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Last Edmonton Headlines

Good morning, Edmonton. This is indeed the last time you and I will discuss the news of the day here in Headlines at the edmontonian. Let’s hope there’s some juicy news to dig into.

It’s almost always funny, in a sad kind of way, that when governments announce they are going to tackle a problem or get tough on something, it’s a problem that’s had previous attempts to do just that. Edmonton’s recent worries over violent crime is just one of those issues. So, hopefully this is the time everyone follows through on plans and recommendations.

Meanwhile…Edmonton Police are teaming up with other agencies for a new kind of patrol…an action team!

On the tenth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, an Edmonton firefighter who went to New York with the Red Cross is trying to remember the triumph of the human spirit he saw in the days after the Word Trade Centre towers fell.

The City of Edmonton is trying to entice filmmakers to shoot here. Though, not with a grant or tax break, or deals if they are locals or use local crews. I don’t think it’s a great idea to move $5-million from the financial stabilization fund when you’re running a deficit.

“Are people supposed to park on the next block? It’s insanity.” Really? Parking one block away is the end of the world?


June 1 Edmonton Headlines

LRT, edmonton, adWelcome to Bike Month, Edmonton. Get out there and ride!

The City is going after “tags” in this summer’s anti-graffiti campaign. That’s exactly what they should be targeting; wipe out gang tags, not listen birds and street art.

630CHED/iNews880 looked at what the Capital Region’s cities and municipalities would be asked to chip in, if the downtown arena was viewed as a regional project. I’d rather they chip in to build a more regional transit system if we’re asking them for money.

Edmonton’s taxes and utilities aren’t the most expensive in the country. But we’re on our way!

A handful of Edmonton community projects are up for your vote in a new program from The Keg. So get online and vote!

Edmonton’s Stollery Children’s Hospital is sending home a little girl, after two years at the hospital. Two. Years. Speaking of hearts…researchers at the University of Alberta are trying to prevent heart damage from some cancer treatments

Operation Red Nose is looking for a non-profit partner for a winter 2011 return to Edmonton.

The Journal’s look at Edmonton bakeries continues, with a taste of Poland at Baltyk Bakery.

Sidney Poitier is coming to our city.

You think Edmonton’s got a lot of news, wait until you see what else is going on around this place. (more…)

Edmonton Headlines

Good morning and good budget, Edmonton.

Yes, the federal budget came down Tuesday, with much fanfare. The budget itself isn’t all that much to write home about (Do people still write home about such things?) but it’s the reaction of the opposition parties – that they likely won’t support this budget – that means something. That means we could see an election.


I guess it also means the opposition parties could take another shot at a coalition government, if they brought down the Stephen Harper Conservative minority. I kind of wish our parliamentary system could use all of its tools before sending people back to the polls for another minority government. Who knows, maybe the new Governor General would understand it’s a totally legitimate and legal way for our system of government to run.

But enough about coalitions…check out the budget!

While generally supportive (what else are you going to do when you’re both big C Conservatives) the Premier would have liked to have seen more healthcare money from Ottawa. Alberta’s one, lonely non-Conservative, Edmonton-Strathcona’s New Democrat MP Linda Duncan, isn’t a fan of the budget.

Meanwhile…back in Edmonton… (more…)