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Last Edmonton Headlines

Good morning, Edmonton. This is indeed the last time you and I will discuss the news of the day here in Headlines at the edmontonian. Let’s hope there’s some juicy news to dig into.

It’s almost always funny, in a sad kind of way, that when governments announce they are going to tackle a problem or get tough on something, it’s a problem that’s had previous attempts to do just that. Edmonton’s recent worries over violent crime is just one of those issues. So, hopefully this is the time everyone follows through on plans and recommendations.

Meanwhile…Edmonton Police are teaming up with other agencies for a new kind of patrol…an action team!

On the tenth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, an Edmonton firefighter who went to New York with the Red Cross is trying to remember the triumph of the human spirit he saw in the days after the Word Trade Centre towers fell.

The City of Edmonton is trying to entice filmmakers to shoot here. Though, not with a grant or tax break, or deals if they are locals or use local crews. I don’t think it’s a great idea to move $5-million from the financial stabilization fund when you’re running a deficit.

“Are people supposed to park on the next block? It’s insanity.” Really? Parking one block away is the end of the world?


September 8 Edmonton Headlines

Good Thursday morning to you, Edmonton.

It’s nice to see that taking the LRT is such a good option that you can’t get a parking spot at Century Park station. More transit please!

An Old Strathcona parking lot looks to lose just over half of its parking spots. Tie that into some transit tweaks, including bus lanes on 99 Street, and I think you’d be just fine.

Is Edmonton forgetting its fallen soldiers? Or is this weekend, the anniversary of the 9-11 attacks on the U.S. just taking people to other events?


Guys, I keep telling you, if we’re going to talk about important issues our government department is working on you send the e-mails to


In the “Does not bode well for the future of the oilsands” category; Nobel Peace Prize winners are lining up in protest of the Keystone XL pipeline which would take oil from Alberta to the Texas coast.

If you want more, and stable, funding for education in Alberta, the opposition Liberals and NDP have ways for you to voice that opinion.

Meanwhile…in the crowded classrooms…more students enrolled in Edmonton schools, which means both the Public and Catholic boards can hire a few extra teachers

Alberta is going to offer more surgeries to obese people to combat the many health problems associated with being so overweight. Also, some more food and exercise education in schools.

A judge in Calgary says the war on drugs is one that cannot be won, so our best hope is to keep casualties to a minimum.

While smoking is down across the country, more Albertans are taking up the habit, especially teens.


Go Caps Go!

(And FC Edmonton is headed to the playoffs in their first year.)

September 6 Edmonton Headlines

Good morning, Edmonton, and welcome back to the work week.

How do you commute to work? Is speed your choice? Cost? Convenience? (There’s also a video.)

Here are some updates on Edmonton’s transportation network.

All this commuting stuff comes with the end of the Journal’s summer series on the suburbs. Living on the Edge looked at everything from commuting, to density, shopping, churches, who’s moving to the ‘burbs, and what’s working well out there.

If you followed the series at all, or are about to dive into it, there’s a survey you can fill out. I’d suggest filling out the survey if you appreciate long-form, in-depth reporting like Living on the Edge.


Wow. Could it really be?

Could the old Esso (Imperial Oil) lot at the corner of Whyte Avenue and 105 Street finally be moving toward sale? After more than a decade is the contaminated land finally going to be ready for new development? It’s a miracle!

And it’s a good reason why the City of Edmonton needs more and tougher rules for contaminated lots, or “brownfields,” and owners who would let properties sit vacant for more than a couple of years. (This one has sat empty and dirty for 13 years.)


Edmonton Police are going to start using black and white cruisers.

Alberta festivals, including a couple of Edmonton big ones, are getting some federal funding.

News on new beers after the jump. (more…)

July 11 Edmonton Headlines

Anyone else feel like roadwork has them walking a plank?

How was that wet weekend for you, Edmonton?

The mayor wants more money for suburban roads so people can more easily afford to live in the suburbs. Aaaand, he’s lost me. I don’t think people pay enough of the true municipal cost of living in the suburbs now, let alone tossing more money into roadwork which could drop developer’s costs more.

It’s not your imagination, parking is getting more expensive.

The City of Edmonton could open a museum or hold the mother of all garage sales with all of the stuff it’s collected over the years.

No matter where people move from it’s great to have ways to connect them with other people, and teach them how to get around the city.

Speaking of those moving to our city…some in the local Sudanese community were celebrating the independence of South Sudan

Alberta Health Services and Edmonton Police are looking for a missing woman.

