Finding the Hidden Tracks

Edmonton’s got a thriving music scene. It’s probably always had a good scene, but you don’t see too many stories about this band or that musician leaving town to make it big these days.

Maybe that means the days of huge rock stars are dwindling, but ironically the Internet probably helps people find an audience to at least sustain some of their music (ironic because of downloading and all the terrible stealing it brings).

And you won’t just find Edmonton bands and artists by hitting up sites that are popping up and flourishing to fill the void of MySpace, the Internet also provides a home for mixes, compilations, promotion, distribution, and discussion of music – from Edmonton and afar.

Let’s jump into some places we think you’re going to find plenty of music you’ll like.


Inglorious Hipsters

In the fine tradition of things we cover L-O-N-G after everyone else (tomorrow’s top story: “Texting! Fad or here to stay?“), here is our feature on the dynamic duo of Gregg Beever and Jeremy Die, creators of web comic Inglorious Hipsters (IH).

(Make the jump for the video.) (more…)

Spring Exercising

(While the edmontonian wants you to be healthy, we also want you to consult with health, medical, and/or exercise professionals before embarking on any new exercise regimes, including those we talk about or mention. You’ve got to find something that works for you and your fitness level. the edmontonian and its contributors aren’t responsible if you injure yourself.)

Fitness at your own pace, at your own place by Jen Hamel

It’s beginning to feel like springtime in Edmonton. Many of you, who have already forgotten your New Year’s resolutions, look at spring as a new beginning. Those who stuck by their fitness goals may want to increase efforts as the weather for wearing shorts, tanks and, dare I say it, bathing suits is fast approaching. I am here to offer you a few tricks and tips to help you achieve that beach body that so many of us long for.

First, I want to tell you that you may not need to go to a gym at all; I lost over 75 pounds and have never been a member of a major gym. I lost all my weight exercising in my living room. There are many ways to improve your fitness level and shed pounds without even leaving the comfort of your own home. (more…)

Winter Workouts

(While the edmontonian wants you to be healthy, we also want you to consult with health, medical, and/or exercise professionals before embarking on any new exercise regimes, including those we talk about or mention. You’ve got to find something that works for you and your fitness level. the edmontonian and its contributors aren’t responsible if you injure yourself.)

By Jen Hamel

In our City, winter seems to be the never-ending season. So, how, you ask, do I stay fit throughout the long, cold Edmonton winters? As much as I enjoy a lengthy run through the heart of the city; when the snow falls and the temperature drops I use these months to try a variety of different fitness alternatives. I tend to lift weights more in the winter months; to build lean muscle, boosting my metabolism, and to increase my strength. This also helps me to reduce back pain from shoveling heavy snow. Adding variety to your regular exercise program can be helpful in increasing motivation levels and helping you be more consistent with your workouts. (more…)

Little Miss Curious’ last minute Valentines

Well Edmontonians, if you haven’t gotten a gift for today, because you don’t need to I applaud you. Valentine’s Day is pretty commercial and can be a time and money waster. If you need a gift, however, and you forgot to get something, that may be another story. Skip the flowers, the Hallmark and the cheap chocolates. Here are a few quick last minute suggestions.

  1. Traveling Tickle Trunk is CLOSED on Mondays! So picking up a toy may be a little bit tricky. Take a peek at their online store to see what’s available and just say “It’s coming!!!”
  2. Kerstins IS open today. Go forth and pick up some top-quality chocolate!
  3. I was in Chapters the other day and they have a lot of great books on the Kama Sutra. Sadly not the pop-up ones, but most had pretty good pictures.
  4. Buy a bong and get a thong…classy!

Good luck. May the force be with you. And for all you single people out there, it’s just another day of the year with an even better day following it; February 15 is truly awesome because all the chocolate goes on sale.

Love LMC.

Little Miss Curious Clones some Willies

It’s almost the most useless day of the year…that’s right…Valentine’s Day. I’m sure some of you choose not to celebrate, and, what is there to celebrate anyway?

You should be telling your partner that you love them every day of the year. However, if  not paying regard to this Hallmark waste-of-time will leave your significant other red, with anger, here are some affordable gift suggestions for those of you who would like to get laid once a year. And the other 364 too.

