September 7 Edmonton Headlines

Good morning, Edmonton.

Jaywalkers better (not) step right off. The Edmonton Police Service is cracking down on jaywalkers. Glad to see they are targeting drivers who could could hit pedestrians crossing legally, in the same campaign.

Oh, they’re not. Damn, dirty pedestrians! (I recognize that schools are nearby some areas in this campaign, but I’m going somewhere with my anti-car attitude.)

But a number of councillors say it’s not fair to people who live near bus routes and usually park there.” Can we make a deal? No parking ban on bus routes during winter if bus drivers are allowed to push stopped cars out of bus stops.

Wow. I am really seeing why Edmonton’s got such an image as a car-city. Our municipal government seems to encourage it while discouraging taking the bus or walking around.

Speaking of transit…one person is believed to have cost the ETS $29,000 by selling counterfeit bus passes. I will not make a joke about how this will cause another hike in transit fares.



An Edmonton soldier’s suicide will be investigated by a military commission. This speaks to the mental illness and trauma soldiers can suffer in combat, and the man’s family has been trying to get more answers for years.

The snow boss from Calgary says Edmonton should ditch leaving a snowpack on city streets and go right down to pavement.

Fewer aggressive panhandlers are being reported. That’s being tied to campaigns to keep people from giving money to panhandlers and instead donating to charities that help the homeless.

A new tree disease is moving toward Edmonton. So, keep your eyes on your trees.

With the new UAlberta website (see, I’m already used to calling it that) comes a new 3D map of campus for students. I guess you and I could check out the map too. There are a couple 2D maps on the site, and the really cool ones are in Google Earth.


Hobbema residents want action to curb violence. It’s unfortunate that a headline like that appears every few months.

Change will require the leaders of the reserve to do something, but it will also mean residents have to turn over, and disown, gang members that have long caused violence.


It took a few paragraphs before I got some back-up, but I knew Gary Mar’s plan for whistleblower protection didn’t sound like all it was cracked up to be. It limits who whistleblowers can talk to, while still being protected. PC leadership candidate Alison Redford’s plan is to protect someone spilling the beans on illegal, dangerous, and wasteful government programs anywhere they talk.


A couple of Edmonton authors are on the long list for the Giller Prize.


3 Responses to “September 7 Edmonton Headlines”

  1. Derjis says:

    What City Council needs to recognize is that, generally speaking, the public are a bunch of whiny bitches who couldn’t string two logical thoughts together to save their lives. You know how many times I’ve heard people bitching about a “6-month-long parking ban!!!!! ZOMG” over the past few days…? Last time I checked, November to March was only four months, you maroons. Let them bitch and moan for a few weeks, and they’ll get over it; remember how outraged people were over the smoking ban…? “RRRAAARRGHHGHHG ITLLPUTLOCALBUSINESSESOUTOFBUSINESS EVERYBARINTHECITYWILLBELOSINGMONEY ITSMYGODGIVENRIGHTTOSMOKEWHEREVERIPLEASE MAYBEALLTHENONSMOKERSSHOULDHAVETOSITOUTSIDENOTUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ROBBLE ROBBLE ROBBLE!!!!!!!!” These days, how often do you hear about bars being shut down because of a smoking-ban-related decline in business…?

    People are idiots. I rest my case.

    p.s. I’m pretty sure I’m up for the Giller Prize for Best Internets Comment (“March 21st, 2011 – ‘Spring Headlines’”)

  2. Jeff says:

    Ugh, what did you do to our comments?! You broke them again!

    Now going to try and fix them…and also check your March 21 comment…

  3. Derjis says:

    Not broken, HILARIOUS! It was way funnier when the cigarette-fuelled anger ran right off the edge of the page… :P