September 8 Edmonton Headlines

Good Thursday morning to you, Edmonton.

It’s nice to see that taking the LRT is such a good option that you can’t get a parking spot at Century Park station. More transit please!

An Old Strathcona parking lot looks to lose just over half of its parking spots. Tie that into some transit tweaks, including bus lanes on 99 Street, and I think you’d be just fine.

Is Edmonton forgetting its fallen soldiers? Or is this weekend, the anniversary of the 9-11 attacks on the U.S. just taking people to other events?


Guys, I keep telling you, if we’re going to talk about important issues our government department is working on you send the e-mails to


In the “Does not bode well for the future of the oilsands” category; Nobel Peace Prize winners are lining up in protest of the Keystone XL pipeline which would take oil from Alberta to the Texas coast.

If you want more, and stable, funding for education in Alberta, the opposition Liberals and NDP have ways for you to voice that opinion.

Meanwhile…in the crowded classrooms…more students enrolled in Edmonton schools, which means both the Public and Catholic boards can hire a few extra teachers

Alberta is going to offer more surgeries to obese people to combat the many health problems associated with being so overweight. Also, some more food and exercise education in schools.

A judge in Calgary says the war on drugs is one that cannot be won, so our best hope is to keep casualties to a minimum.

While smoking is down across the country, more Albertans are taking up the habit, especially teens.


Go Caps Go!

(And FC Edmonton is headed to the playoffs in their first year.)

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  1. Derjis says:

    Greeeaaaat, so now my tax dollars are going to fund surgeries for people who just can’t be bothered to not eat that extra deep-fried cheeseburger…?