Baseball Prospects

If you’re into baseball, you might already know about the Edmonton Prospects. Though, this might also be the first time you’re hearing about them…in which case I’m glad we’re talking.

The Prospects are part of the Western Major Baseball League (WMBL), which is a college-level league. It’s about a single A level and you might just see a future star or two at the plate.

You’ll see Alberta and Saskatchewan teams in the WMBL, like the Melville Millionaires, in from the province to the east for another game tonight.

The Prospects only have a few home games left this summer (playoffs don’t look good), and play down at John Fry Park.

Huck It. Chuck It. FOOTBALL!

Surely, the one thing that unites us as a species (besides our thumbs), is the desire to document that we were here! We were in the world! Remember us when we’re gone! AVENGE ME!

Anyway, people do this in any number of ways –  growing long, gross curly fingernails; making cheeseburgers so big, they need to be flipped with snow shovels. And now, some members of Edmonton’s Flag Football Association aspire to do it with the longest running flag football game in history. EVER.

The event, happening the Canada Day long weekend, was dreamed up by flag footballers, Kail Schofield, Michael Dugan and Michael MacFynn.

“It came up over coffee one day, between me and Dugan,” says Kail. “We had seen that the world’s longest hockey game was going on. We thought to ourselves, what would be a good way to promote our sport?’

Organizer Kail Schofield, who insisted we use this picture

The obvious answer: by playing it for two days straight! (more…)

You Be Jamming? (sorry)

That’s right, I just made a roller derby pun. Before you complain, let me reassure you that I’m basically a news expert and, as such, am 100% sure of two things: 1) bloggers are ruining news and 2) people love puns. FACT. Look it up.

But hey, our lighthearted discussion of news expertry is ledeing (get it?) me away from another important story – and that story is that our foxy friends at E-Ville Roller Derby are having an information session tonight for any and all interested in getting involved.

I was talking to Jessica Cross (of the Berzerkhers) and Tess Dehoog (of the Slice Girls) on Twitter today, and they have informed me that tonight’s session is targeted at folks who may be interested in joining E-Ville’s “Fresh Meat” class this January.

Why roller derby?

Tess says “As cliched as it is, you only live once and derby is a sport that pushes your personal limits, forces you to grow and be awesome.”

You probably don’t need more reasons to check it out.

The meeting is tonight at the Edmonton Sportsdome (10104 32 Ave) between 6:30 and 8:30. And, while they’re capping the January intake at 50 skaters, they will take all the referees they can get. Which means if, like me, you would love to get involved but you, also like me, have a tendency to cry when people run into you there are still plenty of opportunities to be had.

Crushed it!

Edmonton Crush Auditions PosterMaybe it’s just because I came of age in the time of Tiffany, but man oh MAN, I do love entertainment in a food court. It doesn’t matter what it is, if you want to guarantee yourself an audience, just take your act to a raised platform in a mall, and you’ll get butts in the seats.

That’s my personal guarantee to you; 60% of the time, it works every time.

But that’s not to take anything away from this year’s newly announced squad of Crush dancers; I’m sure the ratio of ‘annoyed people trying to eat their Taco Bell in peace’ to ‘genuinely captivated audience’ was at an all time high. After all, who’s going to complain about a bevvy of beautiful ladies dancing up a storm next to a buffet of delicious fast food? Exactly nobody, that’s who.

Which brings me to the point in this post where I have to break Samsonow’s heart; you missed tryouts this year, buddy. Your dream of dancing before a cheering crowd is going to have to get put on ice for another year.

Or at least, dancing in front of a cheering crowd at a lacrosse game.

You can get a peek at this year’s lineup of ladies (that sounds way creepier than I meant it to) at the Crush website here, or you can just stick with watching the creepy perv video I took on my cellphone in the City Centre mall food court, posted above.

Double Derby

We’ve been somewhat lacking in the events department this week, so we’ll make up for it with a double-whammy today, and something extra tomorrow. There. We cool?

Alright. Let’s talk roller derby.

This long weekend, the Oil City Derby Girls are sending their All-Stars to picturesque Boise, Idaho for the Spudtown Knockdown. One of two Canadian teams in mix, they’re sure to do Edmonton proud.

If you’re not headed to Idaho for the Labour Day weekend, you can catch the Spudtown action online, at the Derby News Network.

