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Couches of Edmonton

Yes, there are probably a billion more important things to be talking about. But I’m doing a photo post.

Because couches intrigue me.

In the parking lot? Sure! (Photo: Brittney Le Blanc)

More couches, in more places, after the jump.


It’s a Stache-off!

It's Moustache vs. Moustache for your votes!

Before this year’s Movember festivities began I had never worn a moustache longer than a day, and only as a gag. When I first shaved at the start of November, my eyes filled with dread as I looked at the comically foreign face staring back in the mirror.

I’m going to look like this for a gods damn month?

But a strange thing happened in the weeks that followed, my moustache started receiving compliments. Real and genuine compliments from complete strangers.

It seemed Movember had turned the public’s ironic love of moustaches for into an honest appreciation for the art. I began to wonder if the ‘stache suited me; maybe my lip rug had fashionable merit? I flirted with the idea of keeping the cookie duster beyond Movember.

That is, until this week, when my moustache’s girth turned problematic. The month-old ‘stache became a prickly nuisance, curling into my lips and mouth. It also managed to soak up and retain any liquid I attempted to drink like a sponge. But the last straw came last night when I discovered my moustache had caught a booger and left it dangling in plain sight for hours; causing me to misinterpret why the cute girl at the grocery store was checking me out.

However, before my moustache meets its end, there is some business to attend to. Loyal edmontonian readers will recall a challenge I presented to Mr. Adam Rozenhart, a bitter duel of moustaches and a fight for Mo’supremacy. A Stache-Off, if you will.

What’s at stake? A $50 Movember donation to the winner (me) from the loser (Adam).

The Movember Stache-Off victor (surely me) will be determined by you (you) the reader! Place your vote in the comments below and help us decide who has the richer, fuller, most badass moustache in E-town!

But before you vote, I’d like to take a second to thank everyone who spared a few dollars to The Burt Reynolds Express, our team managed to raise $800 this Movember! Even more stunning, Adam reached his goal and pulled down $1000 in donations all on his own!

Thanks to everyone, whoever you donated to. Now get voting (for Gregg)!

Movember: The Burt Reynolds Express

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Donate to that moustache!

(Editor’s note: Gregg is our Movember man. Mostly we’re letting him blog about it so we have creepy moustache pictures to creep on. Also, you should donate and stuff.)

By Gregg Beever

Amongst my friends I am often one of the loudest voices. I’ve got big, loud opinions that need to be heard. When it comes to my family, however, I am pretty quiet.

I was always shy as a kid, particularly at family events. Most of my cousins were quite a bit older than I, which played into my shy nature. To this day at family gatherings I tend to revert to my timid, 10-year-old self, shying away from conversation.

My uncle Ches manages to bring me out of my shell a little bit. He’s a very approachable guy, always smiling, always cracking jokes, and never fails to ask how you are doing. For someone who tightens up around family, it helps to have someone like Ches around to get me talking and feeling a bit more comfortable.

About a year ago Ches was diagnosed with colon cancer, and began a lengthy treatment process battling the invading disease. Ches is a dedicated family man, and it’s tough when bad things happen to good people.

Thankfully, my uncle is now cancer-free and recovering well. But cancer is a frightening illness that can instantly change the lives of entire families. I feel very fortunate to not have lost anyone close to me to the disease.

Of course, there are many who have not been as fortunate, which is why supporting the fight for a cure is so important.

Thus, my friends and I are doing our part by growing big, badass moustaches for Movember. (more…)

In case you missed it…

Watch live streaming video from theedmontonian at

…check out our video on demand of Saturday Night with Samsonow! The latest episode is from September 25, featuring a report on the Dawson Bridge from The Unknown Studio’s Adam Rozenhart, and School Board Trustee Candidate Sarah Hoffman!

Watch live streaming video from theedmontonian at

Saturday Night with Samsonow

Watch live streaming video from theedmontonian at

Because we never give ourselves enough work to do we’re attempting a live talk show.

Tonight. 9pm.

Come right back here. You might have to refresh this page (or the main page if that’s what you’re on) to get the live stream to kick in.

