September 6 Edmonton Headlines

Good morning, Edmonton, and welcome back to the work week.

How do you commute to work? Is speed your choice? Cost? Convenience? (There’s also a video.)

Here are some updates on Edmonton’s transportation network.

All this commuting stuff comes with the end of the Journal’s summer series on the suburbs. Living on the Edge looked at everything from commuting, to density, shopping, churches, who’s moving to the ‘burbs, and what’s working well out there.

If you followed the series at all, or are about to dive into it, there’s a survey you can fill out. I’d suggest filling out the survey if you appreciate long-form, in-depth reporting like Living on the Edge.


Wow. Could it really be?

Could the old Esso (Imperial Oil) lot at the corner of Whyte Avenue and 105 Street finally be moving toward sale? After more than a decade is the contaminated land finally going to be ready for new development? It’s a miracle!

And it’s a good reason why the City of Edmonton needs more and tougher rules for contaminated lots, or “brownfields,” and owners who would let properties sit vacant for more than a couple of years. (This one has sat empty and dirty for 13 years.)


Edmonton Police are going to start using black and white cruisers.

Alberta festivals, including a couple of Edmonton big ones, are getting some federal funding.

News on new beers after the jump.


Alley Kat has two new beers officially coming out this week! Let me know if you’ve had either of them yet, or get a drink by week’s end.

I’m good with calling it UAlberta.


The school year is underway, and calls are on for the Alberta government to fund education with a longer-term deal, so budget cuts don’t overflow classrooms.

Edmonton’s Francophone School Division wants to use older, abandoned schools but needs some money from the Alberta government to get the buildings up to snuff.

Preschool is moving out of school.


If you work at a restaurant and a “health inspector” calls and asks you for your social insurance number, don’t give it to them.

Are Ontario and Quebec’s dairy farms helping keep Alberta beef from European markets?

Somebody needs to explain the the Stelmach cabinet how our parliamentary system of democracy works. (At least the Solicitor General is going to try and restore funding he cut to a restorative justice program. It seemed like such an odd, and inexpensive, program to cut for budgetary purposes.)

Voting is on for the leader of the Alberta Liberal party! I know you’re excited.


We’ve got a championship series starting Thursday night in Edmonton.

CTV Edmonton’s Natasha Staniszewski is now working the sports desk at TSN.


It’s good advice for students back in post-secondary, and good advice for anyone else: get insurance.

You probably know more than a few drivers that have parked like an ass.

Speaking of animals…goodbye, sheep!

2 Responses to “September 6 Edmonton Headlines”

  1. Adam Snider says:


    I can’t say that I’ve ever had trouble recognizing a police cruiser. I mean, the word “POLICE” on the bumper is kind of a give away, as is the battering ram thingy on the front. Oh, and the siren lights. That said, making police cars more obvious and visible is probably a good thing. Personally, I’d love to see the ugly old yellow ones make a come back.

    RE: BEER

    A hop bomb? Really? I love bitter/hoppy beers, but I’m kind of sick of the never ending “hops arms race.” Can’t we move on to the next craft brewing fad already?

  2. Jeff says:

    I just did a Google for the yellow cars. I think I would have seen those coming a mile away. Or three miles.

    As for the hops arms race, I’m going to have to spend some time at Wunderbar getting myself up to speed on this.