1. For those of us who like to think they’re Martha Stewart (minus the jail time…usually), try the “Clone a Willy Kit.” Interesting that this product came out around the same time Maratha got released from prison. Great toy, and also great souvenir if the relationship doesn’t last. Try explaining that one to your new partner though… For those of you who don’t have something to clone, why not make your own? Carrots, bananas, cucumbers, those fun little vibrating pens, the sky’s the limit for “perverted” minds. Get creative, but make sure you use a condom to avoid infections

2. Screw plush animals made by children in China. They should be having childhood, not making some teddy bear that will get about five seconds of play time. Instead, get a real one and train it to be your hired hit man to knock off your enemies. Just kidding. The World Wildlife Federation does has a great program in which you can “adopt” an animal though. Pick a Panda, Dugong or a butterfly (yes they even have butterflies) and get a framed photo of your new baby (are you sure that’s MY butterfly? They all look the same.) a stuffed animal and more. I’m holding out for the day when they have crabs available so I can say “I thought of you when I saw this.”

3. Make a play list. Mixtapes…what are those? Video may have killed the radio start, but the iPod definitely killed cassettes. So for this season, make a play list for someone’s mp3 player using the site Stereo Mood. This is an awesome (free to listen) program to check out new beats. They have playlists for every mood or feeling possible with the ability to customize, send, and buy.

4. Make your own chocolate bar at chocomize. Although not available in Canada yet, this website is a great base for ideas on what to add, and it’s easy to copy. Just buy a few dark chocolate Lindt bars, melt ’em down and customize your creating. Cinnamon, chili and sea salt? OK! Or, how about cornflakes and gummy bears? Maybe only if you’re six…

That’s all for now Edmonton. Keep it real! Love, LMC.

Uncle Pauly’s Big Finish

That’s all folks! There’s still time to donate to needy Christmas charities, but our extra push is coming to an end.

Thanks to you, generous Edmontonians, some of the fears that those charities would fall very, very short of their holiday goals is being alleviated. We just wanted to remind everyone that your help, whether it’s $10 or a small toy, really does go a long way.

Before we announce the winners, we want to thank the businesses, individuals, and organizations that donated a prize to help us help others make the season a little brighter for those less fortunate.

I assure you the draw was random and I couldn’t see the names I was choosing, until placed beside the prizes. On top of those warm, fuzzy feelings they got for donating to worthy charities at Christmas the following people will be enjoying something extra thanks to Uncle Pauly.

Greg gets to eat at great Edmonton restaurants with his Original Fare gift card (the edmontonian donated that prize). Jill will have a little extra to spend at Chapters, Empire Theatres, iTunes, and HBC stores. John will be sipping his lattes from Unknown Studio mugs, well regarded in the mug world. Sarah will be sipping new and exotic coffees from Transcend, while keeping her hands burn-free with coffee sleeves by Marilyn. Chris will be attending the first ESO concert of the new year. Joseph gets to stay warm in a new toque and scarf from the Viking Weekly Review, a newspaper he’ll become familiar with in 2011. Karen gets golf balls, chocolate, and other goodies I couldn’t identify in a treasure chest. Joanna will be watching the first seasons of The Cleveland Show and Cougar Town again and again. And Deja will be buying electronics at Future Shop.

We’ll be contacting the winners soon.

Thanks to Paul for coming up with the idea. Thanks to everyone that sent us a photo, to everyone who donated because of our contest, and to everyone who donates time, money, and stuff, to charities and non-profits the whole year through.

Your kindness made our heart grow three sizes, Edmonton.

Uncle Pauly’s got more prizes

The Christmas fun, and your charitable spirit, Edmonton, just keeps going.

Before we get to the new prizes Paul has dug up, let’s meet our current entrants to Uncle Pauly’s Christmas Challenge. And thank them for all their good work, donating to charity.

Deja’s been a busy fella. He donated a karaoke toy to Santa’s Anonymous (as he says; perfect for annoying your parents!)

Hope Mission received $20 in honour of The Hilarious Comedian Carrot Top

SPCA got $50 in memoriam of The Hilarious Comedian Carrot Top (a pet)

Thanks to Deja for his three entries. That’s right, each photo of a donation is an entry. He also says his “…beard is a donation to all the ladies of the world. *wink*”

We aren’t counting that as an entry.

Greg dropped a toy into the Santas Anonymous box before their big toy delivery. Nicely done!

And the Edmonton Food Bank got a nice little late season surge thanks to a Friday tweetup at Original Joe’s Varisty Row. Thanks to Kat for snapping photos of everyone.













