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Live Music Weekend

It looks like a dandy weekend for live music in Edmonton, so let’s start there.

Tonight you’ve got a Christan Hansen & The Autistics all ages show at The ARTery with Paperplanes and Dragonboats, so that’ll be good. The Blame-Its, The Afterbeat, and Wildrose Orchestra, are at New City LegionOver at Wunderbar you can hear Teen Daze with Oh No Yoko and SugargliderCraig Cardiff is at the Haven Social Club with David Blair and Erica Viegas… The Open Sky Music Festival isn’t until the end of August, but Souljah Fyah and Jeff Morris are getting things going this weekend

Saturday night is no less good, with The Weber Brothers, Chris Carmichael, and Lyra Brown at the Haven Social Club…Xplosionation, The Party Martyrs, and All The King’s Men, at Brixx… The Weekend Kids, Old Wives, and Freshman Years at Wunderbar…and The Consonance, Noisy Colours, whiskey wagon, all over at New City Legion.

Sunday (yeah, we’re still going on just music) there’s the Whyte Avenue Street Sale (which means the street will be closed to traffic between 105 and 103 Streets) and SOS Fest playing music on two stages all day long…Sunday night ends the weekend with a giant kick to the face of awesome with  The Joe and Doug Hoyer kicking off their national tour at Wunderbar, with Mikey Maybe.


We also have a bunch of festivals and the such.

Down in Hawrelak Park you can catch two of Shakespeare’s finest plays during the Freewill Shakespeare Festival. Heading into the Indy we’ve got Race Week Edmonton (which lasts longer than a week). The Edmonton International Street Performers Festival is on at Churchill Square. The Edmonton & Northern Alberta Historic Festival also begins this weekend (which can get you into some cool old buildings).

For the dogs, and dog lovers, you can head up to 118 Avenue on Sunday for Avenue Goes to the Dogs, put on by the Eastwood Community League.

If all of that great Edmonton music and festivals isn’t enough…

Cirque du Soleil’s “Dralion” is at Rexall Place. There’s a Campus Community Garden Open House, Saturday 11-2, at the U of A’s campus community garden. The Edmonton Eskimos will fight, fight, fight on at home to the Hamilton Tiger-Cats

Oh, and if you’re not doing anything at about 9pm on Sunday you can watch the last episode of our ShawTV series, the edmontonian presents, on Shaw cable channel 10. (It’ll be on YoutTube, Livestream, and iTunes shortly after.)


Food-Filled Events

It's gonna be like this, times 100.

Today you can eat some BBQ and chat with local producers and farmers at Wild Earth Foods’ Open Air Market, 2-8pm. You can also get some street food at What the Truck?!, 4-8pm. I hope to see you at one, or both, of these.

I am going to eat so much today…

Sticking with food…Saturday is market day! There’s the City Market (downtown), Old Strathcona Farmers’ Market (Whyte Avenue area), and St. Albert Farmers’ Market. On Sunday it’s the Callingwood Farmers’ Market (southwest Edmonton).

More food!!

To the festivals! Opera Nuova’s Vocal Arts Festival wraps up this weekend. Alberta Dance Alliance’s feats Festival of Dance has begun! The Works is on, in Churchill Square and around downtown Edmonton. The Edmonton International Jazz Festival is also on now. Improvaganza is still making with the funny. June isn’t done yet, so Bike Month continues too.

Holy cow we have a lot of festivals!

Fans of the TV show Firefly (and the movie Serenity, I presume) are fundraising at Can’t Stop the Serenity.

Perhaps a movie is in order this weekend? I hear there are plenty of great sci-fi options.

For the family…the John Janzen Nature Centre is open again. I guess this could also be for nature-lovers. Saturday, you can head on down to Rundle Park for Paddlefest.

It’s a great music weekend in Edmonton. The Works is packing Churchill Square with fantastic acts like Doug Hoyer, The Fight, and The Joe. The Edmonton Jazz Festival is, of course, all about music, from homegrown talent like Krystle Dos Santos to International artists like Trombone Shorty (Troy Andrews). The Apresnos are at Haven Social Club tonight

(Totally forgot to try and embed an Apresnos song, so check them out completely here.)

Saturday’s Hair of the Dog (at The Black Dog) features Jessica Jalbert. Get on board with Jessica Jalbert now, Edmonton. Edmonton music blogger New Music Michael is having a birthday party with with One Way State, kickupafuss, and Honheehonhee, at New City.

Sunday, The Sadies and The Sheepdogs play the Pawn Shop.

