The Final Countdown

Yup, we’re packing up the edmontonian world headquarters for tomorrow’s last day.

EPL Squared

This post is a combination of “downtown is where it’s at” and “Edmonton’s library is cool.”

Tomorrow – Friday, August 26 – the Edmonton Public Library is flipping all of its best parts inside out and taking the Stanley A. Milner branch across the street, and outside, to Churchill Square. It’s an event called EPL Squared.

There will be a book sale (with the profits going to help fire-ravaged Slave Lake’s library), a human library (where you borrow a person instead of a book), lots of games, stories, music, an e-reader kiosk, and Marty Chan’s Secrets of the Square.

Make the jump to find out what that’s about.  (more…)

Digital Art in Edmonton

(Photo by: Linda Hoang)

(Editor’s note: This is an item which includes a video cross-posted from – the web home of Edmonton journalist, and lady about the Internet, Linda Hoang.)

The tablets are coming! The tablets are coming.

The tablets are here.

And artists are finding ways to use them. Heck, there are even tablets out there JUST for artists.

We’ll let Linda Hoang explain what’s going on in Edmonton.  (more…)

Fringe Video: Aleugenta

When I was first trawling YouTube for anything that came up under “Edmonton Fringe” I came across the trailer for Aleugenta.

I knew I’d be posting about it because after watching the trailer I had no idea what the play would be about, but it was a fairly slick video. (more…)

Fringe Video: Channel One

The future may not be all it’s cracked up to be. But TV is good. Now we’ve got the premise to Channel One, a Fringe play coming to us from New York City.

Uh, I mean coming to us from the future. (more…)

Fringe Video: Kittens on Fire

Wondering if you should head over to Wunderbar to see Kittens on Fire this Fringe?

I’ve got two things that will help you make up your mind.

It’s about a kitten orphanage.

And this video: (more…)

Fringe Video: Mothership Down

Instead of “Take me to your leader,” Marty Chan has crafted a play that’s more “We are your leaders.”

Yes, it’s aliens and politics: together at the Fringe! (more…)

Fringe Video: Theme Park

Going back to my first Fringing, about a decade ago in Winnipeg, I’ve always checked posters for shows which have toured the country and received great reviews in other cities. Among Edmonton’s 180 Fringe plays this summer, you’ll find plenty of great Edmonton talent, but don’t forget to see who’s come to Edmonton from other places. If we’re to be the biggest and best Fringe in North America we should have the best plays from all around.

All of that leads me to our next Fringe video which, of course, is for a play not from Edmonton. (more…)

Fringe Video: Aachen

It is that wonderful, wacky time of year in Edmonton: Fringe. This year, it is more formally known as Fringeopolis.

As part of this year’s shenanigans we are going to post videos for plays. They may be videos of the play, about the play, from the actors or writers, from the characters in the play. We’re not sure what we’ll find because there are nearly 200 plays that will delight, entertain, enlighten, and even sometimes disappoint audiences over the next two weeks. But we know it’s going to be a good time for just about everybody.

(If this is your first time, you may need a few tips.)

First up from us, a video will from the mind of Mostly Water Theatre’s Trent Wilkie. (more…)

Finding the Hidden Tracks

Edmonton’s got a thriving music scene. It’s probably always had a good scene, but you don’t see too many stories about this band or that musician leaving town to make it big these days.

Maybe that means the days of huge rock stars are dwindling, but ironically the Internet probably helps people find an audience to at least sustain some of their music (ironic because of downloading and all the terrible stealing it brings).

And you won’t just find Edmonton bands and artists by hitting up sites that are popping up and flourishing to fill the void of MySpace, the Internet also provides a home for mixes, compilations, promotion, distribution, and discussion of music – from Edmonton and afar.

Let’s jump into some places we think you’re going to find plenty of music you’ll like.


Inglorious Hipsters

In the fine tradition of things we cover L-O-N-G after everyone else (tomorrow’s top story: “Texting! Fad or here to stay?“), here is our feature on the dynamic duo of Gregg Beever and Jeremy Die, creators of web comic Inglorious Hipsters (IH).

(Make the jump for the video.) (more…)

H, I, J n’ J

Friend of the website (and sometimes movie-reviewer) Jay Runham has teamed up with another J – Jordan Blackburnto talk movies in your earbuds.

The second episode of Jay n’ J. is out now, with guest Paul Matwychuk. Paul is an Edmonton movie-genius, who you may know from his work on CBC Radio and the DVD Afternoon podcast he does with The Videodrome’s Heather Noel. (Side note on Paul: You want this guy on your trivia team.)

(Side note on the second episode: Metro Cinema is settling into its new home at the Garneau Theatre, and will begin showing movies at the end of the first week in August.)

