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Your Lucky Weekend

Welcome to another weekend, Edmonton. Don’t let today being Friday the 13th throw off your vibe.

This weekend just so happens to be a Make It! Edmonton weekend. The craft and design show is back at the Alberta Aviation Hangar, with all kinds of great handmade goods. You can also help out the Canadian Kidney Foundation while you shop, by bidding on the silent auction – which will include items from the Make It! designers.

Tickets are $5 at the door, but we can get some of you in for free. Would you like that? Let us know if you want to go to Make It! this weekend.


On Saturday, at the Russ Barns Arena, E-Ville Roller Derby wraps up the season with the Gage Cup between the Slice Girls and Berzerkhers. Sticking with roller derby…the Oil City Derby Girls become the “Knicker Kickers” to take on the Red Deer Belladonnas (who become the Whale Tails) in an Underwear Affair on wheels.

In music…you’ve got Rammstein at Rexall Place tonight. I expect it to be roofless by tomorrow. The Bridle Party and Van Funk & The Lebarons are playing an early show at Brixx tonight. Captain Tractor has a CD release at the Roxy Theatre (they play in Permanent Records tomorrow at 5pm). Over at New City Legion it’ll be Black Mastiff with Field & Stream and Morals. Men Without Hats are at the Century Casino. Buddy Guy is at the Polish Hall. Tomorrow’s Hair of the Dog is a good one; with Caity Fisher (you may remember her from our most recent episode of television). Saturday night The Empress has Howlin’ Dan, with John Woroschuck. And on Sunday Jimmy Rankin is at the Haven Social Club.

Capital City Burlesque “Unleash the Geek” this weekend, at the Starlite Room.

Snakes. Why did it have to be snakes? (It had to be since it’s the Edmonton Reptile and Amphibians 2011 Spring Show & Sale.)

Biodiversity Week (it’s a thing) kicks off in Edmonton at City Hall. Earth Alive will be a family-friendly event, and you could learn how to increase the wildlife population in your backyard.

The third annual #yegHelp event is Saturday night at Lux. Proceeds of the event will go to La Salle women’s shelter.

If you’re into helping, you might have already known that the sixth Homeless Connect Edmonton is this Sunday at the Shaw Conference Centre. Homeless Connect is an interesting event, it provides all kinds of services to Edmonton’s homeless community; everything from mental health assessments and immunizations to haircuts and laundry.

For you fans of reading, this is a good weekend. The Edmonton Public Library’s Books to Eat fundraiser is Saturday night, while Audrey’s hosts An Afternoon with the Authors Sunday.

Sunday afternoon, The Pure Speculation Festival is holding Mini Spec!: a fundraiser for the big deal (which happens later this year).

Still on Sunday, there will be an Open House at ENTS. That’s the Edmonton New Technology Society; a cool little collective workspace in Oliver. E-mail them to get in on it and check out their space.

You can always see a movie, now that blockbuster season has begun (does it feel like it’s starting earlier to anyone else?). Oh, and get rid of your old couch at the City’s  Big Bin Events.


Who’s the Dude with the Antlers?

Why, funny you should ask. That’s Old Ugly Recording Co.’s Tyler Butler, who is releasing his new CD, “Winter King,” at Wunderbar tonight, along with Saskatoon’s Zachary Lucky, our old friend Caity Fisher, and DoT.

I have been listening to Monsieur Butler’s new record on Bandcamp all morning and it’s pretty sweet. This is a deeply newsworthy fact, because no big deal, but I’m basically a music-listening genius, FYI. Listen for yourself below.

Anyway, show starts tonight at 8:30. Because those Old Ugly kids are nothing if not respectful of the fact that we’ve all gotta be somewhere in the morning.

Thursday is now music night

Alright, so Friday and Staurday will probably still be the busiest nights of the week for live music in Edmonton, but Thursday is making a move.

Look at tonight:

That is among the other concerts and performances I did not mention.

Buckle up for Thursday night shows.


Also today, and running through Saturday, is a new The Fashion Event – because you love fashion!

(At the Best Western Westwood Inn.)

November’s not dead

Looks like a pretty good weekend ahead, Edmonton. And you thought November was just going to drag. (Did you? Am I making that up? I’m probably making that up.)

In the “ongoing” category we have Farmfair and the Canadian Finals Rodeo, and our documentary film fest Global Visions.

The Exposure Festival begins today. (You’ve probably noticed their ad on our site the last few weeks. So, don’t act all surprised.) Exposure is Edmonton’s annual celebration and exhibition of queer arts and culture.

Caity Fisher at The Artery tonight. She’s good.

