September 2 Edmonton Headlines

Good Friday to you, Edmonton. Ready for the long weekend?

The City released a short update on what City Council did this week. The three and four paragraph stories are great for you and me to get a glimpse at what our elected officials are talking about, and it’s bad news for newsrooms that put out the same length, or shorter stories.

That Council Roundup is an example of media and public relations skipping the middleman of newsrooms. There are a few in Edmonton (and every city) that write very little on City Hall. When they write very little they are often doing no more than what we see from the City itself in this Roundup; a few quick notes on what was on the agenda and what happened. Newsrooms are going to have to add some depth and perspective to their stories or risk people skipping them and just checking on the official Roundup.


I like the gusto of outgoing Premier Ed Stelmach. He says his Conservative caucus is willing to give Edmonton money for a downtown arena, but it’s a decision that he won’t have to give final approval to. Well played.

Speaking of Stelmach…capital region municipalities want to build a better integrated transit system and he doesn’t think that’s a good idea. I take back my kudos. There’s also a consideration for an outer ring road for Calgary?! Geez. I hope Alison Redford or Doug Horner become the next premier and move on some highs-speed rail.

Calgary prosecutors will look at whether a trio of Edmonton police officers went too far during the arrest of an Edmonton shop owner. His own store’s surveillance video will be part of the evidence they can look at.

Surely the irony of attacking the Edmonton salon which produced a domestic violence ad is lost on the vandals. If you want to do something productive to show you don’t think domestic violence is a good way to sell a business, boycott the place or donate to the Bad Ad Fund.

We’ll probably be paying more for water, but it’s not clear if that will be on tax bills or EPCOR bills. Meanwhile…at EPCOR Tower…that utility is already going to try to boost fees for sewer and and drinking water. Of course, they are mulling the decision.


Minimum wage went up with the new month. And it really is a minimum (even more so for those in jobs serving alcohol).


Lloyd Robertson anchored his last national newscast last evening.

5 Responses to “September 2 Edmonton Headlines”

  1. Adam Snider says:

    The differential minimum wage for servers of alcohol reminds me of something I’ve heard about the US. Apparently, in some states, your employer is actually allowed to pay you less than minimum wage if you earn enough tips to make up the difference.

    It’s great that people who serve alcohol can potentially earn higher tips than those who don’t, but I think it’s absolutely bullshit to assume that these means it’s OK to pay them a lower minimum wage. I also don’t think that it’s a given that all servers of alcohol will get higher tips.

    A waitress in a bar will probably get pretty good tips. A waiter at Boston Pizza, despite that fact that he can serve you a beer, probably won’t (relative to the bar worker, at least).

  2. Jeff says:

    That is definitely a flaw in the plan.

  3. Derjis says:

    Ai yi yi, whoever wrote CTV’s “police brutality” story needs to be subjected to some excessive force FROM THE WRITIN’ POLICE, AMIRIGHT!?!?!?!

    “He says he dropped his cigarettes and lighter he had in his hand and turned around because he was order to. And that’s when he says the officers grabbed him and slammed him to the ground.”

  4. Adam Snider says:

    Wow. I didn’t actually read that article until I say your comment, Derjis, but it’s painful.

  5. Derjis says:

    Fucking cops. Just watched the full video of that poor guy getting arrested and beaten by 3 (3!) eps officers; cuffed, lying face-down with two cops keeping him pinned, while a third repeatedly punches him in the back.
    On a mostly unrelated note, I Drove by a speed trap this morning manned by 3 cop cars. How many murders do we have so far this year…? Just askin’…

    Can we get a long, slow clap for the Edmonton Police Service, ladies and gentlemen?