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Last Edmonton Headlines

Good morning, Edmonton. This is indeed the last time you and I will discuss the news of the day here in Headlines at the edmontonian. Let’s hope there’s some juicy news to dig into.

It’s almost always funny, in a sad kind of way, that when governments announce they are going to tackle a problem or get tough on something, it’s a problem that’s had previous attempts to do just that. Edmonton’s recent worries over violent crime is just one of those issues. So, hopefully this is the time everyone follows through on plans and recommendations.

Meanwhile…Edmonton Police are teaming up with other agencies for a new kind of patrol…an action team!

On the tenth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, an Edmonton firefighter who went to New York with the Red Cross is trying to remember the triumph of the human spirit he saw in the days after the Word Trade Centre towers fell.

The City of Edmonton is trying to entice filmmakers to shoot here. Though, not with a grant or tax break, or deals if they are locals or use local crews. I don’t think it’s a great idea to move $5-million from the financial stabilization fund when you’re running a deficit.

“Are people supposed to park on the next block? It’s insanity.” Really? Parking one block away is the end of the world?


June 23 Edmonton Headlines

Hey, you, uh, got $50-million the City of Edmonton can have, to keep the 2012 tax hike at 4.5%? There may be a cut or two (or three) if more money isn’t found. I know you have it in coffee cans buried in the yard!

Meanwhile…the City announced $56-million to get the east Jasper redevelopment moving along

And there will be a new statue in, or around, Churchill Square.

If I’m reading this story on the downtown arena correctly, Councillor Ed Gibbons will meet with the City Manager to ask a list of questions but that meeting would happen outside of a public meeting. Weird. (Or I’ve got it wrong.)

The chair of the Edmonton Public School Board wants longer-term funding from the provincial government, to allow a little more stability in school board budgeting.

TELUS is putting in $20-million worth of work into one of its two towers on 100 Street, and also a bit of green space right beside the plaza.

100 years of flight in Edmonton, the City Centre Airport, and aviation are being talked about and celebrated this week.

Speaking of the City Centre Airport…we know who will be designing a neighbourhood planned to take over the land. The Charrette has a further look at the design plans.

As soon as I saw that police had made an arrest in a Whyte Avenue stabbing my brain started to try and guess at the story. There hadn’t been any homicides recently. Could it be the Dylan McGillis killing from four-and-a-half years ago? A homicide I covered when still working the daily news beat? Yes! Edmonton police have made a long-awaited, long sought-after arrest.

The homicide was among the violence that sparked some change on Whyte to try and attract more live music, more street life (and not just drunk people eating pizza street life), and campaigns to enjoy a night out without violence.


There are more nurses being hired in Alberta, but a lot of them aren’t working full-time. This is, essentially, a good news story though.

The Alberta government is spending some money educating you about carbon capture and storage. Whether we’ll ever end up building the systems to trap carbon emissions underground is another story.

Canada’s western premiers are talking disasters and disaster funding. Our premier (still Ed Stelmach until fall, when Progressive Conservatives choose a new one) wants more foreign workers, and to get them here faster.

Speaking of leadership races…Bill Harvey is running to lead the Alberta Liberals. I know…NOW you’re excited about that race.

Alberta author Robert Kroetsch died in a car crash this week, and is being remembered for his literary contributions to Alberta, Edmonton, and Canada.


Oh, that pesky Senate.

Canada’s approach to asbestos is very “do as I say not as I do” since we won’t be doing a whole with the known cancer-causer but will gladly export it. I guess The Daily Show cares more than our federal government.

Mid-June Headlines

Caught The Absurd Heroes, and others, at Wunderbar last night. Wunderbar is the place to be.

Good morning, and welcome to the halfway point of the halfway month.

Teacher and staff cuts are looming at both of Edmonton’s school boards. The Edmonton Catholic School District has 180 jobs on the block for the 2011-2012 school year, while the Edmonton Public School Board’s proposed cuts include more than 300 positions.