Also, around the music scene, F&M are at the Haven Social Club and The Trews are the Arden Theatre tonight.

Shout out out out out, Christian Hansen and the Autistics, and The Whitsundays are at the Starlite Room Saturday. (Check the poster, to the right.)

And, while I think it’s still too early to run full-tilt into Christmas, it’s all about the holidays tomorrow at Churchill Square with the annual tree light-up. It’s going to be a full day’s worth of fun, with City Market vendors, music, Santa, and more. It also kicks off the Grey Cup celebrations. (Oh yeah, that’s coming in November too!)

Sunday you can prepare for the pending zombie invasion with Edmonton Zombeers. It’s always good to be ready. (This also really ended up working well with my title for this post. Since zombies are also not really dead – anymore.)

Don’t forget about movies, Movember, and Shop Local Month. You can watch movies at theatres, donate to Movember from wherever, and shop local by, uh, shopping local.

Caity Fisher At the Artery

CAITY-FISHER-CD-RELEASE-POSTERA few months ago, I was at Wunderbar (which has rapidly become my favorite haunt; how can you not respect the audacity of a venue that dares to bring in live entertainment seven nights a week?) with Jeff and our buddy Gregg Beever. We were just there to hang out but, as we sat there, a lovely young lady with an acoustic guitar and a haunting voice played a remarkable set. Before I left, I asked her to give me a call next time she was playing, and we’d try to mention it on the edmontonian.

Unbeknownst to me, the girl with the guitar was Caity Fisher, from the Old Ugly Recording Company‘s roster of artists (and if you read the edmontonian with an regularity, you know that we are big, big fans of the crew at Old Ugly).

I figured this out about a week ago, when Caity emailed me to let me know about her upcoming CD release.

So basically, I’m a straight genius.

But enough about my inability to draw simple connections between logical events. Let’s talk about Caity Fisher. (more…)

Welcome to the Beat Laboratory: Old Ugly Recording Company

[Remember a few weeks ago, when I told you guys about local band plainclothes? Well, I have some more excellent Edmonton music to tell you about. Samsonow and I have decided that any time I want to try to convince you guys to love something as much as I do, we’re going to call it “Welcome to the Beat Laboratory.” Thanks for the idea, B-rad!)

If you missed this caveat last time, the difference between this format and other music items we run is that you cannot solicit your way into the Beat Laboratory. I just pick things I think are really cool and tell you about them. As if I know what’s cool. IDIOT! So stupid! Who the hell do I think I am anyway?!]

Joe Gurba

Old Ugly Recording Co.'s The Joe (Photo by Rico Moran)

So, you guys know that we know The Joe. Because we talk about him all the time.

He is, as you have likely gathered by now, a very nice fellow who has helped us out repeatedly over the first half of 2010; first, by tearing up the Artery as the headliner at the League of Extraordinary Media’s #YEG Swap in March, and then later on, by penning several great items about Edmonton’s music scene for us to run on these here INTERNETS.

But! Did you guys know that The Joe (known in his day-to-day life as 23 year old Joe Gurba) is a bit of a mogul? He’s the man behind Edmonton’s Old Ugly Recording Company – home to many of the best musical acts in the city.

The mild-mannered Gurba explains that the concept for Old Ugly was based in part on Olympia, Washington record label K Records.

“They don’t play the game,” he explains. “They just put out really good music. And then people find it.”

“Old Ugly is just me giving form to something that was already there. Old Ugly was already all of our friends who hung out all the time, who weren’t signed.”

And boy oh boy, you guys. Does Old Ugly ever have some great artists. Give these a listen:

The Idols They Will Make: The Joe from Joe’s upcoming release Playfight)

O Death: Caity Fisher from Caity’s upcoming release Only the Wind)

On and on: Mitchmatic from Mitchmatic’s upcoming release Two Weeks Off)

The modest little label, now freshly minted as one year old, is home to 19 musical acts, comprised of about 13 people (Joe’s estimate). Pretty impressive, and something Joe attributes to his interest in community.

“I wanted to combine all these people. Most of the people on the label are people I’ve lived with at some point, too… people that get together and have campfires and house parties and are just really good friends.”

“I know my friends are better musicians than I am, and they deserve more attention,” Joe laughs. “I just know how to get attention!”

If you dig what you hear, then, I HIGHLY suggest you head to the Hydeaway this Saturday for an Old Ugly release party, celebrating new tapes from Mitchmatic and The Joe, and featuring Mikey Maybe and Thesis Sahib.

OR! Visit the Old Ugly store to get your mitts on more of their music.