What exactly is a Byelection?

This is where Paul Hinman will be crashing for a couple of years.

This is Paul Hinman's new house. Or something.

We know that not everyone has time to pay attention to politics.

We know that a lot of political information is forgotten after high school.

We know.

And we want to break things down so everybody can be an engaged citizen.

Part 1 of “Muddling Through: The Strange World of Provincial Politics”

By Dustin McNichol

Yesterday, Albertans got a chance to vote. But not all of us. Only those in the constituency of Calgary-Glenmore, where Wildrose Alliance candidate Paul Hinman won the provincial byelection.

A byelection occurs when an elected member of the provincial legislature vacates his or her seat at the legislature. Remember, every electoral constituency in the province gets one seat, and one member in each seat represents one constituency. Still with me? Good. (more…)



So, I was having a lovely breakfast with some friends last weekend when my pal Ryan (of the blog GrandeFullBody) told me a magical tale of a replica of the Alberta Legislature made entirely of Lego. Obviously, I called him a liar, right to his stupid face. But then he then backed it up with this picture. (Sorry, buddy.)

Now, those of you in the know are going to be all like, “yeah, Sally, way to discover something that we knew about in 2005.” And I will reply, “Look, don’t ruin this for me. I did not live here in 2005. And based on the fact that rents have doubled since then, I’m going to say there are probably a couple of new faces in Edmonton who will find this to be completely new, completely dazzling information.”

YES, this is 4 years old. But that doesn’t change that it is GREAT. In researching (read = googling) the LEGO™slature and its history, I have learned 2 things: one, that apparently “legoslature” is a common American misspelling of “legislature”, and two, that it was created in honor of the provincial Centennial in 2005, by the Northern Alberta Lego Users Group.

…and just in case this ISN’T rad enough for you, how about THIS? THAT IS A LOT OF LEGO™, people. Did I just blow your mind grapes?

Anyway, I found this press release from 2008 that says the model is located in the East-West pedway of the Legislature. When I called Visitor Services to confirm it was still located there, the operator plainly informed me that it was, because it’s “too big to move.” GOLD, JERRY. GOLD! Thanks Ryan!

I love the smell of chlorine in the morning.

Pump It up.

What, what, WHAT?! It seems the chain link fences have come down and the fountains have gone up on the Legislature Grounds. Staff were cleaning up the wading pool early this morning, which must mean that summer has finally arrived. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for Jeff in the pool this summer; he prefers the Leg Grounds to city pools because of his whole never-nude thing.