the party cleaned and fully clothed, lest someone figure out that we’re really in no position to advise anyone of anything. But it was an honour to be at an event that featured local movers and shakers like The Royal Bison, The ARTery, Solidaritees, dEdmonton, Parlour Magazine, City and Dale, Fridget Apparel and SOS Fest.

As part of our “mentoring,” we figured we’d better make a list of the upwards of four things we’ve learned from working on the edmontonian. That evolved into a handout, which we brought to share with anyone interested – and just in case you happen to be a blogger, content generator, or other interested party, we figured we’d post it here too.

Click below to download.

Click to download our "Tips for Content Generators" handout

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