(Holy loss of formatting Batman!)


Now, here’s what we’re adding to round out the contest. (more…)

Christmas prizes for you

Hey, again, Edmonton.

It’s time for another reminder to help out those struggling Christmas charities (and any charity doing a Christmas thing) this holiday season. Today it sounds like Meals on Wheels is really having a tough end to 2010.

And to reward your good deeds we shall enter your name into a draw for prizes.

You already know about the $100 Original Fare gift card (good at about 20 restaurants), Unknown Studio mugs and buttons, $25 Chapters/Indigo/Coles card, a $25 iTunes card, a $25 Empire Theatres card, and a $25 Zellers/HBC card, and a scarf and one-year subscription to the Viking Weekly Review (It’s a newspaper in Viking, Alberta, not about vikings. I think.).

But we really, really want you to help those charities you’ve maybe been thinking about helping, but felt like your one gift of $10 or a $10 toy wouldn’t help. It will help.

And to help you help them we’re adding more prizes to the draw.

If you don't send in photos, Jeff and Paul will gorge themselves on truffles and golf balls.

Today we add:

A Rexall gift basket (thanks to Katz Group) worth $80, though Paul says that’s got to be a low-ball estimate for the goodies inside.

2 tickets to the first ESO show of the new year – Saint-Saens’s Second Piano Concerto – (thanks to the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra).

Oh man, you better send in some photos of you donating to charities, because otherwise this Christmas is going to be me, sitting in a pile of awesome prizes, drinking egg nog until I pass out.

Just e-mail us, or drop a comment with a link to a Twitpic or Flickr of you doing good.

Keep Giving

When Paul heard about Christmas charities struggling to feed people this December, when he heard kids would go without a toy, he had to do something.

So, Paul said to us, “Hey, let’s give people a chance at prizes for their donations.”

All you have to do for a chance at our Christmas goodies is send us a photo of you donating to a charity this holiday season. We already told you that you could win a $100 Original Fare gift card and Unknown Studio mugs and buttons.

But we really want you to kick up those Christmas donations (remember, nothing crazy, $10 or a $10-ish toy). So, let’s up the ante. (more…)

The Long John Index (Or Everything you always wanted to know aboot the Long John Index, but were afraid someone might hear you ask.)

By cold Colin MacIntyre

The Long John Index F.A.Q.

Q: So, what in Daryl Katz’s wallet is the “Long John Index”?

A: The Long John Index is a not scientific whatsoever method of measuring when, and if, one should be wearing a pair of thermal long underwear, known more commonly in the Dominion of Canada as “Long Johns.” The Long John Index originated in the Arctic Capital of Edmonton Alberta, in the second decade of the 21st Century. It is used mainly for edutainment and gambling purposes.

Q: I see, so how does it work?

A: How does what work?

Q: The Long John Thing.

A: You wear them on the lower half of your person.

Q: No I meant the Index

A: You cannot wear an index.

Q: I meant how does the Long John Index work?

A: Oh, well when you put it that way, its really quite simply not simple at all. The Index runs on a scale from 1 to 5; 1 being the lowest, and 5 being the highest. The Index corresponds to weather conditions, including air temperature as well as that Wind Chill, which was invented so people can brag about living through -68 degrees, even though it was really only -31 degrees. The Higher the number ( or rating if you will ) the more your very survival depends on wearing a pair of Long Johns.

The Long John Index ratings are as follows: (more…)

Little Miss Curious is awesome

By Little Miss Curious

Before I start out, I’d just like to point out that Movember is almost over, thank goodness. Half of you were beginning to look like you drive a cube van and wear trench coats. Apparently, November 18 is “Sleep With a Man With a Moustache” day. But that’s only a rumor

As I freeze my ass off despite the extra 10 pounds of clothing I have on, I’ve started doing a little looksie at what’s popular for Christmas. We don’t really celebrate in my family, but I’m always curious to see what other people are buying for the holiday season.

If anyone hasn’t seen, or read, it yet, “The Book of Awesome” is one of Amazon’s top-sellers. When I reserved it from the library I ended up being number 220 in line, but thankfully they have about 40 copies now so I didn’t have to wait that long. But to be honest, it wasn’t worth the wait. Quite frankly it sucked. “High-fiving babies,” “the first scoop of peanut butter out of the jar”? I’m not so sure how awesome these things are on a daily basis. I mean, they probably grow old after awhile.