The first episode of Jay n’ J. featured another friend of the website, and movie-guy, Gregg Beever.

The podcast (so far) focuses on one movie – Super 8 and Harry Potter in episodes 1 and 2. And the hosts jump into conversations that make sense for their guests, which will likely lead to a diverse entertainment podcast. Basically, the Js are two for two on guests, and are going to add to the great movie discussions happening online and in podcasts in Edmonton.

Live at Luzzara: One Last Time

So, if you have been around here for a while you know we enjoy a coffee or seven. And you probably know some of the best coffee and conversation in Edmonton is found at Luzzara Coffee Bar, on Whyte Avenue – specifically, East Whyte.

But owner Sarah (who until recently was the only employee) is closing up shop after the building’s owners decided to try and rent out the old Top Gear Scooters AND Luzzara space together. It’s going to be East Whyte’s loss. And, really, Twitter’s loss. Since anyone on Twitter knows it’s the place to grab a free cookie on Friday and meet folks offline.

We’re going to miss Luzzara. So, we’ll be there, live, from noon until 1pm. Chat with us live at Livestream or on Twitter. Then get down there for a great coffee before it’s gone for good (at 4pm).

Oh, and you can watch us live below.


Edmonton’s dean of the Twittersphere, Mack D. Male, celebrates 5 years of tweeting today.

Five years ago most of us probably didn’t even know about Twitter. Heck, some of us might not have known about Facebook yet. But Mack was one of the first people – in the world – to be on Twitter.

From the use of #yeg as an Edmonton identifier to talking up all of our technology, a lot of the Twitter conversation has been shaped by Mack. That he helps raise money through events like Twestival and organized What The Truck?! are just two more feathers for his digital cap.

So, today, we tip our Internet hats to Mr. Male, and will include the hashtag #MackAttack in all of our tweets in the hope of making him a nation-wide trending topic. It’s the least we can do. (It really is, we didn’t even get him a cake.)

While we’re talking about Mack’s accomplishments, you might be interested to know:

Mack was a world-class bodybuilder until he and Chuck Norris teamed up to invent social media.

Mack carries each fail whale to safety. With his mind.

Mack invented sleeping.


In some parts of Eastern Europe, the Internet is known simply as “Mack.”

Local man becomes puppet, jams with aliens

Through the miracle of social networking today, we have uncovered a treasure trove of videos by Edmonton filmmaker Simon Glassman, amongst which is the above puppet video for Doug Hoyer’s killer track “Lakes of Mars” (which Doug also very generously allowed us to use for our own diabolical YouTube purposes).

Simon’s website features a lot of great content – videos he and his crew have done for a bunch of great Edmonton bands – including the above puppet masterpiece from Doug Hoyer and another one of our favorite local bands Cygnets and “Felt Up,” a series of videos that re-enact the most awkward or embarrassing moments of interviewees with puppets.


What I’m saying, friends, is go to and kiss your productivity goodbye for the day. Also, don’t miss Doug Hoyer and The Joe (along with Mikey Maybe) as they kick off their big Canadian tour this weekend at Wunderbar. (via The Joe)

Rock and Roll Reunion

Today we would like to direct your attention to Linda Hoang’s site for a very cool feature she put together on Edmonton’s 2011 Rock’n’Roll Reunion. What is that, you ask? Well, it’s a big party where bands you would’ve found playing around Edmonton in the 60s and 70s take the stage again. An engrossing read, and might be one of those things that reminds you that your parents were actual people before you were around. Possibly people playing in rock bands. Basically, I’m saying your parents were awesome, and then you can along and harshed their buzz. Now go call them and apologize. Then read Linda’s article.

Colour My World

When I was like 18, my brother and I were roommates. One of the many dumb things we did, besides refer to Bruce Willis as “Spruchay Spillis” for an entire year and take photographs to document how disgustingly dirty our apartment became, was engage in a battle of outgoing voicemail message oneupmanship.

“Paul can’t come to the phone right now because he’s painting his toenails.”
“Sally can’t come to the phone right now because she’s getting a pelvic exam”
“Paul can’t come to the phone right now because he’s learning to read.”

Anyway, for some reason, the one that really sticks in my brain is the time he changed the voicemail to say that I couldn’t answer the phone because I was colouring. Because I thought to myself, is there some SHAME in colouring? It’s like drawing, but with less responsibility. Also, more colour. It is one of the few times as an adult I can use wax crayons to express myself and not be thought of as on the verge of some kind of episode. THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH BEING A COLOURING ENTHUSIAST.

Anyway, it seems the team at Edmonton Public Libraries would back me up on this. They’re offering free .pdf downloads of colouring pages created by Edmonton illustrator Crystal Driedger (who has plenty of colouring freebies on her own site as well). They are super cute, super plentiful and they are excellent for both children, and regressing adults. Enjoy!