It’s a good sports weekend in Edmonton too. The Edmonton Eskimos are home to the Calgary Stampeders in pre-season action. FC Edmonton hosts the Montreal Impact. The Edmonton Capitals are home to the Yuma Scoropians. And the Edmonton Energy have the Albany Legends in town. That’s a lot of guys giving 110% and leaving it all out on the floor/field/diamond.

Music on the TV

Consilience is another one of our new Edmonton favourites.

So, if you’ve watched even a few minutes of our ShawTV show, “the edmontonian presents,” then you know we are trying our best to fill it with Edmonton music.

There is a lot of great music being produced here in our city.

And the artists and bands that are helping us out by providing their music have our unending thanks. (Check out each show for a list of music: episode 1, episode 2, episode 3, episode 4.)

We have had one song, which will be in this Sunday’s episode (“edmontonia”) playing on repeat for the last couple of weeks. It’s called “Connecting Flight,” by Souvs, and it’s fantastic.

Take a listen:

One of my other new favourites (among the dozens of songs I now love) is “Birds” by The Fight. I am anticipating their new album.

And we have raided the Old Ugly album collection. Because Old Ugly is an Edmonton gem.


If you only see one Edmonton hip-hop or rap show this month, make it tonight at Wunderbar.

The Old Ugly Recording Co.’s The Joe, Mikey Maybe, Mitchmatic, and Teddy Holtby are going to play the same bill. All of them! I predict a busier than usual Wednesday night at Edmonton’s premiere beer location.

Old Ugly rap has been one of my gateways to the hip-hop world. I wasn’t a fan of the genre a couple of years ago (mostly through a lack of listening), but through this website I’ve been exposed to a lot (A LOT) of new music and Old Ugly rappers like The Joe have been blowing my mind grapes since.

I’m not kidding. Get there. Be there.

Are you there yet?


Who’s the Dude with the Antlers?

Why, funny you should ask. That’s Old Ugly Recording Co.’s Tyler Butler, who is releasing his new CD, “Winter King,” at Wunderbar tonight, along with Saskatoon’s Zachary Lucky, our old friend Caity Fisher, and DoT.

I have been listening to Monsieur Butler’s new record on Bandcamp all morning and it’s pretty sweet. This is a deeply newsworthy fact, because no big deal, but I’m basically a music-listening genius, FYI. Listen for yourself below.

Anyway, show starts tonight at 8:30. Because those Old Ugly kids are nothing if not respectful of the fact that we’ve all gotta be somewhere in the morning.

This Week’s Events

Hey gang, as mentioned earlier today, we’re busy, busy, busy with the new TV show and will take just a little step back from the website this week. We’re still around, stuff will still get posted, but you might just have to occasionally leave a message at the tone.

So, in case I don’t get to it on a regular basis, here’s some exciting and fun stuff going down in Edmonton this week:

The Citadel Theatre has two plays on right now. The Three Musketeers (in the MacLab theatre) and Rick: The Rick Hansen Story (in the Shoctor Theatre). Also in theatre, Pervert is running at the Varscona Theatre.

The Mayor’s Celebration of the Arts is tonight.

Wednesday you can check out what some of Edmonton’s software smartypants are up to at DemoCamp 14, at the U of A…Ryan McMahon and the Company Damn, and Doug Hoyer, play the Haven Social Club…Big John Bates is at New City…And Wednesday is also Awareness to Down There-ness Day (for the Underwear Affair), so expect to see some underwear.

Thursday, Old Ugly’s Concert Series continues at Leva (CJSR is also a sponsor) with DoT (Phil Holtby) releasing his first album, Miss Teviak…and F&M play Accent European Lounge with Jenie Thai…

Friday…Weird Canada Presents: DUZHEKNEW + Cousins + Service:Fair + The Group Sounds, at Wunderbar…Latitude 53’s new exhibits – Noxious Sector’s “Of Brains and Magnets” and Jinzhe Cui’s “When Dreams Lighten the Reality” – begin their stay at the artspace…and check YEG Live for more concert listings.

The NHL playoffs begin this week, so expect some extra mid-week company at your local sportsbar. (Yes, Oilers fans, there is hockey beyond April. I know it’s getting hard to remember that.)

Donate to CKUA. The Alberta-wide radio network is in the middle of its spring fund drive, so keep Alberta radio Albertan (and indie, and eclectic).

Vote for CJSR’s Chad and Colin – hosts of the Tuesday morning show “Makin’ Whoopee” – as best local radio personality(ies) in SEE Magazine’s annual Best of Edmonton. Also vote for Wunderbar and Luzzara wherever you can because they’re great Whyte Avenue businesses that didn’t make the SEE cut.