After posting an image of a groping suspect Edmonton Police report an arrest in the case.

The world’s best female triathlete couldn’t compete here at home this weekend.

An Edmonton girl is Miss Teen Canada International.


The outgoing Information and Privacy Commissioner doesn’t expect to land any future jobs with the government of Alberta. Which is really too bad, since that means he did his job well.

Alberta’s childcare and foster system continues to be under pressure to open up, let everyone see how things work, and answer questions.

Speaking of children in provincial care…murder charges have been stayed against two teens accused of killing a couple out in Strathcona County…it was a case that saw changes to how Bosco Homes operated…

First it was fires, now it’s floods. Northern Alberta can’t catch a break this summer.

You’d think hospitals would have the healthiest food around. You’d think.

Perhaps lawsuits are a cost of running a large healthcare system? Though, that would mean that people aren’t happy, things went wrong, and change needs to happen in a number of areas.

Alberta had more new jobs created last month than in all of the U.S. So, yeah, I guess we’re doing alright.

One horse down at the 2011 Calgary Stampede. Do you think the Calgary Humane Society would be cool with me chasing down puppies and tying them up? I think you could take away all the animal stuff and everybody going to Calgary for the breakfasts and parties wouldn’t even notice.

Speaking of animal welfare…the oilsands are yet to finish off the Whooping Crane…so far…

Edmonton Headlines

Parking rates are going up. (Click for details.)

Well, Edmonton, we made it through the short week. Now its five-day weeks for a month. But it’s the weekend now, so that’s something.

While this story may be about Garneau residents trying to keep bars from spilling off of Whyte Avenue, I like the part about the City’s planning and development department keeping closer tabs on what’s happening with business licenses.

The Edmonton Sun says Councillor Karen Leibovici should not be voting on downtown arena deals, because her husband is an executive with a Katz pharmacy chain.

An inner city crisis team is touting its successes on the streets of Edmonton.

The Edmonton International Airport has shifted from “stopping the Calgary habit” to getting Edmontonians to “Unite for More Flights.” Essentially, the EIA’s new campaign to get people to fly out of Edmonton is centered on the fact more people flying from here could mean more flight options.

A couple of missing men in uniform have been found. It’s not clear what happened to an EPS officer reported missing, and it’s a sad end to the story of a missing soldier.


Teachers are going to be cut because of tight education budgets, and the fight to get the Alberta government to pay for better education is on.

Slave Lake residents – those with homes to go back to anyway – are returning to the town after a devastating wildfire.

A couple of front-runners in the Alberta Progressive Conservative leadership (or, Premiership) race are talking about new rules and changes to improve government transparency.

As northern Alberta burns, southern Alberta is soaked.

Alberta’s only non-Conservative MP, Edmonton-Strathcona’s Linda Duncan, is going to be in the NDP’s shadow cabinet.


Former Edmonton Eskimo quarterback Jason Maas is retiring from football.

Late Headlines

Good day, Edmonton. As Sally mentioned earlier, I was out and about and got hung up. But, fear not, I still love me some Headlines.

Hundreds of Edmonton teaching jobs could be cut, as the Edmonton Public School Board tries to balance a budget that’s not getting any extra love from the Alberta government. The same Alberta government that’s going to be asked to put in up to $100-million for our city’s new downtown arena.

I guess education and teaching degrees do make one qualified to work an arena concession stand.

Speaking of provincial education dollars, Beaumont is getting a pair of new schools.

Meanwhile…the closed-door, after-hours vote to approve the arena deal isn’t getting a whole lotta love.

Starting with the arena again…you’d think that was some kind of big deal or something. (more…)

Friday the 13th: Jason Writes Edmonton Headlines

That winter, and now gas prices, is really hitting Edmonton’s budget hard. We’ve gone from a surplus to a deficit in just a few months (and without doing all that much). Speaking of the City needing money…It’s going to cost you more to park in Edmonton (at meters anyway).

I enjoy the endless debate of LRT vs. BRT (that’s bus rapid transit). Yes, it’s likely cheaper to claim a lane as a bus lane and zip some buses around on more express routes. But, as this column mentions, while you can find plenty of folks who like taking a train, subway, maybe even a streetcar (in my opinion) you won’t find many people talking about how much the love public buses.

The Journal’s business section has a lot of stories on Stantec. But, I guess, Stantec does kick a lot of business butt.

Police in Edmonton and Leduc have used DNA to link a man, already charged with a sexual assault, with other assaults in Edmonton, Vegreville, and B.C.