NextBus me!

One week ago Mack Male wrote about St. Albert Transit launching its system-wide GPS system. I gave it a whirl Tuesday.

It’s great.

As you’ll be able to barely see from my crappy cellphone photos, the NextBus system allows you to track St. Albert buses on their routes. You get up-to-the-minute results, allowing you to know if the bus will be exactly where it’s supposed to be at any given time.

I tried it out after an interview at the new Enjoy Centre (where Hole’s Greenhouses now reside). First up, the A21. (more…)

You’re The Best, Edmonton

We have been waiting two years to use this graphic.


I mentioned it in today’s Headlines, but we have somehow been voted Edmonton’s Best Local Blog. You probably confused us with “Edmontonians.” We get that all the time.

But, if SEE Magazine doesn’t do a recount, and people out there like the edmontonian enough to cast a vote, I owe everyone who helps creates the edmontonian a big, big thanks.

This website (and TV show) aren’t the Jeff and Sally show. Oh sure, because we edit the blog we get to write as much as we want. But since the edmontonian is an online community newspaper; an interactive, collaborative, community hub, it can’t actually exist as the Jeff and Sally show. (more…)

An Election Day/Early Mother’s Day Message

Our good friends at CJSR’s Makin’ Whoopee had a series of videos about a Conservative Party of Canada calendar last year.

It’s still relevant, Chad and Colin, it’s still relevant. (more…)

Everything you need to know about the election* (*But didn’t know you needed to ask)

Our pals over at Highwire Films are no slouches when it comes to producing entertaining, hilarious, informative videos.

So, we’ll let them get you up to speed on today’s vote. (more…)

Vote it up

Just days before the federal election, we’ve got a few other places you can make your voice heard.

SEE Magazine’s Best of Edmonton is done tomorrow at midnight, so you don’t have much time left to choose the best of everything about Edmonton.

They’ve even got a blog category this year, which means they’ve covered just about everything. (We’re honoured to be nominated along with such fine gentlemen bloggers as Dave, David, Ken and Mack.)

We want you to vote with your heart, but if you’re looking for write-in candidates we have a few to recommend:

Vote for Wunderbar for best beer and best bar (they have so many beers, and so much local brew!)

Vote for Luzzara for best coffeehouse

Vote “Chad and Colin from CJSR’s Makin’ Whoopee” as best radio personality (because they are awesomesauce)

Also vote:

CJSR as best station because they play more Edmonton music than anyone (CKUA is also good times)


Vue Weekly’s Golden Fork Awards are happening right now too. So you can head over there to let the rest of us know the best places to eat.


A friend of the edmontonian, A.O.K., is trying to win a music video. So, vote for Omar.


You can also nominate people under the age of 40 you think are pretty cool, or doing pretty cool stuff in Edmonton, at Avenue’s Top 40 Under 40.


After all of that, also remember to vote in the federal election on Monday, May 2.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it…

Hi everybody!

Remember that new television show for Shaw TV we were working on? We’re still working on it! (Wow, what an update…)

Actually, as promised, we want to keep you updated on what the episodes are all about and what you can submit to the show.

Our first episode is nearly complete, but here’s our theme and what you could record for episodes 2-6:

Money – The worst thing you’ve spent money on. Or, the thing you do for love that doesn’t pay (or doesn’t pay you yet).

Spring – Name as many of Edmonton’s festivals as you can in 30 seconds. What’s the best festival?

Edmontonia – What do we have here in Edmonton that ain’t nobody else got?

Food – What’s the Edmonton dish? Is it beef? Is it beef, with a side of beef, and beef salad? Could it be the Wildcat donair at the UofA? Is it something I’ve never even heard of? Tell us, show us, cook for us!

History – What’s your favourite historical spot in the city? While we’re looking for heritage locations, this may lead you to recount that important story that just-so-happened to occur at an Edmonton location.

That’s the easy stuff. We’re open to ideas, pitches, stories, segments, and anything you can record on a video camera (on anything from the highest-end digital cameras to an iPhone).

Just point me to a YouTube video or drop me the file in an e-mail. This is your show Edmonton.

The basic rules: it’s got to be recorded on video, you can’t be nude, no swearing.

Divorceapalooza with CraigyFerg

The lovely Diane Begin has touted our daily Headlines as a source of Edmonton news (thanks Diane!) and also pointed me in the direction of an Edmontonian on Craig Ferguson’s show. How she stays on top of all this Internet I’ll never know.

The first 3:30 of the Late Late Show from March 7 does indeed feature Vicky, an Edmontonian celebrating her divorce with a vacation. Enjoy the video after the jump! (more…)