I decided to come up with my own list of awesome. (more…)

Little Miss Curious buys a car…and moves to the suburbs…and…ugh…

edmonton, chalk, crayons

By Little Miss Curious

In the past few months, the pressure has been stronger then ever to change the way I live my life. Lately it feels like I’ve been living in a bubble, a really awesome one mind you, but a bubble nonetheless. I don’t own a TV, listen to the radio, or read the newspaper most days. I know that if something dreadful was to happen it would be splashed all over my Facebook, but lately I haven’t been following that much either. I do read the BBC when I get up in the morning, but other then that I feel relatively unfazed by my immediate surroundings.

The people I hang around with are like me. Well educated, young, ambitious, traveled, versed in the 69 sex positions, and I also like to say attractive but that’s in the eye of the beholder. I work two jobs, but both of them allow me freedom to pursue other creative outlets so I am able to follow my dreams. I am grateful for every little thing in my life, I believe each moment is special.

I have no debt. Instead, I have stocks, GICs, bonds, and an emergency fund to fall back on in case anything happens. Coming from a single parent family I knew the value of a dollar at a very young age and started saving for my university education when I was four-years-old. I know money doesn’t mean everything, and even if I had none I would still be so thankful, because life can be so much worse.

I don’t have kids, and don’t have a mortgage. I don’t own a car, and choose not to drink. Not because I think it’s wrong, but like drugs, I think it’s a waste of my time, money, and brain cells. And being sloppy in public has never been an appealing thought, in my head. My sex life is always fantastic and I am confident about how I look naked. Even if I’m pretty blind, I can say on most days I feel beautiful and content with the way I see myself.

I love the library and think it’s the best $12 I’ll ever spend. I believe in giving back to the community, in reading books, and exercising everyday. I like blogs and there are millions of websites that show you how to build a better community and how we can change the world. I subscribe to some, but wonder about others.

When I want to travel, I do, because I want to see what life is like “on the other side.” My perception of the world has totally changed. And the more I see the less I know. It’s amazing.

I own very little because I don’t need a lot to live on, and I try and stick to the idea of 100 things or less. I don’t feel the need to max myself out to the nines everyday, nor do I feel the need to dress scantily to attract attention. I love my jeans and kicks.

It is indeed a bubble life I live in because most people I come across don’t share the same views of the world I do, and I’m guessing as my 30s are slowly approaching this bubble has to pop and I have to leave my cozy nest of denial and join the masses. (more…)

Ghost Mayors …on transportation

A historical satire by actors who did little research, from the EdmontonPolitics.com team.

We’ve got a mayor and council ready to create new LRT lines in Edmonton. We’re looking at some of the largest transit expansions in our history, and there are calls for more bicycle lanes. Clearly, we need to hear from a mayor that helped get us our LRT line and one that loves private automobiles.

In this forum:

Mayor Ivor Dent – The Commonwealth Games and our LRT system can be linked back to Dent

Mayor Matthew (Mat) “Warden” McCauley – Edmonton’s first mayor

Mayor William Short – One of the City of Edmonton’s first-ever car owners

After the jump you’ll find out what they think about all this hippy-dippy light rail transit… (more…)

I think Edmonton is in good hands

edmonton, mayor, stephen mandel

I guess Dave's otter mug makes a cameo after all.

Just before the election, I was invited to a social media editorial board of sorts with Mayor Stephen Mandel.

Newspapers usually have an editorial board, which is a bunch of honchos and the opinion writers. Big names, and most big candidates in an election, will come through and sit with the editorial board for interviews. Kudos to the Mandel crew for reaching out to what can be a scattered blogosphere to talk with a few of us online journalists. Let’s hope this trend continues and we can do a larger “social media” editorial board next election.

Anyway…for more than an hour the mayor chatted with me, Dave Cournoyer, and Mack D. Male. Paul Mennier, from Mandel’s campaign team, was also in attendance.

LRT, downtown arena, neighbourhoods, community connections, local food, plebiscites, the tech community, third-party election campaigns, and the next police chief were among the topics. Notice I didn’t mention the airport. The Mayor said it was a dead topic, and none of the three of us interviewers could disagree, and didn’t feel like wasting our time talking about the same issue again. And again. I think the election results prove we chose our questions wisely, as most Edmontonians are ready to move on as a one airport city. (more…)

Little Miss Curious goes Taboo

edmonton, taboo

At least, I think they're nipple clamps. (Jeff S.)