Oil City is back in Edmonton action on September 18. They’ll be taking on Calgary’s Hellion Rebellions in the WildRose Challenge at Northlands. The Edmonton EXPO Centre is a bigger venue, so be sure to head out and support the locals.

Now, while that’s two events, it’s not the double-whammy I promised.

No, the second half of this roller derby smackdown concerns the E-Ville Roller Derby. Their new season begins this month.

These ladies will get their new season rolling (see what I did there?) with a double-bill on September 25, at the Kingsway Hangar.

E-Ville also has a junior league (where teens can learn the basics of the game), and they’ve got a fundraiser coming up at the start of October.

Edmonton, get out there and support your very active roller derby scene.

Great night for a ballgame, let’s play two

While there may be a chance of rain through the evening, sometimes you’ve just got to roll the dice.

If tonight is a night to venture out, regardless of rain probability, then maybe you should really throw it in Mother Nature’s face and sit out at the ballpark.

You’ve got two options this evening.

It’s Wiener Wednesday at Telus Field for tonight’s game between the Edmonton Capitals and Calgary Vipers.

The Capitals also have a new mascot, Captain Capital.

(You know what they don’t have? A “home” button on their website.)

It’s also the last game of the season for the Edmonton Prospects. They’ll be playing Okotoks at 7:05, at John Fry Park.

Fans are all going to be getting something for attending the last game. Hotdogs and concessions are also on sale.

Get your kicks

In all of today’s excitement over the Netherlands-Uruguay semi-final at the World Cup, let’s talk local soccer.

FC Edmonton is back on the pitch tonight, taking on one of Canada’s stronger teams, the Ottawa Fury.Edmonton Football Club

FC is in the midst of exhibition games and friendlies, while the Fury is trying to lock-up the Northeast Division of the United Soccer League’s (USL) Premier Development League for the second year in a row.

Here’s hoping some of this World Cup excitement spills over to Foote Field tonight (7:35), and for the rest of this summer’s practice season. That way the team is all confident for the real season in 2011 and gives us a show.

Homerun Headlines

It was indeed a great day for a ball game.

I was happy to have been one of the three-to-four thousand people to take in the home opener of your Edmonton Capitals last night, at Telus Field.

It did get a little chilly by the end of the game, but it ended with edge of your seat stuff so it doesn’t matter.

Edmonton actually kind of, sort of, does like baseball.

Telus Field is a nice ballpark to take in a game of minor league baseball. And the neat thing about a league like the Golden Baseball League (of which the Capitals find themself in the North division) is that you never know when you’ll spot a former major leaguer. Like Caps starting pitcher Lou Pote.

Now, old Lou may lost a little since his days with the World Series champion Anaheim Angels (2002) but he started the game strong enough. He did give up three runs in the fourth to give Maui the lead. But the bullpen finished out the game with a “W.”

Homeruns are always a great part of seeing basbeball live. And the Capitals didn’t disappoint in their first appearance in Edmonton this season. Matt Rogelstad blasted a two-run shot to close the gap to 3-2 in that same fourth inning.

Maui put up another run in the fifth and things quietly coasted, with Edmonton catching up with a run in the sixth (another dinger! from Matt Collaro), then tying it in the seventh.

The sun had gone down, the park lights were shining brightly, that chill was in the air, but the Capitals started putting players on the bases in the bottom of the ninth.

Even with two-outs, you get excited about the potential for an end of the game victory.

Third baseman Cliff Brumbaugh didn’t let us down. The crowd’s energy picked up and Brumbaugh smacked the ball far enough to get him to first and Steve Brown to come sliding into home. The ball had also made its way home but Brown was just a little faster. The crowd cheered, the Capitals players ran onto the field and the first game of the 2010 home season was a win!

Now, if they can keep winning and make this 4-10 start to the season a distant memory… They’ve got more chances this week against Maui, and the Capitals continue their homestand through the first half of June.

And I’d be a poor friend to you if I didn’t mention that Thursday night’s game against Maui is Bryan Hall Luau night. If you wear a Hawaiian shirt you have a chance at winning tickets to see Edmonton take on Maui in Hawaii. Or Bryan Hall roasts you a pig, or something.

While we’re talking sports (of the non-Eskimos, non-Oilers nature) FC Edmonton announced some of the teams it will be taking on in its exhibition season. That’s right, we’ve got a soccer team too.

from the Edmonton Journal:

Election of Alberta school boards challenged (Perhaps they won’t be run by elected trustees in the near future.)

