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A Few Things to Watch For

We’re gone after this week, but Edmonton’s still hopping.

In Festivals…the Kaleido Family Arts Festival runs this weekend on 118 Avenue (part of Arts on the Ave)…down in Hawrelak Park there’s a peace concert this weekend, on September 11…Latitude 53’sVisualeyez is back next week…Community League Day is on Saturday, September 17…The Edmonton International Film Festival is back on September 23, and runs through October 1. That last day is Alberta Day, with plenty of homegrown films playing…For a little French flair, check out the Edmonton Chante music festival, September 23-October 1…Also beginning September 23 is the Edmonton Accordion Festival…the Edmonton Comedy Festival gives it a go, October 19-22…the same dates as Lit Fest

The ESO, Alberta Ballet, Edmonton Opera, Citadel Theatre, and Roxy Theatre headline the arts season that runs through the spring of 2012.

In sports…The Capitals are hosting the North American Baseball League’s championship series right nowThe Eskimos will wrap their (more…)

To Morango’s We Go!

FACT: At all times, Samsonow is on the prowl for Edmonton things that you might be interested in.

FACT: On Saturday, he & I made a field trip to Forest Heights (in honor of tax season).

FACT: We made a terrible miscalculation in transit routes and wound up walking for like 45 minutes to get to our destination.

DOUBLE-FACT: Google Maps transit information and @etsinfo are the greatest team ever. @etsinfo being a Twitter account you simply tweet your bus stop number to for the next 4 buses to pass. For. The. Win.

This is all relevant because it was this random trip to Forest Heights, and our subsequent attempts to find a way home that didn’t require walking as much, that led us to Morango’s tek-Cafes.

Yep, even though there’s only one, the name is plural. This is something I respect, because it says that Morango (whoever that is) thinks BIG.

Morango’s is in this weird strip mall, next to a dentist and a tanning salon, and my guess is that it may have, at one time, been a Smitty’s or something. The seating is plentiful, the staff is friendly, the place is huge. It’s an Internet cafe, with video gaming, that hosts open mic nights and serves waffles. And I should probably just stop writing now, because my guess is that you aren’t reading this anymore – you’ve immediately leapt to your feet to go get some waffles.

Basically, it’s the best place in the world and you should stop whatever you’re doing right now and go to there. The coffee (which we actually ordered this fine day) was pretty good too.

My pervert cam pictures don’t do Morango’s justice.

If you look behind the plants on the left you can sort of spot an aquarium. Which is totally worth noting.

I DO like to party

If only CJSR could tell me what to do...

If only CJSR could tell me what to do...

I think it’s a universal truth that, no matter where you live, if you’re living in the city (or town, or village) you grew up in, there’s never anything to do.

Even in major metropolitan areas (such as, say, Edmonton) you’ll find people who tell you they’ve got nothing to do, there’s nothing to do, this place is boring.

Thank goodness CJSR has updated their event listings with some mad calendar skills.

Like any good calendar of fun, it lets you sort through events by date, genre and acts and venues.

Now, if you’re clicking on over you may say to yourself, “Hey, there’s some good stuff here, but I think there could be more.” You’d be right. That’s the neat thing about the new CJSR Event Calendar; you can add events. (It does take a quick registration of name, and e-mail.)

Now, not only can you find stuff to do, you can tell people about fun stuff to do, because you’re a busy person and always hitting the hip events.

It’s the weekend, so let’s party

You need balloons to have a proper party. (Photo: Alain Saffel)

You need balloons to have a proper party. (Photo: Alain Saffel)

Oh man, this is a good weekend.

There’s the Edmonton Folk Music Festival down in the river valley. Cariwest is downtown. We’ve already told you about some cool art openings and a rock-your-face-off metalfest.

But there’s more! And the weather even looks to be co-operating.

Fort Saskatchewan is playing host to a videogame festival that goes by the name of Fragapalooza. It’s BYOC.

Sunday is Ukrainian Day, which means there will be loads of fun over at the Ukrainian Cultural Heritage Village and likely a few Uke-themed parties around the city. (I know Ceili’s is having one…)

And there’s Latin Fest! Did you know about this?

And the other thing you can do, especially if you’re a child of the 80s, is watch a John Hughes movie or two.

Whatever you do, be careful out there.

p.s. remember that the LRT is not running south of the river after 7pm

What to Do: July 24 – 26

Maybe just head out to one of Alberta's great beaches this weekend.

Maybe just head out to one of Alberta's great beaches this weekend.

Alright, it’s the weekend!

The scorching hot, middle of summer, good times weekend.

Yes, it’s the final weekend of Capital Ex (and Taste of Edmonton and Walking with Dinosaurs if you’re looking for a super-busy weekend of stuff to do). And there are all those race cars and assorted Indy parties.

But what if that’s not for you?

Try these on for size:

The Hurt Locker opens this weekend and looks really, really good.

The Famines play The Hydeaway with The Wicked Awesomes and The Mitts.

Speaking of music, Social Distortion is playing at Edmonton Event Centre.

River Cree Casino’s Live (cover band bar) has The Almost Hip.

Brian Mason’s pancake breakfast; because free food knows no political ideology (And the NDP has a syrup quota to fulfill).

You can get your dance on at Flamenco for Life, while helping a good cause.

On Sunday, Eskimos great Warren Moon is signing copies of his book “Never Give Up on Your Dream” at the North Town Indigo.

If you’re hungry for local food and new restaurants, check out Fork Fest.

Oh, and remember to  Slip, Slop, Slap if you’re heading out into the sun.