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Goodbye for Now – Thanking You Since 2009

Well, here we are, Edmonton. Time to shut off the lights and close down the joint.

Two or so years ago, if you had told either of us that we’d reach this point – 1500+ posts, a 6 part TV series, a variety of live webcasts, a fancy pants best blog award and the funniest, smartest, best-looking audience in the city – we’d have called you crazy. And not just because we lacked a basic understanding of the INTERNETS (the files are IN the computer?).

the edmontonian has come farther than we ever thought it could, and honest to God, no one is more surprised by that than we are. So we’d like to take this last minute to thank you guys, truly, and from the bottom of our hearts, for welcoming us into your lives for the last 2+ years. Whether you were writing or reading, talking or listening, commenting or contributing – every time you guys took a chance and got involved, trusting us with your stories, your submissions or your attention, we marveled. We marveled that for some reason, in this metal box full of lol cats and juggalos, you chose to talk to us.  There is no greater compliment, and we have been humbled by it every single day.

As you may know (we talked about this with our friends at the Unknown Studio), we didn’t start out as Edmonton enthusiasts. In fact, neither of us were particularly thrilled to find ourselves living in the City of Champions, but we decided to make the best of it and kill some time by starting a website. And two years later, here we are.

That is likely the biggest thing we’ve learned from the edmontonian: that when you stop trying desperately to get somewhere else, and you show up to what’s really happening right here, right now – magic happens. Every time, without fail.

You get one life, guys. Let’s make a joint agreement that we won’t spend it waiting for the perfect moment, the perfect bank balance, the perfect job opportunity, the perfect weight, the perfect education, the perfect someone. Figure out what matters to you and go get it – not as a means to get somewhere else, but for its own sake; because you love it so much it keeps you awake at night. That’s all we ever did, nothing more – and it turned out pretty well for us.

So let us dedicate the last two years to all of you guys – for your ideas, your kindness, your generosity, and more than anything, for giving us a reason to show up right here, every day. There are no words to ever sufficiently express our appreciation, our respect, our love. If the edmontonian was ever anything special, it was only because of you.

Until we meet again!

Your friends,

Jeff and Sally

You’re The Best, Edmonton

We have been waiting two years to use this graphic.


I mentioned it in today’s Headlines, but we have somehow been voted Edmonton’s Best Local Blog. You probably confused us with “Edmontonians.” We get that all the time.

But, if SEE Magazine doesn’t do a recount, and people out there like the edmontonian enough to cast a vote, I owe everyone who helps creates the edmontonian a big, big thanks.

This website (and TV show) aren’t the Jeff and Sally show. Oh sure, because we edit the blog we get to write as much as we want. But since the edmontonian is an online community newspaper; an interactive, collaborative, community hub, it can’t actually exist as the Jeff and Sally show. (more…)

End of the Year Headlines

I think I have to eat all of those candy canes by midnight.

I’m not going to sugarcoat this, Edmonton, it’s been a slower couple of weeks in the news. Today is not much of an exception, with just a handful of stories. That doesn’t mean they aren’t important. Even on the quieter days there are stories that should be read. Heck, it’s probably easier to keep on top of the daily news when a lot of news staff is on holiday.

Before we get to the news of the day, however, I have one piece of business to get to.


2010 is done in a few hours and we want to thank you for spending time with us this year.We couldn’t be writing anything on December 31 without all the help from contributors, collaborators, advertisers, and supporters, but it’s most important to have someone on the other end of the conversation.

I think 2011 is going to be an even bigger year around here. So, stick around and whatnot.

New Year’s means resolutions. Umm… How about I actually get out of bed on time, more often, which would mean a little more consistency in post times. That sounds good to me. But I also have to quit smoking, lose weight, exercise more, be better with money, and write that novel I’ve been talking about, so bare with me as I chomp through those resolutions.

Now…the year isn’t done yet! (more…)


We make a lot of jokes around here (some are even funny) but we know when to break it down for a minute.

This is one of those times.

We get to have fun, and talk about broken doors and silly signs, because braver people than us fought for freedoms they didn’t even know would exist today.

So, thanks to Canada’s veterans, men and women who continue to serve in the armed forces for noble reasons, those who came before us and made sacrifices, and those who never made it back.

Edmontonians always turn out for Remembrance Day ceremonies. And that's something to be proud of.

One Year in Edmonton

Hope you’re enjoying our continuing look back at the year that was. For the edmontonian that is.

First off, we thank you, again, for sticking with us for one year. That is a long time in the Internet world. I mean, there’s plenty of awesome stuff on YouTube to distract everybody.

Now, let’s look at interesting, weird, odd, intriguing stuff from the last year. And stats. Everybody loves stats.

75,000+ people have checked us out. Sure, lots of those people come back again and again, but you’re supposed to use stats to make yourself sound cool. They stopped by hundreds of thousands of times. That is cool. Period.

We’ve averaged 3 posts per day. That explains why our logo is burned onto my retinas.

