That’s All Folks

Where does the Internet come out?

Yup, we’re done our series on ShawTV. the edmontonian presents has been an immense amount of work, especially for Sally who did ALL of the post-production, but it was also great fun to have new conversations with, and about, Edmonton.

We appreciate the help in the last few months from people who produced videos, came up with ideas, starred in cold opens, sponsored the program, talked with us on-camera, fact-checked, shared music, performed their music live for our closing segments, provided us with photos, videos, or other materials, offered up spaces to work and record, and gave us support in any and every other way.

While we’re clearly on the Internet, we know there’s still a lot of power in traditional mediums like television but they just need to be shaken loose of the murders and Jersey Shore formula. This also proved to us that it truly is, and always has been, about the content. (This all seems very timely with the Marshall McLuhan celebrations happening in Edmonton this year.)

We hope you enjoyed something in one of the six episodes; whether a story, information you didn’t know about, a song or band you hadn’t heard before, people doing things here that get you excited, a business you’d like to shop at, restaurants you’d like to try, or just the general idea that local television can go way beyond the 6 o’clock news.

Now here’s something we can all do!

We can all write to the heads of television networks and TV programming and let them know we think there’s still plenty television has to offer in the Internet age, and that we’d like to see them cool it with the Hollywood purchases and spend as much as they can on Canadian, local, and original programming.

Here are some people to start with:

Mr. Keith Pelley, President of Rogers Media (CityTV) –

Ms. Barbara Williams, Senior Content Director at Global Television (Global TV) –

Mr. Phil King, Programming President of CTV (CTV, ACCESS) –

Ms. Judy Piercey, Managing Director at CBC Edmonton –

Oh, and if you want to be on TV right away, you can contact the folks at ShawTV about volunteering on one of their programs or having your own show (just like we did).


2 Responses to “That’s All Folks”

  1. Stu says:

    Congratulations on a good run.

  2. Linda Hoang says:

    Great job The Edmontonian crew!!!