Thursday is now music night

Alright, so Friday and Staurday will probably still be the busiest nights of the week for live music in Edmonton, but Thursday is making a move.

Look at tonight:

That is among the other concerts and performances I did not mention.

Buckle up for Thursday night shows.


Also today, and running through Saturday, is a new The Fashion Event – because you love fashion!

(At the Best Western Westwood Inn.)


Let’s begin this look at the weekend with theatre, shall we?

Just a heads up, though, LRT service will be disrupted north of Churchill on Saturday and Sunday.

The Citadel Theatre’s got Hunchback on now. It’s a new imagining of the Victor Hugo novel, not the Disney movie, from the minds of Catalyst Theatre. Speaking of Catalyst…over at the actual theatre, until March 19, is “Shatter,” about the aftermath of the Halifax Explosion.

Also until March 19, MacEwan’s Theatre Arts and Theatre Production programs present “Company,” their final performance of the school year.

The Brian Webb Dance Company presents Toronto Dance Theatre’s Pteros Tactics this weekend.

The E-Ville Roller Derby and Northern Lights Theatre are teaming up for an exhibition match/fundraiser.

There are a few shows around town…Kieran’s Art Trading Post is at Bohemia tonight…tomorrow is the Edmonton’s coin show and sale…and It’s Mom, Pop & Tots Fair weekend.

It’s another great live music weekend in Edmonton…

The Edmonton Show IV goes at Avenue Theatre tonight. It’s got music, dance, arts, and more.

Also tonight…Mark Berbue is at the Pawn Shop, with Ayla Brook and Old Ugly’s Doug Hoyer. (Speaking of Old Ugly…Jessica Jalbert is at Wunderbar Saturday night)… The Accident Will releases a CD at DV8, with DeSousa Drive and Bad Acid…The ARTery’s got Prairie NightsHaven Social Club’s got a CD release from Christine Fellows, who will play with Shotgun Jimmie…and the Jimmy Swift Band is at the Starlite Room

Saturday afternoon, Hair of the Dog has Samara Von Rad, which is a rad name. Saturday night Weird Canada (Canada’s best music website) presents a show at The ARTery that will likely blow your mind.

Gregg’s got the lowdown on movies actually worth seeing.

The City Market begins its run of Saturdays at City Hall, as preparation for it usual summer selling on 104 Street.

Oh, and Sunday night, Lucky 13 is hosting Carlton himself, Alfonso Ribeiro.

Have a lovely weekend, Edmonton.

Old Ugly 2011 Concert Series

*Ahem*: From the desk of Old Ugly:

OLD UGLY, Leva Cappucino Bar, and CJSR 88.5 FM bring you

Every Thursday at 8pm you can catch a different OLD UGLY artist tearing up Leva Cafe.

No Cover! All Ages! Every single Thursday! My fellow citizens, what we have here is a veritable cornucopia of local talent.

3/10 Tyler Butler & Jom Comyn
3/17 Mikey Maybe & Racoon Suit
3/24 Layne L’Heureux
3/31 Doug Hoyer
4/07 Caity Fisher
4/15 DoT & Liam Trimble
4/21 Rene Sugarglider Wilson
4/28 Travis Bretzer
5/05 Diehatzu Hijets
5/12 The Joe

So, folks, if you would like to get out on the town this evening and make the most of these springtime temperatures, head to Leva (I recommend the Margherita Pizza) to catch the latest installment of the Old Ugly concert series, featuring Jom Comyn and Tyler Butler.


Caity Fisher At the Artery

CAITY-FISHER-CD-RELEASE-POSTERA few months ago, I was at Wunderbar (which has rapidly become my favorite haunt; how can you not respect the audacity of a venue that dares to bring in live entertainment seven nights a week?) with Jeff and our buddy Gregg Beever. We were just there to hang out but, as we sat there, a lovely young lady with an acoustic guitar and a haunting voice played a remarkable set. Before I left, I asked her to give me a call next time she was playing, and we’d try to mention it on the edmontonian.

Unbeknownst to me, the girl with the guitar was Caity Fisher, from the Old Ugly Recording Company‘s roster of artists (and if you read the edmontonian with an regularity, you know that we are big, big fans of the crew at Old Ugly).

I figured this out about a week ago, when Caity emailed me to let me know about her upcoming CD release.

So basically, I’m a straight genius.

But enough about my inability to draw simple connections between logical events. Let’s talk about Caity Fisher. (more…)

Some Edmonton Events

There’s some good music happening in Edmonton this weekend.

CJSR’s FunDrive benefit show is tonight at The ARTery.