Edmonton’s new police chief is adding officers to the homicide unit – a move no chief would want to make. He also seems to understand that police-public relationships and prevention are keys to improving the crime rate. It’s just, right now, Edmonton has the highest homicide rate in Canada. :(

The Yellowhead is going to become a freeway. In 30 years. So, to speed that up, one councillor thinks the Alberta government should take over the road.

Victims of domestic violence are being remembered and honoured with an Edmonton street named for them and their plight.

If you’re walking down 108 Street and feel like there are fewer trees, you’re not crazy.


The interesting thing, to me, in this story about Alberta’s lowest wage earners, is that a lot of them aren’t teenagers working at fast food places.

The Alberta government wants you to get some exercise. They could start setting the example by using their own pedway route to get in shape.

Our province is also trying to deal with higher rates of sexually transmitted infections.


Canada Post’s rotating strike has become a full-out shutdown as the crown corporation has locked-out workers. As soon as one of the courier companies starts offering letter mail at a cheap price Canada Post is toast. The strike was already affecting charities that depend on mailed-in donations.

Meanwhile…Air Canada’s service staff strike may be over soon, if the federal government steps in.

Poverty as urgent as SARS. While SARS may already be a dated term, that headline calls a lot of attention to what needs to be done about our poorest.

The case of the missing front lawn has been solved.

Transit rodeo, eh?

Hey, anybody seen our ammonia silver nitrate?

June 7 Edmonton Headlines

Let’s Tuesday up your news, Edmonton.

The Canada Post strike is beginning to affect Edmonton. And we haven’t even seen postal workers head out on the picket line yet.

Edmonton’s downtown arena hopes are now pinned on the provincial government coming up with money, because Edmonton-Spruce Grove MP Rona Ambrose says the new federal budget is not for arenas.

The Archdiocese of Edmonton is trying to figure out how to work social media into the sermon.

Edmonton City Centre Mall is joining the campaign to “white out” domestic violence. An Edmonton street will get re-named in a similar effort.

The best in Edmonton theatre will soon be awarded. Sterling Award nominations were announced Monday. This story in the Journal doesn’t detail every category, but the Sterling site still says we should get ready to hear the nominations Monday, so I’ll take what I can get.

There’s a call out to those who would design Edmonton’s new Royal Alberta Museum.


While critics may say allegations of people jumping the healthcare line are rumour, a new memo dates this practice, or allegations of the practice, to 2009.

Education Minister Dave Hancock may yet turn out to be a negotiating genius. He’s making sure teachers know there’s no more money coming to education but is ready to sign a new five-year contract. I’m intrigued to see how that contract talk plays out. (Or it could all play out like the Alberta Progressive Conservative are likely hoping; that a bunch of new energy and tax money comes in this summer, they top up the education budget, and quickly get a new deal with teachers when the bank account is full.)

Hey, I can appreciate historical land and burial grounds as much as the next guy, but I need a place to plug in my RV and launch my boat too.

On land use…the Alberta government’s push for more oil and energy development, and fast, isn’t sitting well with other people and groups.


If you’ve got some time, or some furniture, Slave Lake relief efforts could use both.

Think you have a concussion? There’s an app for that.

Monday was the anniversary of D-Day, the World War II offensive that was said to turn the tide in favour of the allied nations (including Canada). On this anniversary, we truly began Canada’s military wind-down in Afghanistan.

June 1 Edmonton Headlines

LRT, edmonton, adWelcome to Bike Month, Edmonton. Get out there and ride!

The City is going after “tags” in this summer’s anti-graffiti campaign. That’s exactly what they should be targeting; wipe out gang tags, not listen birds and street art.

630CHED/iNews880 looked at what the Capital Region’s cities and municipalities would be asked to chip in, if the downtown arena was viewed as a regional project. I’d rather they chip in to build a more regional transit system if we’re asking them for money.

Edmonton’s taxes and utilities aren’t the most expensive in the country. But we’re on our way!

A handful of Edmonton community projects are up for your vote in a new program from The Keg. So get online and vote!

