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Opinion: Don’t give money to the homeless

The givers not knowing where their money’s going
Is as sinful as throwing away

– Cold War Kids, “Passing the hat”


By: Janine Edwards

We’ve established already that I’m an uncaring human being. If you are unaware of this, perhaps you should pay closer attention to my Letters to the Editors. If you’ve previously been offended by my point of view… you really aren’t going to like this.

Homeless people are ruining our city.

‘But Janine! They can’t help it. They’re addicts, they’ve had a bum deal, they are victims of an uncaring society.’ Bah.

There are places out there to help them. Lots of places. Okay, now we’re all recessionary… But there were tons of homeless even when we had staff shortages.

Now, in the style of our soon to be ruler of Colberta, I’m putting the Homeless on notice. (more…)

Gimme (a reason for) Sympathy

Letter to the editor: By Janine Edwards

Where's the strike?

Where's the strike?

Alright Edmonton, I’ll admit it. I went to get groceries yesterday. And do you know where I went? Safeway.

Why Safeway? Because they don’t need me to buy cloth hipster grocery bags. They don’t charge me for the plastic ones either. And it’s about 2 blocks from my house. (See? I’m eating local.)

When I trudged home with my arms laden with groceries, a thought came into my head. Sure, there are a bunch of distribution centre workers on strike. (I think some make ice cream?) But how are they going to rally my support?

All of them are picketing in front of some warehouse I didn’t even know existed until this strike. Sure, if they were blocking the Yellowhead I’d notice. But where are they? I don’t see them, therefore they don’t want me to care.

However, I heard this morning that Safeway hired up some Scabs. Great! Now, you can picket those Scabs… OR you can rally the city by picketing rotating Safeway locations.

If I rolled up to a Safeway and there were tons of people standing with signs, perhaps chanting… my instincts to avoid conflict would kick in, and I’d immediately consider my options for other grocery stores. I don’t want to risk walking up and getting pummeled with produce, which is what I hear usually happens when distribution workers go on strike.

Even better – they could hand out hand-drawn maps to locations of other grocery stores! That would sure show Safeway! And, because they’re out where the people are, we could see them.

Who knows? Maybe that would make us start to care about the fate of these workers.

Letter to the Editor: Roller Coasters = Education!

This would be way more educational if it went 100 km/h and spun you upside down. (Photo: Fort Edmonton Park)

This would be way more educational if it went 100 km/h and spun you upside down. (Photo: Fort Edmonton Park)

I’ve decided to write another letter to the editor after a few weeks pause. Don’t worry, edmontonian editors, it’s nothing you’ve done – although I was very close to complaining about how you deep-fried olives with pits.

No, I’ve been on vacation. And you know what? It was great.

Vacations are great because you get to see how other cities are run and see what can be improved in our great city. Without further ado, I present the master plan I’ve learnt from some of the cities I’ve visited: amusement rides in educational places.

Yes, I’m talking about educational roller coasters.

We’ve all ridden on one or two emotional roller coasters in our lives, and I’m sure we’ve learnt something. But educational roller coasters (and other rides) will teach children (and adults) about the subject while letting them have fun!

By now you’re possibly thinking: ‘But Janine, how does this relate to Edmonton?.’ Ah, yes. I’m thinking Fort Edmonton Park.

I know, I know, it’s all about the olden times – but stick with me here. Do our children care about the olden days? No, they really couldn’t care less. These children demand Spongebob. They want Wiggles. They want bright colours and flashy things. So let’s give them what they want and have a great time doing it.

Here are my proposed upgrades to Fort Edmonton Park:


Letter to the Editor – July 7/09

Re: “Close the City Centre Airport,” July 6

This park has an amazing glow. <i>Photo: Janine Edwards</i>

This park has an amazing glow. Photo: Janine Edwards

While visiting one of my fast-becoming-favourite Edmonton-based websites, I was surprised to find an editorial on closing the Edmonton City Centre Airport. I think everyone is missing the big picture here in all this debate.


Letter from the Editor – Sally – June 23/09

wild earth bakeryGood morning, folks! It’s certainly a beautiful day, and what better way to start it than with some breakfast at Wild Earth Bakery on 99 St and 89 Ave.? Jeff and I stopped in this morning; I feel I owe their crew a shout out, as not only are they open for business at the ungodly hour of 6 a.m., their staff isn’t even surly about it. Check them out if you get the chance.

So, we’ve got quite a lot on the go for this week. I’ll be heading to City Hall tomorrow night for a municipal development plan meeting, where local non-profit ‘Greater Edmonton Alliance’ is rounding up citizens to show their support for a local food economy. I’ll also be chatting up some area businesses to find out who has loyalty programs that you can take advantage of – and we’re going to have the edmontonian’s first contest. Be sure to follow us on twitter for more info!

Thanks for joining us in our second week! Remember, if you have story ideas or submissions (we welcome stories, photos, videos – whatever you’ve got!), please send them our way, via email, twitter, or leave them in the comments.