By Little Miss Curious

This week I have a million things on my mind and dates with bachelors #312 and #254. It doesn’t seem to get any easier from here on in, but life is meant to be complicated, right? Especially when you’re in your 20s. The day I wake up when I’m 30, all my fears and doubts, my worries and insecurities will be gone. I’ll be a new person. Or at least I hope…

This weekend I attended the Taboo Sex Show hoping to get my kink on. That was my expectation, because after all I’ve heard how wildly entertaining it is. I must be getting old then because nothing seemed to offend me.

Actually I felt that it was a bit of a let down. I can honestly say the only good booth was the Traveling Tickle Trunk (and I would be saying that even without their sponsorship of the edmontonian).

I didn’t see anything kinky about it. Just a lot of “Rabbit-Habit” vibes and even more of creepy old men. I was hoping for a show from A.S.K. (Alberta Society for Kink) but all I got was a skinny guy running around in bondage gear brandishing a whip. Needless to say, Little Miss Curious didn’t walk out with any new info. (more…)

Curious top 10

By Little Miss Curious

This week I took a little break about writing about sex.

…I said writing, not thinking!

So, while the hamster in my head never stops running its laps, here are the top ten things that rocked my socks off this week.

#1 The Chilean miners being rescued. Who didn’t watch this with a box of Kleenex? What a wonderful day. Hopefully this brings to light mining safety problems, and what goes on around the world. Mining is a dangerous job, period. This is not a first time occurrence, nor sadly will it be the last, but perhaps there might be a push though for more stringent rules now when it comes to this field.

#2 Ginger juice!

It's people! Ginger juice is (ginger) people!

For those of us who suffer from extreme laziness when it comes to cooking, your prayers have arrived. I usually just use it to make tea, but you can do anything with it. Even voodoo (OK maybe not voodoo). $4 a bottle at Planet Organic.

#3 The Royal Alberta Museums opening of “The Wizard of Oz” exhibition this week.

edmonton, wizard of oz, royal alberta museum

A quick tip, on Saturday and Sunday admission is half-price between 9 and 11. Cheap date.

#4 The “Pro-smoking” campaign that came out of Nova Scotia. Can we say “genius?!”

#5 “Soul Science” by Justin Adams and Juldeh Camara. This contemporary take on west-African music has been playing non-stop on my iPod.

Final 5 after a quick Soul Science break(more…)

Ghost Mayors …on City Services

A historical satire by actors who did little research, from the EdmontonPolitics.com team.

From garbage collection to policing, recreation to power generation, the City of Edmonton provides a lot to its residents. Our city’s former mayors sure have some thoughts on what could be done better. And what they’d rather just take care of without you sticking your nose into it.

In this forum:

Mayor Matthew (Mat) “Warden” McCauley – Edmonton’s first mayor

Mayor William J. McNamara – First mayor to defeat a sitting incumbent, in the city’s closest race (still the closest race to date)

Mayor William “Wild Bill” Hawrelak – 3 time mayor, twice had to leave office because of land deals, eventually died in office

After the jump you’ll find out what they think. Hopefully Fightin’ Joe Clarke doesn’t show up to settle the score with Mayor McNamara… (more…)

Ghost Mayors …on taxes, spending…and fighting

A historical satire by actors who did very little research, from the EdmontonPolitics.com team.

You can’t keep a good mayor down. And if you’ve got a handful of former Edmonton mayors they are going to have opinions on just what we should be doing with our taxes, city spending, and schools. Even if they have no idea how things work in 2010.

The debate could get heated. It might even spark a new run for the mayor’s office.

In this forum:

Mayor Joseph Clarke – Fightin’ Joe. Mayor, councillor, constant candidate, brawler.

Mayor David Duggan – Pro-business and pro-radio. Also Alberta Conservative leader.

Mayor Matthew (Mat) “Warden” McCauley – Edmonton’s first mayor

Find out who’s going to run for mayor, again, after the jump. (more…)

Spicy candy and beer in hell

edmonton, spicy, candy

More on this, later...

By Little Miss Curious

On Tuesday, I plunked my groceries down at the check-out till and made a mental note to see that I had everything. Condoms, shrimp, spinach, ice-cream, and a few other goodies for the long weekend. Check, check and check.

