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Last Edmonton Headlines

Good morning, Edmonton. This is indeed the last time you and I will discuss the news of the day here in Headlines at the edmontonian. Let’s hope there’s some juicy news to dig into.

It’s almost always funny, in a sad kind of way, that when governments announce they are going to tackle a problem or get tough on something, it’s a problem that’s had previous attempts to do just that. Edmonton’s recent worries over violent crime is just one of those issues. So, hopefully this is the time everyone follows through on plans and recommendations.

Meanwhile…Edmonton Police are teaming up with other agencies for a new kind of patrol…an action team!

On the tenth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, an Edmonton firefighter who went to New York with the Red Cross is trying to remember the triumph of the human spirit he saw in the days after the Word Trade Centre towers fell.

The City of Edmonton is trying to entice filmmakers to shoot here. Though, not with a grant or tax break, or deals if they are locals or use local crews. I don’t think it’s a great idea to move $5-million from the financial stabilization fund when you’re running a deficit.

“Are people supposed to park on the next block? It’s insanity.” Really? Parking one block away is the end of the world?


March 24 Edmonton Headlines

That's not the kind of iced coffee I meant.

Good day, Edmonton. How’s this spring weather treating you?

Don’t forget to keep your sidewalks clear of ice and snow, which can vary depending on the time of day with our early spring weather. Even though it is still snowy, pothole repair is underway.

The U of A’s Campus Saint-Jean is getting nowhere with a new parking lot over in Bonnie Doon.

Speaking of parking…which makes me think of driving…we’ve got to get transit-oriented here in Edmonton. And then we have to stick with that.

Now that reminds me of my favourite comment on a transit story we were talking about yesterday. Somebody replied to this Journal column by saying drivers subsidized transit. Ha…ha…oh man, people believe that?!

Put up toll booths and then we’ll talk about which form of transportation is subsidized. I mean, come on…

And, get ready, because we might just be heading into a federal election. The mayor thinks that might mean more money for our LRT expansion.

Alright, I’m done talking about transit now. (more…)