Province’s controls on teen access to tobacco ‘second class’

Edmonton housing market ‘relaxed’ (Look, it’s just put its feet up for a while. It can’t work all of the time, get off it’s back.)

Sticking with places to live: Affordable housing for whom? and Gas leak forces out families

Downtown library needs a new jacket

Sense of pride, stricter enforcement behind city initiative to clean up yards

Alberta maintains triple-A rating (This is about borrowing power of the provincial government, not baseball.)

PBS fans protest as Shaw cable pulls Detroit off analogue

Massive new Hole’s garden complex not for green thumbs only

from the Edmonton Sun:

New rules for mall cops

Bar fined for fire-code infractions

from 630CHED/iNews880:

Expressions of hunger at City Hall

Rally supports Gaza Freedom Flotilla

from CBC Edmonton:

Armed sheriffs guard Alberta upgrader hearing (Because you know who the most dangerous people are? People who are engaged in regulatory debates.)

Alberta gets keys to 18 new schools

Police officer suspended for 2005 fight

Victory in Leduc, Alta. elevator saga (If you run a building, make sure the elevators work.)

from CTV Edmonton:

Province looks to reduce the use of plastic bags

Cyclists, skateboarders ticketed in sidewalk campaign (The sidewalks on Whyte and Jasper Avenues are for feet only. Meanwhile…police are also trying to encourage us to be safer on our feet.)

Locals believe they have a plan to clean up the oil spill

from Global Edmonton:

Folkies line up

Grey Cup tickets (Both of these items are hot tickets.)

So close…

It’s too bad Rexall Place likely won’t be hosting an Edmonton Rush playoff game. At least last night’s home finale against Calgary felt pretty close.

The Rush came out flying, going up 2-0 on those Roughnecks from down south. Then the back-and-forth was on for the rest of the four quarters.

When the Rush are in your end, you best check the net for the ball.

Calgary jumped back into things, ending up with a 4-2 lead after a goal the Rush ‘tender didn’t even see. The Rush stormed right back, taking a 7-5 lead in the second quarter.

Halftime left us at 8-8.

The frenetic pace was back early in the third, as Edmonton was up 10-8.

A couple of tough goals got by Matt Disher to give Calgary back the lead.

Edmonton tried to hold on for the win, and the possibility of a home playoff game, but Calgary tied things up. And, if you ask the Rexall crowd, the referees cost the Rush a loose ball that sparked a breakaway shot that would have torn the roof off the arena had it clinched the game.

So, four quarters wasn’t enough to finish this one. Nope, Edmonton fans were getting some overtime, just in case they wouldn’t be seeing the Rush again this season.

Unfortunately, the Roughnecks brightened their playoff picture a little by taking the game 15-14. Of course, it had to be the NLL‘s leading scorer, Josh Sanderson, who put the Rush down with his third goal of the evening.

Sanderson was one of four players with three goals, as his teammate Dane Dobbie beat Disher three times, and Edmonton’s Brodie Merrill and Corey Small were also worthy of our hats.

There was to be no autograph session after the game (as we were broken-heartedly told a few times), since the Rush were quickly off to Washington, where they’ll face the Stealth in their last game of the season.

A win means the Rush still have a chance at hosting a playoff game, if others lose. While a loss in Washington means playoffs, but on the road. And it also means Calgary gets themselves a home playoff game, because Friday night’s win gave them the season series against Edmonton.

You see now why last night had that playoff energy.

That important playoff positioning is why we broke out the rare off-day post. I also had a heck of time live-tweeting the game along with other Edmonton fans watching the action.

If the lacrosse stars do align and the Rush get to play a post-season game here in Edmonton, it could be worth the trip to see some spring playoff action in Rexall. I don’t think we’ll be seeing that on a Rexall ice surface for a little while.

Bring on the playoffs!

(Editor’s note: Since we often tweet about stuff that we just happen to be up to we thought you should know we received passes to Friday night’s Rush game. We’re real sports reporters now.)

Rushing into the playoffs

(Yeah, I’m already sorry about my pun headline. Even though I reserve the right to use more Rush-related phrases.)

Ah, spring in Edmonton. The trees are thinking about coming back to life (though water is a crucial factor right now), windows open up, and the playoffs return to the City of Champions.

I’m not crazy, I really wrote that last part. Playoffs. In Edmonton.