Todd Snider is at the Myer Horowitz. (Thanks to hi54lofi for the heads-up on this one.) Kat Danser is playing the Arden…you know you like swamp blues. Michelle Wright is bouncing around the capital region. Homefest is also this Sunday.

Lyve on Whyte gets Old Ugly Saturday night with Doug Hoyer and Mitchmatic. Oh, and Emily is going to the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra.

Also happening this weekend…Farmfair International (kind of a precursor to the Canadians Finals Rodeo, or CFR), the Oilers host the Red Wings, politicos are trying to Reboot Alberta (3.0) at the Delta South, there’s an open house at MacEwan University, it’s a Handmade Mafia weekend, and the Edmonton Public Library (EPL) is holding a kick-ass book sale.

Thanks to Leanne for reminding us about the Edmonton Rocky Mountain Wine and Food Festival.

Don’t forget there are always new movies and November is Shop Local month.


Edmonton Summer Headlines


Mikey Maybe, Old Ugly, Edmonton

Mikey Maybe raps faster than my shutter speed.

Oh, man, have we been waiting for this. We had that long winter (though not really the coldest or the snowiest) which included a tease of spring taken away so rudely in late May with snow (snow!). But Mother Nature can’t touch us now.

Sure, she could pour rain on us like she is southern Alberta, and it could get way too hot and dry for too long and that would be uncomfortable, or it could be humid, but this is not a time to complain.

We had a fantastic weekend, weather-wise, festival season is rolling along, and we are now officially entering summer. Enjoy it, Edmonton, we know how short and sweet it is.

Mikey Maybe, Old Ugly, Edmonton, hip hop

No stage can contain the awesomeness of an Old Ugly show.

Oh, and speaking of fantastic weekend, we checked out the Old Ugly show, Saturday night at The Hydeaway. (I feel like I’ve mentioned this before…) You can see photos of Mikey Maybe killing it on the mic in these here Headlines. I’m not usually a hip hop fan but Old Ugly, via The Joe, Mikey Maybe, et al., is really opening my ears.

By the way, wish our buddies, Scott and Adam, a happy first birthday, over at The Unknown Studio. We think they’re swell, and really add something to the Edmonton media, and non-media, landscape. Happy Birthday, Unknown Studio!

from the Edmonton Journal:

Tears, smiles bid Edmonton’s Parkdale school adieu (Enjoy the suburbs, Edmonton Public School Board.)

These young, bright minds are the shape of Edmonton to come

Harbinger of truth sees hope for future (It’s National Aboriginal Day.)

Is province liable for foster mom’s live-in partner?

Lucy lonely in zoo, let her, Edmonton protesters urge (Isn’t Lucy the elephant part of the Valley Zoo’s new arctic exhibit?)

‘Alberta driving the heart of the economy,’ Ignatieff says

When legislature ThunderDome crumbles, election may loom (The dome is being fixed. Do the governing Tories feel their chances getting a facelift too?)

The Syncrude death duck trial is expecting to have a verdict Friday. The Journal has a three-day series looking at what happened up there to kill all the ducks. But are tailings ponds just the cheap and easy way out?

from the Edmonton Sun:

Mother of bus-driver stomper apologizes to victim

Edmonton police chief remains in hospital

A little blunt honesty might be a good thing (Still talking about Canadian TV shows that are awful. And you helped fund.)

from Metro Edmonton:

Adding some life to LRT station (We need retail space at LRT stations.)

from The Canadian Press:

Victoria Stafford’s dad kicks off fundraising bike journey on Father’s Day (Victoria Stafford is the Woodstock, Ontario girl abducted and killed last year. Rodney Stafford rode from Ontario to Jasper – a favourite holiday of Victoria’s – last year. This year he’s starting here.)

from 630CHED/iNews880:

Green festivals take over downtown Edmonton (I took in Bikeology and Park(ed) too, they were fun.)

Homeless for the Night sets a new fundraising record for YESS

Khabibulin back in court

from CBC Edmonton:

Northern Alberta wheat farmers optimistic

from CTV Edmonton:

Bikers take noise test before fines kick in

from Global Edmonton:

Fighting for education

Deadly explosion rocks north Edmonton (Sunday afternoon was nothing normal for residents of one north Edmonton neighbourhood. And some jumped into action.)

And while we’re enjoying sunny, hot weather in Edmonton the southern portions of Alberta are being drenched in rain and floods are a real threat to people.

Maybe it’s Mikey

(Editor’s note: Here’s a preview of Mikey Maybe’s latest release, written by Joe Gurba. But wait, you might ask, Joe Gurba is THE Joe, and he’s running the label Mikey’s on. Yeah, but when The Joe says he’ll write for you, you say “Yes, sir.” And then put in an editor’s note to satisfy everyone’s bias radar.)