Edmonton’s Stollery Children’s Hospital is sending home a little girl, after two years at the hospital. Two. Years. Speaking of hearts…researchers at the University of Alberta are trying to prevent heart damage from some cancer treatments

Operation Red Nose is looking for a non-profit partner for a winter 2011 return to Edmonton.

The Journal’s look at Edmonton bakeries continues, with a taste of Poland at Baltyk Bakery.

Sidney Poitier is coming to our city.

You think Edmonton’s got a lot of news, wait until you see what else is going on around this place. (more…)

May 31 Edmonton Headlines

Sidewalk dump edmontonGood morning, Edmonton. Today, it seems, is all about Alberta news. But, that will tend to happen when you’ve got the provincial seat of power in your downtown.

A couple of Edmonton-specific items are in the news though:

Northlands still doesn’t know what to do about the fact they’re being told asked to leave the arena business.

Mayor Mandel isn’t going to a meeting of the Big City Mayors, saying they don’t get anything done.

Now…about that Alberta stuff… (more…)

May 30 Edmonton Headlines

Welcome to the end of May/beginning of June, Edmonton.

Make sure you let the City know what you think about urban agriculture. Especially if you want some chickens or bees around. Speaking of urban agriculture…Boyle Street’s getting its first community garden. Man, those things are popular.

Progress and freeways, vs. nature and fewer interchanges. Not a story that ever goes away.

Does Edmonton need a safe injection site? A conference about injection harm-reduction is on our city this week.

Edmonton Indy party tent: 2006-2010 – we’ll miss you, old friend. And the tent jokes that could have been.

A century-old church in Old Strathcona is in need of some serious repairs.

You ever just walk around the city?

Edmonton is losing six of its Blockbuster video stores. We’ll be getting some Targets though, if that helps at all.

An Edmonton-area salesperson has been banned by the Alberta Securities Commission.

St. Albert wants to limit the length of time RVs can stay in Wal-Mart parking lots. I had no idea this was a thing Wal-Mart encouraged.

More? Could there possibly be more to talk about?

You bet. (more…)

Edmonton Headlines

Parking rates are going up. (Click for details.)

Well, Edmonton, we made it through the short week. Now its five-day weeks for a month. But it’s the weekend now, so that’s something.

While this story may be about Garneau residents trying to keep bars from spilling off of Whyte Avenue, I like the part about the City’s planning and development department keeping closer tabs on what’s happening with business licenses.

The Edmonton Sun says Councillor Karen Leibovici should not be voting on downtown arena deals, because her husband is an executive with a Katz pharmacy chain.

An inner city crisis team is touting its successes on the streets of Edmonton.

The Edmonton International Airport has shifted from “stopping the Calgary habit” to getting Edmontonians to “Unite for More Flights.” Essentially, the EIA’s new campaign to get people to fly out of Edmonton is centered on the fact more people flying from here could mean more flight options.

A couple of missing men in uniform have been found. It’s not clear what happened to an EPS officer reported missing, and it’s a sad end to the story of a missing soldier.


Teachers are going to be cut because of tight education budgets, and the fight to get the Alberta government to pay for better education is on.

Slave Lake residents – those with homes to go back to anyway – are returning to the town after a devastating wildfire.

A couple of front-runners in the Alberta Progressive Conservative leadership (or, Premiership) race are talking about new rules and changes to improve government transparency.

As northern Alberta burns, southern Alberta is soaked.

Alberta’s only non-Conservative MP, Edmonton-Strathcona’s Linda Duncan, is going to be in the NDP’s shadow cabinet.


Former Edmonton Eskimo quarterback Jason Maas is retiring from football.

May 26 Edmonton Headlines

Good day to you, Edmonton. There’s lots going on today, including the final words from one of our newsrooms.

Potential LRT lines through Chinatown and the MacEwan campus aren’t pleasing people who live and work in those areas. So, City Council is being asked to re-think the alignments of the new tracks.

The late night, closed-door vote on the downtown arena is back in the news, because it’s Thursday and that means a fresh copy of SEE Magazine and Vue Weekly. (More on all of that at the end of today’s Headlines.)