No, more than a dozen NHL teams didn’t come down with food poisoning, throwing the Oilers back into the mix. I’m talking about the Edmonton Rush.

They play lacrosse.

And they could finish the season as the best team in the National Lacrosse League. They get to try to leapfrog to the top of the heap with a little Battle of Alberta action over at Rexall tonight.

The (usually good) Calgary Roughnecks are here to close out the Rush’s home-season. Edmonton will head to Washington for the final game of the season tomorrow. Wins in both mean they finish on top of the NLL West, and maybe the whole darn league.

That kind of makes tonight’s game against Calgary a big deal.

So, we’ll see you there wavin’ your banner all over the place.

Oh, and with a win in one of the weekend’s two games, the Edmonton Rush are hosting a playoff game in, this, their first taste of the post-season in a handful of NLL years.

An Edmonton football star

We talked about prairie football a lot last summer and fall. Edmonton had one really good team and one really bad team. Right now, we’ll talk about the really good team.

Make us proud, Jerit. (Photo: Edmonton Wildcats)

The Edmonton Wildcats played for the national junior football title in the fall, but didn’t come home with the crown.

The season done, there’s one Wildcat still playing.

Receiver (and Prairie Football Conference and Canadian rookie of the year) Jerit Lambert is going to play for the World Team of America. He’ll be joined by two other Canadian Junior Football League stars (Ottawa Sooners punter Tyler Crapigna and St. Leonard Cougars defensive back Mike Dubuisson). There are 31 of Canada’s best under-20 footballers on the team.

That team will face USA Football‘s junior squad as part of the NFL’s Pro Bowl festivities January 30th. The game is in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, but you can watch it on the NFL Network, 10am our time. (Check your local listings or call your cable/satellite provider.)

Lambert had a good year, making 28 catches for 457 yards and 5 touchdowns. He also returned kicks 550 yards, with one kickoff run back for a touchdown and one punt taken in for a score.

The International Federation of American Football (IFAF) had 100 players to choose from, so Lambert certainly must have impressed. The Team World roster will have 43 players from eight countries and four continents.

Champion Concordia

Here's the Thunder in action earlier this season. (Photo: Jason Bouwmeester)

Here's the Thunder in action earlier this season. (Photo: Jason Bouwmeester)

I was actually caught by surprise today when Jason (Remember him? The guy you’re supposed to be helping achieve dreams.) sent along some more great soccer photos of the Concordia Thunder.

The surprise came in the fact the Thunder won the national title this weekend.

Yeah, I hadn’t heard anything about that either. At least the London Free Press is all over this.

That aside, let’s talk about what sounds like a great game.

(Photo: Jason Bouwmeester)

(Photo: Jason Bouwmeester)

Also, it’s got a great name: 2009 Big Kahuna/adidas Canadian Colleges Athletics Association Women’s Soccer National Championships. There will be a test, so memorize all of that.

Alesha Weicker put in an early goal, which was quickly countered by the Fanshawe Falcons. (Bias alert: I went to Fanshawe.) Nothing was settled in regular time.

It looked like nothing was going to be settled in extra time either. Sudden death shootouts loomed.

But Laura Ellis sniped home the winner with seconds to go.

Weicker took tournament MVP honours, while teamamtes Kelly Anderson, Trish Arnds and Lindsay Monkman made the All-Star roster.

There you have it, Edmonton. The Concordia Thunder women’s soccer team is the newest champion in the city of such. It’s also their first title.

Next year’s tournament is right here in Edmonton, hosted by NAIT. Could we be so lucky as to see an all Edmonton final? We have one year to wait.

In related CCAA sports news, the national Cross-Country championships will be hosted in Camrose by Augustana, this weekend.

(Photo: Jason Bouwmeester)

(Photo: Jason Bouwmeester)

Go for the Intergold

We’ve tried to keep up with the Prairie Football Conference (PFC) as best we can this season. The one thing to know is that Edmonton has one good team and one bad one. The Huskies didn’t win once. The Edmonton Wildcats, however, are the prairie champions.

This weekend the Wildcats take on the Ontario champs, the Ottawa Sooners. The winner of this “Intergold Cup” game will take on the winner of the B.C. Football Conference for the national title.

The ‘cats have won 3 national championships, and were last playing for the big win in 2006. It’s been a lot longer since they brought home the Canadian title though. That last one came in 1983, against the Ottawa Sooners. (Could that be a good sign of at least an Intergold win?)

