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Friday the 13th: Jason Writes Edmonton Headlines

That winter, and now gas prices, is really hitting Edmonton’s budget hard. We’ve gone from a surplus to a deficit in just a few months (and without doing all that much). Speaking of the City needing money…It’s going to cost you more to park in Edmonton (at meters anyway).

I enjoy the endless debate of LRT vs. BRT (that’s bus rapid transit). Yes, it’s likely cheaper to claim a lane as a bus lane and zip some buses around on more express routes. But, as this column mentions, while you can find plenty of folks who like taking a train, subway, maybe even a streetcar (in my opinion) you won’t find many people talking about how much the love public buses.

The Journal’s business section has a lot of stories on Stantec. But, I guess, Stantec does kick a lot of business butt.

Police in Edmonton and Leduc have used DNA to link a man, already charged with a sexual assault, with other assaults in Edmonton, Vegreville, and B.C.

Guards at the Edmonton Remand Centre have been complaining of unsafe conditions. Today, an inmate is dead and another is charged with his murder.

While wildfires begin to burn around Alberta, the City of Edmonton is reminding people to be careful with their cigarette butts, since firefighters were putting out fires all over Edmonton because of careless smoking.

The wind we’re experiencing is not helping contain those wildfires. And in Edmonton the wind is knocking out power.


Do you miss Premier Ed Stelmach already? He says we’re ready for the next boom. This time.

What about David Swann as Liberal leader? Do you miss that yet?

Some of the early costs of an oilspill cleanup are starting to come in. With about one third of the spill cleaned, the costs will be going up. It’s the worst spill in Alberta in four decades.

Beginning this fall you can ask to see your home inspector’s license.


Leduc is keeping it local. Which is kind of ironic since they’ve got the Edmonton International Airport right there.

Get ready for your parents to move in with you.

Laughter continues to be thought of as a good medicine.

Arnold Schwarzenegger is coming to Edmonton. I had to double-check this didn’t have anything to do with press junkets for the new Conan movie.

Watch out for black cats today.