Guards at the Edmonton Remand Centre have been complaining of unsafe conditions. Today, an inmate is dead and another is charged with his murder.

While wildfires begin to burn around Alberta, the City of Edmonton is reminding people to be careful with their cigarette butts, since firefighters were putting out fires all over Edmonton because of careless smoking.

The wind we’re experiencing is not helping contain those wildfires. And in Edmonton the wind is knocking out power.


Do you miss Premier Ed Stelmach already? He says we’re ready for the next boom. This time.

What about David Swann as Liberal leader? Do you miss that yet?

Some of the early costs of an oilspill cleanup are starting to come in. With about one third of the spill cleaned, the costs will be going up. It’s the worst spill in Alberta in four decades.

Beginning this fall you can ask to see your home inspector’s license.


Leduc is keeping it local. Which is kind of ironic since they’ve got the Edmonton International Airport right there.

Get ready for your parents to move in with you.

Laughter continues to be thought of as a good medicine.

Arnold Schwarzenegger is coming to Edmonton. I had to double-check this didn’t have anything to do with press junkets for the new Conan movie.

Watch out for black cats today.


March 25 Edmonton Headlines (and a rant)

Good morning, Edmonton, and welcome to the end of another fine week.

After a few comments about the City of Edmonton’s downtown arena web pages in yesterday’s Headlines I think that’s where I’ll start today. Because I can’t just go into the weekend without fussing.


March 24 Edmonton Headlines

That's not the kind of iced coffee I meant.

Good day, Edmonton. How’s this spring weather treating you?

Don’t forget to keep your sidewalks clear of ice and snow, which can vary depending on the time of day with our early spring weather. Even though it is still snowy, pothole repair is underway.

The U of A’s Campus Saint-Jean is getting nowhere with a new parking lot over in Bonnie Doon.

Speaking of parking…which makes me think of driving…we’ve got to get transit-oriented here in Edmonton. And then we have to stick with that.

Now that reminds me of my favourite comment on a transit story we were talking about yesterday. Somebody replied to this Journal column by saying drivers subsidized transit. Ha…ha…oh man, people believe that?!

Put up toll booths and then we’ll talk about which form of transportation is subsidized. I mean, come on…

And, get ready, because we might just be heading into a federal election. The mayor thinks that might mean more money for our LRT expansion.

Alright, I’m done talking about transit now. (more…)

March 3 Edmonton Headlines

This parking lot's days are numbered.

The Mayor says the time for details is over and city council should just vote for a downtown arena. I mean, vote on whether or not to build a downtown arena. Right, that second one. That vote could happen April 6.

One thing that changes how the City should move forward is the federal government’s unwillingness to put money into arenas and sports facilities. You have to respect that decision because it risks a backlash in Quebec, specifically Quebec City, and it’s not a move vote-hungry federal parties normally make.

Since this column from David Staples aims to clear up some false information about the downtown arena, I must be misunderstanding how $100-million from Daryl Katz, for an arena estimated at $450-million, is 70% of the cost. See: Fallacy No. 1

Since my math is off, drop me a comment to set me straight.

Other than the arena… (more…)

Downtown Planning Headlines

I’m actually excited for the pending snowfall. I’ve really been digging snow this winter, I don’t know why. Don’t hate me.edmonton, rink, hockey

City Council is busy before Christmas. They are talking about the downtown plan, among other items.

Downtown, taller buildings will be the way forward. Townhouses may become a little more common. Oh, and parking isn’t going to be continually added, at least not for now. Now that’s a bold move. Imagine if they kept that kind of idea with the downtown arena!

And they’ve decided your street shouldn’t look like a construction site once the work day is done.


Edmonton’s losing a couple of music promoters. But, instead of lamenting how a few people and bands have left the city in the last few years (Heck, most cities could probably say the same thing.) how about we embrace those that are here, those that choose to be here, and just dig on our great local scene?

Lamenting about lamenting now done…Onward! (more…)

May 28 Edmonton Headlines

Good morning, Edmonton.

Dave Clarke interviews "Tommy Wiseau" (Jeff Page) before The Room stars blowing minds.

I’m sure my brain will return to normal function soon. It just has to solidify after the mind-melting experience of seeing The Room at Metro Cinema last night.

I know, we talk about this movie all of the time. And this was the second time the Turkey Shoot team showed it in Edmonton. But the movie is so bad/good that it deserves all of this coverage.

I was happy to have brought along friend Brittney, who, despite meeting the movie’s director/writer/producer/lead actor and securing us a signed copy of the movie’s DVD, had yet to experience The Room. There’s something special about subjecting someone you know to this cinematic freakshow.