The Wildcats went 6-2 in the regular season, outscoring opponents 324-163 (though, they just shellacked the Huskies). In the playoffs they beat the Calgary Colts here in Edmonton, then went Saskatoon to beat the Hilltops for the Prairie title.

They’ve got some of the best receivers in the country, and the PFC rookie of the year, Jerit Lambert, is one of them.

Ottawa’s got a solid defense, allowing the second-fewest points in the nation, and will be tougher to put points up against, so it could be quite the battle on the field.

Your 2009 Edmonton Wildcats.

Your 2009 Edmonton Wildcats.

Wildcats win!

prairie-footballRemember the other day, when I was talking about playoff football in Edmonton?

Well…the Edmonton Wildcats used their wily defence to claim victory over the Calgary Colts. Linebacker Matt Lalande set a PFC record with two, count ’em two, interceptions run in for touchdowns.

That means Edmonton, second-best after the regular season, will face the top team in the Prairie Football Conference.

Watch for an Edmonton-Saskatoon Hilltops showdown next weekend (in Saskatchewan) for Prairie supremecacy.

A win next weekend means a chance at the national title.

Football Frenzy



There’s so much football this weekend, this post can barely contain the action and excitement.

You’ve got the Eskimos home to the Lions tonight in a CFL matchup that is made more important by the Eskimos’ recent losses.

Don’t forget that you still have a little bit of time to buy really cheap tickets through the Edmonton Federation of Community Leagues, if you’re a member of your community league or you become one in the next two hours.

Don’t think, just do it!

(Image: PFC)


Sunday, over at Clarke Park, the Edmonton Wildcats host the Calgary Colts in a Prairie Football Conference semi-final. That’s right, playoff football!

The Wildcats finished the PFC season in second, and seem to always face the Colts in the playoffs. That game goes at 1pm.

Whew. It’s almost lucky the University of Alberta Golden Bears aren’t playing football this weekend. (But U of A teams are active in plenty of other sports.)

…But what if the Wildcats win and end up hosting the championship, while the Bears are home next weekend…Hmm, keep the woolies at the ready.

Huck it, chuck it, football!


Those poor, poor, Huskies.

They didn’t win a game all season. Thankfully, for Edmonton, the Wildcats did alright and will be in the Prairie Football Conference (PFC) playoffs.

The Huskies even had a chance to win their one game of the season at home, against their Edmonton rivals. Instead, the Huskies got thumped (again) 46-7. There’s always next year.

While the Huskies will be waiting for next summer after losing all eight games, the Wildcats take second place in the PFC with a record of six wins and two losses. They’ll be hosting a battle of Alberta this coming weekend (Sunday, October 11) as the Calgary Colts come up the highway for a semi-final showdown.

The other playoff game sees a battle of Saskatchewan with the Saskatoon Hilltops and Regina Thunder squaring off. Regina was the top team in the league, going 7-1 for 14 points.

After that it’s the league championship (October 18), and the Prairie winner then heads to the national junior football playoffs.

Get out to Clarke Park this weekend and cheer on your Edmonton Wildcats!

Fight Night

Valimaki (left, in the white trunks) ended up taking this match.

Valimaki (left, in the white trunks) ended up taking this match. (Photo: Jason Bouwmeester)

The first rule of Fight Club is: you do not talk about Fight Club.

But after discussing things further since Friday, we’ve decided to share some details with you.

TFC (The Fight Club) 8: Salvation filled the Shaw Conference Centre with sweat, blood and choke-holds Friday night. A lot of the fighters are from Edmonton, too.

Including Edmontonian Victor “The Matrix” Valimaki, who defeated Lew Polley in a decision, to take the Light-Heavyweight championship. (Both pictured to the left, slugging it out.)

The main event was Edmonton’s Ryan “The Real Deal” Ford taking on Markhaile “Showtying” Wedderburn for the Welterweight title. Ford must have been fueled by the hometown crowd since this one didn’t even go one round. Ford took the match with a “rear-naked choke” not even 90 seconds in. That’s usually how Ford wins a match, when he’s not punching his way to victory. (more…)

Are you ready for (some) football?

Edmonton Eskimos aside, there’s other football going on.


On Friday, the University of Alberta Golden Bears beat Simon Fraser Clan 28-16. Not bad against the top offence in the Canadian University football. It’s also not a bad way to get win #1 on the season. Saskatchewan comes to town this Friday.

