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Friday, October 22 Edmonton Headlines

Good morning, Edmonton.

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It's all for you, school kids!

Let’s start the day, and end the week, with a little bias.

Yesterday I didn’t post an editorial from the Edmonton Sun on why Catholic schools in the city should be allowed to raise money from gambling. I couldn’t see any other stories on this issue (which is somewhat finalized by now) so figured it was out of place.

Then, later Thursday, I walked by an Edmonton Sun newspaper box and saw the front page touted a he said/she said, pro vs. con on the gambling issue.

Mindelle Jacobs says the students need that gambling money. While on the other side, Andrew Hanon says it’s like a tax on vulnerable addicts.

I’m more apt to side with Hanon, but that’s not where I’m going today.

The interesting thing about this (other than the fact there was no obvious front page story for the Sun yesterday) is that these dueling opinions appear to be an effort to keep the story going.

The Archbishop has told the Edmonton Catholic School District to get out of the gambling business. That’s got to put pressure on the Alberta government to better fund schools (since the casinos and bingos are all fundraisers for supplies, projects, and trips), and force the trustees to make sure each budget line is a good as possible. But that’s not new, that’s weeks old.

What the Sun did yesterday is put the story back on the front page with no new information, just a couple of opinions from staff. I’m cool with that. There are stories worth pushing back into the news cycle. It just stood out to me as an example of how newsrooms don’t just report what’s happening. Sometimes they try to make it happen.

Keep your eyes peeled for newsrooms doing such reporting when a story is long done or seemingly decided. Again, I’m all for banging the drum on a story that needs to be in front of people more than 12 or 24 hours. It’s just something to remember in the bias, objectivity, and transparency debates.

from the Edmonton Journal:

Environmentalists unhappy Clinton favours pipeline (That’s Hillary Clinton liking the Keystone XL pipeline)

Most Edmonton councillors would ban cosmetic pesticides (I guess we’ll see if that goes anywhere.)

Proposed parking lot upsets Bonnie Doon residents

From Edmonton to Beirut; Wok Box has come a long way (This reminds me, Oodle Noodle is opening near my day-job.)

from the Edmonton Sun:

Cap campaign spending: Losing mayoral candidates (I could live with a cap. Somewhere in the $100,000-500,000 range. Council races could be capped in the tens of thousands. It could float with inflation.)

City neighbourhoods getting cash

Alberta Avenue neighbourhood undergoing renewal

Capital records 37% hike in sexual assaults (Overall crime is down though. Also, I’m not seeing this story from anyone else. Was the Sun the only newsroom at the Edmonton Police Commission meeting?)

from Metro Edmonton:

LRT disruption ahead (It always seems like the weekends are full of these.)

from The Canadian Press:

Smith frustrated with current municipality funding system (The Wildrose leader appears to be hinting at giving cities more taxing power.)

from CTV Edmonton:

Latest Toyota recall includes 29,000 cars in Canada (Wasn’t I just asking, yesterday, about why everything seemed to be falling apart?)

Remember that story in The Gateway Thursday? The one about alleged hazing at one of the U of A’s frats? Today, everyone else is doing it. (The story, not the hazing.)