So You Think You Can Bike?

Once you know the basics, you can get crazy with it.

The Edmonton Bicycle Commuters’ Society (EBC…hey, what happened to the S?) is launching a series of cycling courses this month.

I see…they’re shaming me into riding my bike more…clever…

The courses range from getting to know your bike, actually learning to ride, riding with the family, commuting in the city, and CAN-BIKE 2 which is is a nationally certified cycluing training program. For the hardest core cyclists; CAN-BIKE 2 is 16-hours of bikes, bikes, bikes! The cheapest of the courses and presentations will cost you $20, and up to $100 for the big, bad CAN-BIKE 2. (Everything is cheaper if you have an EBC membership.)

Hey, the better you are on your bike, and the more you know the rules and best practices, the more you can know it’s the drivers who shouldn’t be on the road. To register for a course (or have EBC teach your group of riders) head to

Now get on your bikes and ride!

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