Movember: The Burt Reynolds Express

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Donate to that moustache!

(Editor’s note: Gregg is our Movember man. Mostly we’re letting him blog about it so we have creepy moustache pictures to creep on. Also, you should donate and stuff.)

By Gregg Beever

Amongst my friends I am often one of the loudest voices. I’ve got big, loud opinions that need to be heard. When it comes to my family, however, I am pretty quiet.

I was always shy as a kid, particularly at family events. Most of my cousins were quite a bit older than I, which played into my shy nature. To this day at family gatherings I tend to revert to my timid, 10-year-old self, shying away from conversation.

My uncle Ches manages to bring me out of my shell a little bit. He’s a very approachable guy, always smiling, always cracking jokes, and never fails to ask how you are doing. For someone who tightens up around family, it helps to have someone like Ches around to get me talking and feeling a bit more comfortable.

About a year ago Ches was diagnosed with colon cancer, and began a lengthy treatment process battling the invading disease. Ches is a dedicated family man, and it’s tough when bad things happen to good people.

Thankfully, my uncle is now cancer-free and recovering well. But cancer is a frightening illness that can instantly change the lives of entire families. I feel very fortunate to not have lost anyone close to me to the disease.

Of course, there are many who have not been as fortunate, which is why supporting the fight for a cure is so important.

Thus, my friends and I are doing our part by growing big, badass moustaches for Movember. (more…)

Help us with the greatest birthday present ever

We don’t know if you know this, but our pals, Scott and Adam, over at The Unknown Studio, are HUGE Star Trek fans.


Like, they will have important and interesting guests on their show and spend precious podcast seconds, minutes even, talking about Star Trek. They love it that much.

So, they’re celebrating one year of podcasting in our fair city and we here at the edmontonian wanted to buy them something for their birthday. But what could we get them? What could say that we’re good friends and we pay attention when they talk?

Something Star Trek, of course.

But not just anything. No. Something awesome. Something great.

A live phone call from Marina Sirtis, the actress who starred as Counselor Deanna Troi on Star Trek: The Next Generation (Adam’s favourite of the Treks) for seven years.

But it’s $300.

That’s why we’re asking you to help us out, Edmonton. Chip in a few bucks by clicking that PayPal button below and help us buy a fantastic present for two of the city’s biggest Star Trek fans. We’ll get Ms. Sirtis to call Scott and Adam at a big birthday party, later this summer.

Donate to the Unknown Studio Star Trek phone call fund now, donate often! (We’ll be sure to write your name in the birthday card.)

If we don’t make it to $300 we’ll just get them a Happy Birthday greeting from Mr. Belding.

Dear Simon & Simon…

SimonAndSimon_S2Now, I hope you guys don’t take this the wrong way.

I know you’re really busy, solving crimes in the 1980s.  And I also know your relationship is strained at the best of times, because A.J., you’re so straight-laced, and Rick, you wear a cowboy hat and park your boat on A.J.’s lawn.

But as soon as I saw that someone had parked their boat in a bus stop along Whyte Ave., it seemed clear to me it must’ve been you.  I mean, no thinking person would just pull up next to a bus stop with their boat and tow and just leave it there.  “Yes, this goes here, I guess.” Nope, people don’t think that way.  Clearly, you guys were in my neighbourhood, working on some kind of case and were forced to abandon your ride. So, just for future reference: