seinsess: Rumors (or, not Just the Tip anymore)

We have made fun of a lot of terrible signs here. Some of them were bad choices, some had spelling errors, others were just worth laughing at.

And, occasionally, we also praised good signs. Clever signs. Genius signs.

Signs like the one in this post that signal a bar named Just The Tip couldn’t fly, even in Edmonton’s most famous bar district.

p.s. I totally had a drink there this summer, because of the hilariousness. We were the only people in the bar.

p.p.s. Rumors is a “retro lounge.”

p.p.p.s. Bring back the Wooly Bully!

The Hardy Boys in Alberta

Photo: Brittney Le Blanc

I’m sure I’m not alone in saying I read a Hardy Boys book or 20 in my day. But I don’t know if I ever read The Viking Symbol Mystery, which involves a trip through the prairies, and Edmonton, to the Northwest Territories.

It would only be better if it involved a trip to Viking, Alberta.

Anybody know if this was the only mystery that took the Boys through Alberta?




Couches of Edmonton

Yes, there are probably a billion more important things to be talking about. But I’m doing a photo post.

Because couches intrigue me.

In the parking lot? Sure! (Photo: Brittney Le Blanc)

More couches, in more places, after the jump.


Log Weekend

That’s the one that comes before a long weekend, right?

Do they have festivals?

(Photo: Deja Springfield)


Shopping carts of Edmonton

You know, we like to wander around and take photos of Edmonton over here. Sometimes we take photos of things that seem pretty pointless and random.

But then, can’t that be fun too?

I feel that cart's pain; waiting for buses that never come.


I’m just getting warmed up. There are way weirder places to find shopping carts. (more…)

seinsess: Help Wanted

Either Accent Lounge is setting their bar just a little lower, or has amazing confidence in their three current sous chefs. Either way this caught my eye and I say it’s a winner.

Scrambled #yeg

It’s time for another selection of random weirdness I’ve found wandering around Edmonton.

Before the real leaves bloomed, knitters made it happen.


Safwy seinfeil

Thanks to Colin MacIntyre for sending this our way. Check your nearest Safeway for spelling shenanigans.

Stop Where?

I like when seinfeils aren’t just spelling errors.

Seinfeil double-bill

Because two is better than one.

First up, we all know that the last boom pushed the cost of owning light standards through the roof. I hope I can get a good deal renting one.


Thanks to Marilyn for this one.

And this guy is going to be the saddest voter of all on May 2. No matter who wins.

Rahim Jaffer? Umm..Prepare for a broken heart.

seinfeil: Saturday

So close.

seinfeil: Just The Tip

Really? You’re not even going to use innuendo? Really?!

Wooly Bully's you have changed.

I mean, we’ve all see this, in Wedding Crashers, in that great TT & Mario song (below, at 1:06). Now it’s a part of Edmonton’s heritage.


seinfeil: Weiner Wednesday

Before you say, “Jeff, that’s not how you spell wiener,” I shall direct you to the wiener double-vision below.

Make up your mind, Goode & Dunn.

We Like Giant Puddles

Sure, the snow is back and things are a little colder. That doesn’t mean we aren’t headed for the big melt soon.

This is the largest puddle we’ve found, so far.

I think the rest of this dealership's cars fell into the puddle.

Mack also found a great big one downtown.

Oh, and this warmer weather does mean you should stay off ice.


Femme La Mode

By Amanda Bennett

This was a music and fashion fusion evening, featuring top DJ Lissa Monet. She kept fashionistas entertained with lively descriptions of the outfits and comments about the designers. Everyone looked like they were enjoying the vodka, the women, and the music. I know from where I was sitting the room was pulsing. (more…)

Are we having fun yet?

What are you guys doing to enjoy the melty weather? Send us pictures of your warm weather activities, or tell us what’s up in the comments.

seinfeil: It’s on that building over there

I hope this is those darn kids messing around with the letters. But it didn’t spell out a dirty word, so I’m not so sure.

Photo: Brittney Le Blanc



Snow Carts

“You can tell a lot about a city from where you find random shopping carts.” – Jeff Samsonow, 2011

Alright, invented important quotes aside, you know we like having fun with random items, and found stuff like shopping carts and couches. The winter storms have only left more carts stranded. (more…)

Deviating at DV8

By Amanda Bennett

Merriam Webster says that to deviate is to “depart from usual or accepted standards.” Well at DV8 tavern this past Friday that was certainly the case for this reporter.

Three bands were on stage for a night of live metal-ness:  Netherward, Lysergik Funeral, and Deimoz. There was also another band who didn’t perform but came to support the bands – it was Jordan Augier from 6°. Two bands came from Edmonton with the other fom Calgary. It was an electric night with a diverse crowd. The last time I heard these hard-pounding anthems was at my home, emanating from the basement studio. (more…)

That Burning Sensation

Do these posters scare anyone else into thinking the Russians really do have that jock itch bomb that’s been rumoured for years?

New Year’s Resolution Tip #7

You should make multiple resolutions so it doesn’t get you down when one falls through.

In 2012 I'm going to get into better shape.

Snow Day(s)

We braved the snow this weekend. Yeah, we’re not sure why we did it either. But here’s some of our Edmonton Snow Adventures from the weekend.

edmonton, snow, storm, sally

Sally vs. the wall of snow. We haven't seen her since she went out for a pizza.

Bundle up if you dare continue this journey. (more…)

Christmas Mask

By Amanda Bennett

During the Christmas season people have a little more time on their hands and visiting friends is often on the agenda.

Strolling down the corridor of my friend’s apartment building, I came upon a rather unusual wreath on a neighbour’s door. It wasn’t the sort that you usually find around the festive season. It got me wondering about its origin…

Upon closer inspection, I noticed that in the centre was a wooden head painted black; almost reminiscent of an Easter Island statue, with a fabric red-coloured heart hung underneath and scalloped, fabric-covered wings reaching out on both sides. The outer wings almost resembled fingers pointing downward.

The hallway was not particularly well-lit but the head seemed to cast its own dark glow causing you to notice it. When I did attempt to take a photograph, it seemed to be resistant to this and I had to wait until the light of day streamed into the hallway to illuminate it enough to get a good visual.

It was the next day and it had drawn me back once again. The light was enough to get a good photo and with the image in my camera memory, I left the building and pondered the odd piece. Perhaps a trip to the library will be needed for further investigation.

Until then…goodbye my dark Christmas angel.

It’s time to play Sally’s new favourite gameshow…


I think I’d choose sale. Just saying.

Maybe the prize is a bar.