Tonight’s guest is local social media darling Adam Rozenhart. Plus, we’ve got Pepe Duenes as our band. We’ll also be crank-calling an actual local media celebritity. And eating the long-rumoured Samsonowich.

See you then!

(Although, we won’t be able to see you.)

If the website is hiccuping at all, you can try watching at our account too.

Help a fellow citizen, a public servant

(Reprinted with permission from Adam at The Unknown Studio.)

I’m sure many Edmontonians heard and were disgusted by the vicious, unprovoked attack on a City bus driver this week. According to passenger accounts, someone boarded the bus, got miffed that the driver wouldn’t allow him to ride unless he paid, and even when passengers fronted this guy the change to ride, he started punching the driver, dragging him off the bus and mercilessly beating him.

When I heard this story, I felt sick to my stomach. Of course it was a random act of violence. That’s what made it so terrifying.

Thankfully, as City Councilor Don Iveson pointed out in a recent tweet, the alleged perpetrator was apprehended:

“An ETS bus operator was assaulted very seriously this morning. Police caught the guy. Assholes beware, buses have cameras

But now an Edmonton-area family has to worry about a father and brother who did nothing but his job. I asked the City of Edmonton on Twitter if there was somewhere people could donate money to help the family out. Hey, it’s the season of giving, and I don’t know about you but if my dad were in a condition like that I would be so grateful to have the community rally behind me and help out.

That’s what it means to be part of a society. Helping others.

The City responded this afternoon:

“Trust fund has been established @ River City Credit Union (any branch) for ppl who wish to donate to driver Tom Bregg’s recovery.”

I know it’s not a whole pile of cash, but I’m going to be donating $50 to this fund, and hopefully Tom Bregg’s family will have one or two less things to worry about this holiday season.

I challenge each and everyone of you readers out there to throw some money toward the Bregg family as well. Pledge your donation in the comments, and get to any River City Credit Union branch and donate to the fund.

And stay safe out there, everyone.

Adam Rozenhart

ETS bus

Edmonton loves chicken wings

Bless these boys for showing us what really matters.

It’s free chicken wings.

One year of free wings was just too good to pass up for these guys. (Photo: Adam Rozenhart)

One year of free wings was just too good to pass up for these guys. (Photo: Adam Rozenhart)

Notice the book in gentleman A’s hand. He’s ready to spend a few hours waiting for tasty, free, wings. One can also appreciate the lawn chairs.

Photographer Adam also informs us that these three guys and three other early birds took to some parking lot Hudsons patio/pad hockey to pass the time.

Here at the edmontonian we salute your efforts to secure one order of free Hudsons wings, each week, for one year. There are worse things to wait in line all day for.

The Great Unknown

I don’t want to make this seem like the greatest thing since sliced bread, but I think there’s an Edmonton podcast you should check out.

It’s called The Unknown Studio and it’s good.logo_unknownstudio

Hosted by Edmontonians Adam Rozenhart and Scott C. Bourgeois, it’s an informative and entertaining hour. (The boys are also on Facebook.)

The podcast comes out every two weeks and has already amassed an array of topics.

On the Edmonton side, they’ve talked about bugs and insects in the city (this podcast is definitely worth listening to), the Fringe, the Oilers, the growing city and planning issues, and the latest installment hits up the Pure Speculation Science Fiction Festival, happening this weekend.

They’ve also touched upon topics that have little to do with Edmonton, aside from the hosts and guests residing in our fair city. But that still makes it a good percentage local.

Plus, it’s funny. Have I mentioned that? It is.

The Unknown Studio is a great example of how topics that might not seem interesting (say, bugs) can end up being a compelling hour of listening because the hosts ask questions you would ask, the guests are real people and you can actually learn stuff while being entertained. It’s actual infotainment. Without water-skiing squirrels.

And you can be lazy like me and just subscribe to the podcast in iTunes so you get it automatically. Hilarious and informative podcast every two weeks? Yes, please!

(Bias note: We have been invited on the show. But I was listening to the podcast before they asked to go steady.)