By Joe Gurba

Michael Hamm is an exceptional individual. He is handsome, intelligent, charming, and soaks up skills with his mere presence, leaving him to exude an atmosphere of intimidating talent. His endeavors include, but are not limited to, Mikey Maybe, Racoon Suit, Rappers Are People, Rap Club, and The CBT.

As well as being a creative and professional writing student, Mikey Hamm has managed to give voice to his multi-dimensional inventiveness time and time again. But what is odd is that, despite the staggering output of these collected projects, the hundreds of shows over the last four years, and the hundreds of songs he has written, he has not yet released any official recordings. On Wednesday, April 28th, Mikey Maybe is finally presenting his loyal fans with something to take home.

In anticipation of a full length album appearing this summer, Mikey Maybe presents Chips and Pop, a tape cassette/digital download of 8-bit rap recordings.

I sat down with Mikey Maybe and managed to extract some juicy bits of truth concerning his new cassette, his rare recordings, and his nightmares, amongst other things.

Joe: Explain your obsession with 8-bit music

Mikey Maybe: I am fascinated by 8-bit music for the same reason that most of the scene is: nostalgia. I think most people have some sort of fascination with nostalgia. Maybe it’s because I had a good childhood that I am so nostalgic myself — and a big part of my childhood was video games. Those colours just stick in your mind. [He stares into the distance for a minute.] Those sounds just stick in your mind. [He regains his composure.] 8-bit music seems inspiring for some reason. Perhaps it’s playing on these points in your brain that were created in a time when you had the most imagination. It seems as though 8-bit is tapped right into the core of your imagination.

Probably more than 8-bits.

J: Alright, let’s do some music math. What do you think this new tape sounds like?

MM: The genre version of that equation would be Indie, you know, Indie, that’s the overarching [laughing] — you know, you just slap that on anything. So let’s say indie + 8-bit + hip hop/rap –  not divided by, I know we’re doing a math thing here, just slash rap –  + dub-step. There’s a lot of bass warble in there. That’s just the tip I’m on right now.

Going back to nostalgia, I somehow convinced Mikey to relate to me a childhood anecdote. He went on to describe a hunting trip when he was eight-years-old. After his uncle killed a beaver, Mikey asked for the teeth as a souvenir.

He was then subjected to the sight of a full grown man trying to hammer out a beaver’s teeth with a hatchet. But the teeth wouldn’t break free.

“Uncle Gary, please please, I don’t need them.”

He didn’t hear me. He just kept going.

“Uncle Gary. Uncle Gary!”

“Huh, what? What?”

“I don’t need the teeth.”

“Oh, good. I don’t think they’re coming out.”

[Awkward silence ensues.]

J: Who are your inspirations on this new record?

MM: Camp Lo, Ludacris, The Joe.

J: And what label is Chips and Pop coming out on?

MM: OLD UGLY, the blood when you brush. We are the litres and litres of blood that we have donated to the blood bank. OLD UGLY has donated more blood than any other Edmonton based charity [Old Ugly is not a charity]. 47 litres of blood and 37 litres of plasma last year alone. That’s like 23-and-a-half milk cartons full of blood. You go to pour milk? No. It’s blood. Just imagine all that plasma in ice cream buckets! Thick goopy plasma.

J: OK, that’s enough. Tell me about your nightmares.

MM: I am in bed and something is learing over me, something is above my head, and I am trying to yell, but the words won’t come out. I’m yelling ‘Jesus, help me!’ but the words won’t come out. One time, it was centipede. An obsidian black centipede with hundreds of squirming legs lurching over me. Demonic dreams.

[Awkward silence ensues.]

J: You think there’s any room for newcomers in the 16-bit genre?

MM: Yeah, my next album is a 16-bit minidisc!

J: Is that on-the-record?

MM: Yes, that’s sarcastically on the record.

When prodded, Mikey promised a full length album for 2010 and a long awaited Rappers Are People EP for the fall, legitimizing the group’s lengthy tenure and live performance infamy. (He went on to deflect blame for everything that has transpired to delay these recordings from appearing. He then wished his fans a good day.)

The Chips and Pop tape release is on Wednesday night at the Hydeaway, located at 10209 100 Avenue at 8pm, for $8, with fellow OLD UGLIANS The Joe, Mitchmatic, and Rappers Are People. The album will be available as a digital download as well from OLD UGLY Recording Co.

You can listen to Mikey Maybe’s Mazda, Mazda at