If the Edmonton Public School Board makes big cuts it won’t just be teachers being pushed out of classrooms.

The Edmonton Police Service has some new tools in tracking down criminals. I think a high-five comment might be appropriate.

Backyard chickens are still a possibility in Edmonton, under a larger plan.

And on the chicken note, we’ll jump ahead. (more…)

Late Headlines

Good day, Edmonton. As Sally mentioned earlier, I was out and about and got hung up. But, fear not, I still love me some Headlines.

Hundreds of Edmonton teaching jobs could be cut, as the Edmonton Public School Board tries to balance a budget that’s not getting any extra love from the Alberta government. The same Alberta government that’s going to be asked to put in up to $100-million for our city’s new downtown arena.

I guess education and teaching degrees do make one qualified to work an arena concession stand.

Speaking of provincial education dollars, Beaumont is getting a pair of new schools.

Meanwhile…the closed-door, after-hours vote to approve the arena deal isn’t getting a whole lotta love.

Starting with the arena again…you’d think that was some kind of big deal or something. (more…)

Edmonton Headlines

Good morning and good budget, Edmonton.

Yes, the federal budget came down Tuesday, with much fanfare. The budget itself isn’t all that much to write home about (Do people still write home about such things?) but it’s the reaction of the opposition parties – that they likely won’t support this budget – that means something. That means we could see an election.


I guess it also means the opposition parties could take another shot at a coalition government, if they brought down the Stephen Harper Conservative minority. I kind of wish our parliamentary system could use all of its tools before sending people back to the polls for another minority government. Who knows, maybe the new Governor General would understand it’s a totally legitimate and legal way for our system of government to run.

But enough about coalitions…check out the budget!

While generally supportive (what else are you going to do when you’re both big C Conservatives) the Premier would have liked to have seen more healthcare money from Ottawa. Alberta’s one, lonely non-Conservative, Edmonton-Strathcona’s New Democrat MP Linda Duncan, isn’t a fan of the budget.

Meanwhile…back in Edmonton… (more…)

How to get out of the city (more often)

By Angela Ostafichuk

Saturday night, 10pm Lattitude 53. I have a new appreciation for coat check girls. The four of us in the back have been going non-stop, and now all the coat hangers are gone, and there is no where else to put the coats. Latitude is packed with the best dressed (and hottest) Edmontonians and I’m enjoying the hipster fashion show from where I stand. Due to the frigid weather I’ve chosen a simple (but trend-setting) black dress I picked up in Japan. Paired with purple tights and my favourite high-heeled boots it’s fun, but functional. Everyone else around me looks great and it’s so refreshing to see people dressed up in the dead of winter.

I’ve run into so many people I know, from work, other parties, and, most of all, from high school as all the Vic kids are always at art events. It’s always weird when you run into people from your past and you haven’t added them on Facebook (or vice-versa). The small talk always leads to “So, what are you up to now?” as if some kind of fragile competition has ensued to see who has come the furthest. I used to tell people what I did and what my life was like. I would tell them about the amazing places I had seen, the beautiful people, and how wonderful our world was. However, I frequently got a very mediocre response over my enthusiasm; “It must be so nice to have all that money to waste on travel.”

So, after a few years, I stopped telling people about traveling. Now whenever I meet someone from the past I reply with a general answer that I’m pretty dull and don’t do too much.

Despite the lukewarm people, I do feel that travel is one of the only thing you spend money on that will make you richer. I have been lucky to have experienced this and, indeed every penny I put into being on the road, has been an investment 10 times over. I always come home feeling much faster, stronger, smarter, happier and so much more grateful.

I often hear “How do you afford to travel?” or “I could never afford to leave like you do.” True not everyone can travel as much as I do, but you can travel if you want to. You just have to make it a priority.

Travel is important for me, so I make sure to put money away for it. OK, so I owe money away. To keep myself from just sitting at home watching the travel channel (is there such a thing?) I’ve stuck to three general rules to make sure I’ve got money to see the world and live a simpler lifestyle. (more…)

Edmonton Lamb Headlines

Sure has been snowy. Yup. Lotta snow.