(While we’re talking about the U of A, here’s how all the Bears and Pandas did this weekend.)

There was also some Prairie Football going on at Clarke Park. (My inability to read a schedule means this wasn’t a one month league…)Prairie Football

You know when sports guys say a game was over before it began? (Usually meaning one team is nowhere near as good as the other.) That really was the case between the Edmonton Wildcats and Edmonton Huskies.

We could sit around and pick this game apart, but I’m simply going to say the Wildcats won 72-0. I think that sums things up.

The loss leave the Huskies in last place in the Prairie Football Conference. They’re starting to give me that Detroit Lions feeling…

Both Edmonton teams are on the road this week. The Huskies look for their first win against Saskatoon, the best team in the league (*gulp*), while the Wildcats roll their momentum into Regina. The two Edmonton teams will then finish the season facing each other at Clarke Park, October 3.

High-scoring side notes from the PFC: Scoring 35 points in the first quarter has been done three times in Canadian Junior Football history…This is the second-best shutout for the ‘Cats, since they won a 2003 game 79-0…83-0 is the largest margin of victory in Canadian Junior Football…

Edmonton Rush 2009 Entry Draft Results

First: apparently, no one at the 2009 National Lacrosse League entry draft on Wednesday had a camera, because the only pictures I could find were on the NLL website, embedded in a flash player, of people who have nothing to do with the Rush. Thanks, INTERNETS. Since I couldn’t find a relevant picture (and I tried moderately hard, folks), I chose instead to google image search “lacrosse”, and of the choices that came up, this one (it was on page 3) was my favorite:

lacrosse_02…because, despite its “lacrosse” tag, it clearly has nothing whatsoever to do with the sport. Although, may I just say that lacrosse would be even more awesome if we somehow incorporated this kind of weaponry. Food for thought; perhaps we’ll see “U.S. Army Attack Missile” as the first pick overall in next year’s draft (fingers crossed).

The Rush scored pretty well at Wednesday ‘s entry draft. They wheeled and dealed their way into the 9th pick overall, trading Rich Morgan to the Minnesota Swarm, and ultimately getting Corey Small from the university of Albany (the OTHER U of A, for those of you keeping track at home).

From the Rush’s press release:

The talented forward [Corey Small] finished third in scoring with the Great Danes, netting 31 goals in 10 games. Small also finished third in the Ontario Junior ‘A’ League scoring derby with 38 goals and 39 assists for 77 points in 21 regular-season games for the St. Catharine’s Athletics.

“Corey plays with a ton of heart and has a great knack for coming up big in clutch situations,” noted [GM & Head Coach Derek] Keenan.

The Rush already had 12th pick overall, which they used to get Ontario Junior League forward Scott Tinning of the Brampton Excelsiors.

Other picks were Dane Stevens, Brett Mydske, Geoff McNulty, Shane Lopatynski, and Craig Zeeh. A complete list of first round picks is available on Wikipedia.

The Rush open their home regular season on Saturday, January 23 against the Buffalo Bandits. Also, the Edmonton Sun goes more in depth on the draft here.

Prepare to be Rush-i-fied, NLL.

EdmontonRushGet it? Because I’m talking about the Rush? Wanna get some Neil Peart all up in ya? Anyway, we’re all friends here, and as the old saying goes, if there’s one thing friends love, it’s slappin’ da bass (that one’s just for you, Samsonow). And if there’s another, it’s a lacrosse draft. Or something like that.

Yep, we’re all going to be on the edge of our internets today, as the National Lacrosse League (NLL) Entry draft gets underway. The event will be streaming on the NLL website, as the league’s 11 teams choose from the best up and coming lacrosse players out of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA) and the Canadian junior lacrosse system (and if anyone knows anything about junior lacrosse in Canada, feel free to fill us in on how all that works).

The Rush have six picks on the way, their best being 12th overall, and the NLL Insider has a rundown of the top draft choices here; this year’s event is in Buffalo, and starts at 5 p.m.

Here’s the schedule of picks for the Rush:

Round 1 – (12 overall)

Round 2 – (14 overall)

Round 3 – (25 overall)

Round 4 – (42 overall)

Round 6 – (48 and 52 overall )

And while we’re talking schedules, the Rush have also released their sked for the upcoming season. Tickets available through Ticketmaster, or get more details on the Rush website (if you’re into lacrosse, seriously, look at the team’s ticket options because you can get season tickets in the Golds for like $400).

