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Last Edmonton Headlines

Good morning, Edmonton. This is indeed the last time you and I will discuss the news of the day here in Headlines at the edmontonian. Let’s hope there’s some juicy news to dig into.

It’s almost always funny, in a sad kind of way, that when governments announce they are going to tackle a problem or get tough on something, it’s a problem that’s had previous attempts to do just that. Edmonton’s recent worries over violent crime is just one of those issues. So, hopefully this is the time everyone follows through on plans and recommendations.

Meanwhile…Edmonton Police are teaming up with other agencies for a new kind of patrol…an action team!

On the tenth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, an Edmonton firefighter who went to New York with the Red Cross is trying to remember the triumph of the human spirit he saw in the days after the Word Trade Centre towers fell.

The City of Edmonton is trying to entice filmmakers to shoot here. Though, not with a grant or tax break, or deals if they are locals or use local crews. I don’t think it’s a great idea to move $5-million from the financial stabilization fund when you’re running a deficit.

“Are people supposed to park on the next block? It’s insanity.” Really? Parking one block away is the end of the world?


May 10 Edmonton Headlines

Sweeper, EdmontonThere’s some murder and death in today’s news. Tough to avoid it today.

It’s going to cost a lot to preserve pieces of Edmonton’s history. And the City doesn’t have the cash to do it alone.

Work continues to get Edmonton’s neighbourhoods upgraded.

Attending games at Commonwealth Stadium may end up costing you an extra dollar or two. But you may find yourself in a much more comfortable seat.

Portions of Edmonton’s river valley are closed to a Project KARE investigation (that’s the task force investigating the disappearance of “high-risk” individuals in the capital region).

Edmonton police have determined homicide, and tampering with a gas line, was behind an explosion in the Lago Lindo neighbourhood last summer.

It doesn’t happen often in the courts, but the crown and the defense agree that a man should not be held criminally responsible for killing his wife because of “heavy metal toxicity.”

The investigation of the suicide of an Edmonton-based soldier is going to investigated, after his family complained the Canadian military didn’t try to help the soldier. Meanwhile…at the University of Alberta…the school is the first in Canada to create a chair for rehabilitation of injuries to soldiers


The Green Party of Canada says the company behind the largest oil spill in 40 years has a dismal record outside of Canada. The Environment Minister isn’t worried about how companies may operate outside of Alberta.

It’s kind of neat how much Alberta Conservative minister Ron Liepert likes superboards. He was health minister when the regional boards were scrapped (and now, just a couple of years later decision-making power is being returned to regional levels) and now as the Energy Minister he’s pushing for a board to oversee all oil, gas, energy, and mineral files.

As new power lines are proposed and planned there are warnings about how much that could cost us on our power bills.


Perhaps one day, soonish, we will be able to text 911 in an emergency.

This summer, you can take a trip to a new city within Edmonton. It’s called Fringeopolis.

Oh, and there’s a new hotel in the west end.

Election Day Headlines


I am lobbying Parliament to pass a law allowing me to punch people in the face if they don't vote. You can bet Gregg Beever is voting today.

No, seriously, go vote. It’s the federal election today.

Seems like all the papers and newsrooms issuing editorials are backing the Conservatives, and calling for a Conservative majority. We here at the edmontonian are going to get all objective on this one (I know, journalism irony) and just tell you to vote. Get informed and vote.

Remember that you elect a local MP, not the Prime Minister, so choose a representative that you can get a hold of, you see in the neighbourhood, aligns with your values, and won’t just tow the party line (that last one does eliminate most of the Conservatives under a strict Stephen Harper).

Oh, and I personally think we should get on board with the idea of minority governments and coalitions. You won’t have unpredictable election dates if MPs know they have just about zero-chance at forming a majority.

Also, file your taxes.

Now, outside of the election, let’s see what else is going on… (more…)