I wasn’t paying that much attention when all of a sudden I heard a man’s voice talking to me. Looking up I assumed it was another creeper, but instead, there in front of me, was the guy I had been flirting with, for maybe 10 years?

Our relationship had been weird; gone to school together, then lost track, would bump into each other every few years, flirt, and then go our separate ways. We talked and, after a few carefully worded questions, I found out that he lived directly across the street from me.


There was one catch though. I couldn’t remember his name, and that indeed was a bad thing. So I did what any modern woman would do in my shoes. I pulled out a business card and said: “I’m looking for a workout buddy, you look like you’d be a good match.”

He mumbled something about probably not being able to keep up with me, and I bit my tongue so I wouldn’t agree. He took my card though, and now we’ll see if he makes the next move. If yes, great. If no, great. I never sweat it when it comes to guys. No one should.

On another note, last week I promised to discuss what mayoral candidate would look good in a wet t-shirt contest. I only have two words, Lynn Mandel. (more…)

Ghost Mayors …on Planning

Who better to weigh in on the Edmonton election, and the issues facing our city in 2010, then the men who made Alberta’s capital what it is today?

So what if they’re dead? Doesn’t mean they don’t have opinions. Edmonton’s mayors are back from beyond and they have something to say about this city’s future.

In this forum:

Mayor Matthew (Mat) “Warden” McCauley – Edmonton’s first mayor

Mayor William Thomas Henry – The dean of Edmonton’s furniture trade

Mayor William “Wild Bill” Hawrelak – 3 time mayor, twice had to leave office because of land deals, eventually died in office

Playable, downloadable forum after the jump. (more…)

Little Miss Curious (NSFW)

By Little Miss Curious

Do vibrating cock rings expire? As I attempt to purge myself down to 100 things (that’s a story for another day) I found a little toy that must have come with a box of condoms, from when I was dating that nerdy guy a year ago.

Sad to say his experimentation only went from placing me on the bottom to me on the top, so adventure never really crossed into mind. However, the next guy was much more involved which leads me to wonder; how was it not used up? And what happens if I use it now? Will my partner’s penis catch on fire? Will it explode? Or will it be cool running? I’ll keep you posted… hopefully with a happy ending. (more…)

Art imitating life (NSFW)

(Editor’s note: You’re likely to encounter the word “penis” in this item, so keep that in mind if you’re viewing from a work computer. Also, we were given tickets to the Blue Revue, so we could save our change for the peeps.)

By Little Miss Curious

If you read enough about sex, you start seeing sexy stuff everywhere.

DIY yourself porn. It’s never been easier.

With the advance of digital media, smartphones, and cheap electronics, recording your partner doing something naughty has never been simpler. The days of low-res Paris Hilton’s sex tapes need no longer apply.

I’ll admit, I’m no rookie to the production side, having camera equipment always lying round and some very curious partners. Not that I have a whole coffee table book to fill but…The most memorable so far was in the middle of some scary Mexican city, in some scary Mexican hotel that was next to a very scary looking Mexican gun shop.

My bf at the time and I ended up on Mariachi street and were kept awake by sombrero singers. The music was (ahem) so romantic that we decided to record the memories. Unfortunately though, my now ex-bf never deleted the pictures and threatened to release them last year when I was in the Middle East.

Let that be a lesson learned, check your partner’s equipment before you part ways.

On Wednesday, Vue Weekly hosted their first ever “Blue Revue” party to coincide with their annual sex issue. For those of you that missed it (and you did miss a great show) the Blue Revue revolved around amateur pornography, made by our fellow Edmontonians. Not to mention, Capital City Burlesque, BrontoScorpio and some vintage porn.

Edmonton, all I can say is you got talent my friend. (more…)


Or, How to find someone you don’t want to kill part 2

By Little Miss Curious

edmonton, dating, axe murderer

Dealbreakers. We all have them. Some may label them as standards, but most people use the more casual term of “F**k no, you can’t touch that!”

Most of us don’t want axe murderers, married people or partners that have bizarre habits. But what about the smaller, annoying things? And what exactly is a dealbreaker?

The Urban Dictionary defines dealbreaker as “…’the catch’ that a particular individual cannot overlook and ultimately outweighs any redeeming quality the individual may possess.”

A few weeks back I discussed how you can find your perfect mate, or what you should look for. This week is weeding out the baddies. (more…)