How ’bout them Wildcats?

The CJFL. Where young men learn to hit really, really hard.

The CJFL. For Canadian Junior Football.

The Edmonton Wildcats aren’t messing around this short Prairie Football season.

After an opening weekend win over Calgary, the Wildcats went into Winnipeg and thumped the Rifles 60-22, Saturday. Nice going boys. That means the Wildcats have two wins, no losses (2-0) and sit tied for first place in the Prairie Football Conference (PFC) with the Regina Thunder.

As for Edmonton’s other PFC team, the Huskies, they did not fare so well. They lost again.

It wasn’t as bad as last week’s drubbing, but the Huskies had the unfortunate position of playing a Calgary Colts team looking to avenge a loss in Edmonton. It didn’t matter if it was to the other Edmonton team. The Colts beat the Huskies 36-21. The Huskies sit at the bottom of the PFC, tied at 0-2 with the aforementioned Winnipeg team.

This coming weekend (August 22, 23) both Edmonton teams are home at Clarke Park. On Saturday, the Wildcats look to continue winning against the Saskatoon Hilltops (1-1). On Sunday, the Huskies look for a win against their scoreless brothers from Winnipeg.

Are you ready for some (Prairie) Football?

In the end, the Thunder rolled.

In the end, the Thunder rolled.

I know you can easily get distracted when the big team is on the TV, but there’s other football ’round these parts. And the Golden Bears aren’t even back at school.

But this was also opening weekend of the Prairie Football Conference (PFC). A conference of football in which Edmonton has not one, but two teams. We’ve got the Huskies. And we have the Wildcats.

The PFC has four weekends of smash-mouth football. With 6 teams in the league there’s not a lot of room to mess around.

It also means you get one more regular season game from the Wildcats and Huskies over at Clarke Park.

As for this past weekend, the Wildcats beat the Colts of Calgary 35-21.

The Huskies, umm, played the Regina Thunder.

They lost. 51-11.

The extra point is good! Sadly, the rest of the points went to the other guys.

The extra point is good! Sadly, the rest of the points went to the other guys.

But we don’t have to talk about that. I mean, we can talk about the Eskimos if we want to talk about weekend lossses. Am I right? (This is where I pull my collar nervously.) We can just talk about how there’s great football for $10 (kids under 12 are free).

Next home games are August 22 (Wildcats) and August 23 (Huskies).

As an aside, writing this has me thinking about who would win a fight between a wildcat and a huskie. I couldn’t find that on the Internet (yet?) but here’s a fight between a taco and a grilled cheese sandwich.

Get him. The guy with the ball!

Get him. The guy with the ball!

Huck it, Chuck it, Football!

sidebar-pfc-logoHey sports fans, the Edmonton Examiner has your Junior Football Preview. sidebar-cjfl-logo

The Wildcats kick their season off at Clarke Park, Saturday night at 7 p.m. against the Calgary Colts (full season schedule here), while the Huskies start off Sunday at 1 p.m. (full season schedule here).

Also, the Wildcats need somebody to man their merch booth at home games; it pays about 40$ per 3-hour game. If you’re interested, more details available here.

This is me, pretending I know things about sports.

dan-teatWhat the hell is going on over at the Rush? These guys must really mean business for the 2010 season, because I’ve never seen so much lacrosse excitement in my life – and I’ll have you know, I’m a bit of a lacrosse aficionado (…that means I don’t know anything about it, right?)! Lately it seems they’re ALWAYS hiring somebody, or trading somebody, or announcing something. This time it’s a trade; say bye bye to Dan Teat, ladies. He’s going to Philadelphia, home of cheesesteaks, the Fresh Prince of Bel-air, and lacrosse (apparently), in exchange for Derek Malawsky, formerly of the Portland Lumberjax.

And while we’re talking sports, since, let’s be honest, it doesn’t happen that often – the Capitals’ website is reminding anyone withn106385576708_8374 tickets to tomorrow’s game vs. the Tucson Toros that the start time has changed, because of a travel schedule conflict with the visiting team. The stadium will still be open at 2 p.m., but the game won’t actually start until 5 p.m. It should be a good time; I just got a facebook invite informing me that there’s also a breast cancer fundraiser going on, where the Caps try to set the world record for most pitches thrown before a game. Well, you just got an extra three hours to set the record in, boys. Make Momma proud!