We’ve got more than 2 comments per post. (Again, an average.) That’s pretty good since a lot of items don’t even have comments. But we can always count on Gregg Beever to get you angry enough to say something.

In the last year we’ve posted more than 780 times. This is 789. We’ve also shown off more than 1,500 photos of Edmonton. If only our Flickr group reflected that. (Totally my bad, you guys.)

Beyond an audience, Sally and I started the edmontonian one year ago hoping we wouldn’t be the only ones writing and talking about Edmonton.

You made that a reality. And how!

We had 40+ contributors who wrote, took photos, shot video, gave us prizes, and did lots of other great stuff, all helping to tell Edmonton stories. If we paid you we’d be a real magazine or something.

Thanks Lorraine Poulsen, Janine Edwards, Derek Clayton, Ryan Engley, Mack D. Male, Brendan Berg, Ryan Dunford, Edward Monton, Joe Melin, Trevor Prentice, Josh Macedo, Jenn Prosser, Jay Runham, Pam, Derjis, Brittney LeBlanc, Andrea, Cherie Bucy, Manny (our first of many Bureau Chiefs), Linda Hoang, Paul Poulsen, Eri Gayler, Jason Bouwmeester, Tess Dehoog, Marilyn Kontz, Brent Welch, Gregg Beever, Dustin McNichol, Lauren MacDonald, Benjamin Tippett, Colin Enquist, Kristi Shmyr, Brenda Kerber, Alexis Kienlen, Adam Rozenart, Colin MacIntyre, Jordan Schroder, Heath Sperling and Mina Hideshima, Pepe Duenes, Katie McLaughlin, Angela Ostafichuk, Chris Chan, The Joe, Veronica Petrola, The League of Extraordinary Media, and anyone I missed while scanning though a year’s worth of posts.

And thanks to the many more people we’ve had the pleasure of talking with, collaborating with, linking to (and haven’t complained about us linking to them or embedding their videos). Thank you everyone!

In the last year we’ve talked about:

  • Most of Edmonton’s festivals and events, like Bikeology, Dreamspeakers, Litfest, Capital Ex, the Fringe, fashion weeks (still some of our most popular stuff),Taste of Edmonton, the Olympic torch run, and mall openings.
  • Cultural institutions like the Alberta Ballet, Art Gallery of Alberta, Edmonton Opera and Edmonton Symphony Orchestra.
  • Sports and teams including the Capitals, Rush, Wildcats and Huskies, roller derby, the (MMA) fights and Concordia.
  • 150+businesses, business owners, entrepreneurs, biz people, artists, musicians and bands.

And we’ve made about 2,379 self-deprecating jokes.

Here’s to another year of talking ’bout Edmonton!

(This post would have been up a little sooner. But I actually got distracted on YouTube.)

Time to say thanks

Since we weren’t around all of 2009 we won’t fill this blog with top 10 this and best of that.

(To clarify, we were alive the whole time, the website just wasn’t around the entire year).

I hope "Looking dumb in photos" ends up a needed job skill one day.

We might mention 2009, or review it, but we’re not going full-out. Maybe we’ll just keep doing things whenever we like and review it in June or something.

Instead, I’ll ease back from the holidays by simply saying thanks.

Thank you for reading stuff we put up on this website. It continues to blow me and Sally away that people come here. Thank you for contributing your own ideas. Thanks for letting us post your stuff and sharing it with more people. Those last two are great because we always wanted this to be a conversation between Edmontonians.

Thanks for talking Edmonton, and really trying to figure out what this city is all about and what it could be. There’s lots of talk today about complaining vs. acting and what makes a city a good place to live. I think complaining is fun, but there really is a point where you either keep doing that or suck it up and try to fix what you don’t like.

Thanks for indulging my news nerdiness and reading the boring old headlines each morning. It’s fantastic that people want to be informed, and neat that I can help point you in some of the right directions. It’s also great to know people want to be more media-savvy.

Thanks for sticking with us when we take time off.

Thanks to those who’ve dropped our name, chatted about (and with) us on radio and podcasts, scooped up our story ideas, linked to our website and become new friends. That’s all super-neat-o number 1.

As for 2010, it’s cool that people come to the website and give it a reason to keep on existing. So, we’ll keep writing, keep asking you to contribute, keep asking you for your thoughts and see where this all ends up.

Thanks again.

– Jeff

Next, go clean your room


If I'd had known there would be hot dogs and ice cream I would have cleaned something.

Sunday’s beautiful summer weather worked out well for a Thank You event down at Churchill Square.

Capital City Clean Up volunteers were being served up the usual summer fare (including hot dogs) as a “Thanks” for their work cleaning up litter and grafitti over the last few months.

The City says more than 1,200 Edmontonians picked up garbage and cleaned and painted over grafitti this summer. Businesses also donated more than $220,000.

Now, if bylaw officers could just target all those litterbugs, we could save some taxpayer-hotdog money by no longer needing Capital City Clean Up.