Councillor Don Iveson wants to know why Edmonton Transit doesn’t explain what’s going on to passengers when there are delays. It would be great if drivers and staff would take to loudspeakers at transit and LRT stations. It’s also a good example as to why wireless Internet on the trains and at transit stations would help; I could be forewarned about delays by other passengers (through social network tools like), or get an e-mail from ETS about any emergencies.

The assault of bus driver Tom Bregg could lead to new penalties for those who attack transit drivers.

San Diego is, again, being held up as a great example of how a downtown arena could work here in Edmonton. Ah, there are always more sides to a story, aren’t there?

Edmonton’s four largest post-secondary institutions (U of A, MacEwan, NAIT, NorQuest) have signed an agreement to help each other out in the event of a disaster or emergency at one of the schools.

There’s actually quite a bit happening over at the Alberta Legislature. (more…)

If you want budget, you’ve got it

It’s the edmontonian’s Alberta Budget Blowout 2010!

I told you we should focus on the Edmonton news in the daily headlines, and here’s why: There is SO MUCH stuff on the Alberta Budget that it would have taken all of our focus away from the local news.

Which is, I’m sure, what the Katz Group was hoping for. But I digress…

The provincial budget is a big deal though. It sets the stage for health care, education, crime and punishment, transportation, cities (see, there’s an Edmonton angle) and a whole lot more. So, take a spin through all of these stories to get a taste of what we know so far. As the Journal’s Archie McLean says; we are only scratching the surface of the budget in the first 24 hours.

You’ll notice stories out of Calgary and other points. If the same company has newsrooms of different names (like Canwest with the Journal and Herald) I’ll note that. If they don’t it’ll just say CBC or whatever. I’m also bouncing around to some websites and blogs to get some more opinion and thoughts.

First, a basic budget breakdown.

Now…here…we…go… (more…)

Alberta Budget

You can listen live to the Alberta Budget at this website.

Or follow the commentary and information on Twitter.

Go with #ableg or #abbudget for the latest details from the budget, the latest reaction and all kinds of zings.

Update: Read the budget documents, and more, here. Still check the Twitter hashtags though (you don’t even need to be on Twitter to search it).

No parties while we’re away

Every time you look at this photo, Edmonton's taxes go up $80. (Photo: George Watts)

Every time you look at this photo, Edmonton's tax rate goes up $80. (Photo: George Watts)

You know, I was trying to think of a new or different angle on the Rexall Edmonton Indy when everyone was on about that money-loser last week.

Then, today we’ve got the City of Edmonton announcing its $500,000 bid for the 2017 Expo. That half-a-million dollars covers the next phase of the bid only. This puppy will come with a $2-billion dollar pricetag.

So I think I’ll tie the two together for a rant.

I’m really starting to feel like a parent who figures their child is responsible enough to be left home alone for the weekend.

I’ve left emergency contacts, money for groceries and have a neighbour ready to check in.

But then my kid, let’s call them “City of Edmonton,” goes and blows the wad of cash on pizza and a kegger. Pizza being the Indy and the kegger being Expo 2017. Since I support the kid I’m left paying to clean up the party mess. By party mess I mean my taxes will go up. (more…)

Opinion: Why is there no money for healthcare in Alberta?

By A. Sumaru, C.F. Crozier and L. Richards

“In the analysis of social and political issues it is sufficient to face the facts and to be willing to follow a rational line of argument. Only [sic] common sense, which is quite evenly distributed, is needed… if by that you understand the willingness to look at the facts with an open mind, to put simple assumptions to the test, and to pursue an argument to its conclusion.”
– Noam Chomsky (1978) Language and Responsibility

We are going to preface our comments with Chomsky’s remarks because everything being written about is based on information that is easily accessible to any citizen who pays attention and/or has access to the Internet.

AmbulanceWith the government of Alberta delisting services to cut costs, in order to eliminate the deficit in the health care budget, our analysis of this problem will focus on a simple line of reasoning that asks; “Why is there no money for health care in Alberta?” (more…)