Turkey Shooters Dave and Jeff play some tuxedo football with Brittney, wearing her The Room t-shirt from ComicCon.

It makes all the awful, hilarious, terrible parts of the movie that much funnier when the first-time watcher reacts with laughter, shock and horror.

The Turkey Shoot boys think they’ll make The Room a regular screening in our city. Which actually does make Edmonton world-class, since that happens in places like Los Angeles and New York.

I’m sure I’ll write about The Room whenever it’s shown again. And I’m sure I will implore you to make the time to see our generation’s greatest B-movie.

I’ll even bring my football for a little short-catch.

from the Edmonton Journal:

Group calls on you, me, everyone to keep city safe

Edmonton’s Valleyview Manor protected as a historic site (Our first high-rise, and the home of the Winspears.)

Quesnell Bridge construction to cause major delays

Alberta Cabinet roadshow stops in Edmonton (These jet-setting rock stars hit the capital city, leaving screaming teen girls in their wake. I bet all of their events were sold-out phenomenons.)

Energy industry cheers royalties rollback

Edmonton retailers prepare for iPad frenzy (Do you think, as I write this, that they are already sold out?)

from the Edmonton Sun:

ETS security faces up to challenges of youth crime

Landlord slapped with multiple fines (If it’s so hard to make your utility payments when tenants aren’t paying rent, evict them. That’s kind of, uh, your job.)

Indigenous Health Initiatives Program produces new grads

from Metro Edmonton:

A quick look at Edmonton’s city election candidates (Alex did a more thorough look at the councillor possibilities.)

Changing of the guard at Edmonton Garrison

from the Edmonton Examiner:

West-end neighbourhoods need a plan: Leibovici (She doesn’t like how west LRT has been planned to this point.)

Family housing a must on airport lands

Community leagues vie for $15,000 prize (If you want to help me help Strathcona Centre win, let me know.)

from 630CHED/iNews880:

Important Oilers announcement at 11:30 (Will Rod Phillips be calling the games next season? Will it be his last?)

from CBC Edmonton:

Final York Hotel tenant checks out

Thomas Svekla declared a dangerous offender (The killer goes to prison without a release date.)

Alberta fosters new gas wells

from CTV Edmonton:

Katz group hopes province will chip in for downtown arena project (Alright, so we’ve got $100-million from Daryl Katz, he wants $400-500-million from the city for the arena. That only leaves another $400-500-million to pick up.)

New cardiac procedure comes to Alberta

from Vue Weekly:

(It appears Vue’s website is still down.)

And I’ll give you a heads up, for June 1. The City’s parking meters are going to cost you an extra 50-cents an hour. You’ve been warned, now stock up on quarters. Rates go up next Tuesday.

Best headline ever

No, not that one up there, this one down here:

Laziness Is Not A Disability: Leave Accessible Parking Stalls for People Who Need Them

City of Edmonton FTW! It’s actually pretty cool to see them calling out lazy people.parking

Here’s more from the City on their awareness campaign:

This holiday season the City of Edmonton’s Advisory Board on Services for Persons with Disabilities (ABSPD) reminds all drivers to leave accessible parking stalls for people with disabilities.

Accessible parking is a concern year round. However, every December parking is in even greater demand as Edmontonians flock to malls, shopping districts and grocery stores to get ready for the holidays. This is why the City has proclaimed November 23 to November 27 as Accessible Parking Awareness Week.

“It is so important for all of us to remember that if you don’t have a disability, you can’t park in an accessible parking stall, no matter how busy you get,” said Councillor Tony Caterina. “For someone with a disability, having these stalls is not a privilege, it’s a necessity that gives them access to things the rest of us take for granted. If you don’t have a disability, there’s no good reason, and it’s illegal, to park in an accessible stall.”

“As someone with a physical disability, I can’t emphasize enough how much I rely on these parking stalls,” said Bob Macklon, chair, ABSPD. “Every time I leave my home in a vehicle, I am counting on having accessible parking wherever I go, whether it’s to the doctor’s office or to the movies.”

Parking enforcement officers will strictly enforce these bylaws during the holiday season. (My emphasis) Edmonton drivers should be aware that they can be fined if any part of a vehicle is found in an accessible parking stall.

Any vehicle parked in an accessible parking stall without a permit is subject to a $150 fine and an additional $100 if the vehicle is towed.

Parking placards for people with disabilities are issued by Alberta Transportation.