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Goodbye for Now – Thanking You Since 2009

Well, here we are, Edmonton. Time to shut off the lights and close down the joint.

Two or so years ago, if you had told either of us that we’d reach this point – 1500+ posts, a 6 part TV series, a variety of live webcasts, a fancy pants best blog award and the funniest, smartest, best-looking audience in the city – we’d have called you crazy. And not just because we lacked a basic understanding of the INTERNETS (the files are IN the computer?).

the edmontonian has come farther than we ever thought it could, and honest to God, no one is more surprised by that than we are. So we’d like to take this last minute to thank you guys, truly, and from the bottom of our hearts, for welcoming us into your lives for the last 2+ years. Whether you were writing or reading, talking or listening, commenting or contributing – every time you guys took a chance and got involved, trusting us with your stories, your submissions or your attention, we marveled. We marveled that for some reason, in this metal box full of lol cats and juggalos, you chose to talk to us.  There is no greater compliment, and we have been humbled by it every single day.

As you may know (we talked about this with our friends at the Unknown Studio), we didn’t start out as Edmonton enthusiasts. In fact, neither of us were particularly thrilled to find ourselves living in the City of Champions, but we decided to make the best of it and kill some time by starting a website. And two years later, here we are.

That is likely the biggest thing we’ve learned from the edmontonian: that when you stop trying desperately to get somewhere else, and you show up to what’s really happening right here, right now – magic happens. Every time, without fail.

You get one life, guys. Let’s make a joint agreement that we won’t spend it waiting for the perfect moment, the perfect bank balance, the perfect job opportunity, the perfect weight, the perfect education, the perfect someone. Figure out what matters to you and go get it – not as a means to get somewhere else, but for its own sake; because you love it so much it keeps you awake at night. That’s all we ever did, nothing more – and it turned out pretty well for us.

So let us dedicate the last two years to all of you guys – for your ideas, your kindness, your generosity, and more than anything, for giving us a reason to show up right here, every day. There are no words to ever sufficiently express our appreciation, our respect, our love. If the edmontonian was ever anything special, it was only because of you.

Until we meet again!

Your friends,

Jeff and Sally

Help Us Help Edmonton

As promised, here’s more detail on our new TV show and what you could do to help.

So, our show the edmontonian presents is set to debut next month in May on Shaw TV, and we’ll be producing six episodes of fantastically local television. Note that I did not say it would be good television. But moving pictures nonetheless.

And we, as always, want your help.

Since it’s a TV show we’ll need something visual. But it can be a video you’ve shot, art, animations, music, whatever you’ve got.  Send us a link (if, for example, it’s on YouTube) or attach your file to an e-mail.

We’re looking for your stories, your way Edmonton.

But it shouldn’t have any swearing or nudity. It’s got to stick to CRTC rules and broadcast standards. Yes, we shall finally have standards.

To help get your brain juices flowing, our first three episodes have the following themes:




Submissions must fit our themes, but how they fit is certainly up for interpretation. Hit us with your creativity, Edmonton!

And e-mail us if you’ve got any other questions (or if you want to help in some other way).

Since this is also filed under self-promotion, if you’ve got a business you’d like to advertise, the show is also looking for sponsors.

Do Not Adjust your Set

Hi, Edmonton, it’s been a little while since we fired off a letter to you. Pull up a virtual chair and let’s have an Internet chat.

But not the sexy kind of Internet chat. (Maybe later?)

So, you may or may not have noticed that we like to dabble in video content. We’ve done video stories, some live shows, and even had the third most-popular election night broadcast.

But it wasn’t enough. We wanted more.

We wanted new ways to tell Edmonton’s stories. We wanted new ways for you to contribute.

Enter the edmontonian presents; our new 30-minute show, set to debut on Shaw TV this April May. (And also coming to an Internet and iTunes near you.)

What this means for you, dear friends, is new content to consume, to laugh at, and to share. And, as mentioned, a new way for you to contribute to the edmontonian. We always want you to be a part of the editorial team, and this show will be no different.  Look for a list of upcoming episode themes and contributor guidelines, to be posted next week.

What it means for us is playing with our new camera. And a new venue for fart jokes and puns about Edmonton.

Get ready. We’re going to break your TV with awesomeness.


Jeff and Sally