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Last Edmonton Headlines

Good morning, Edmonton. This is indeed the last time you and I will discuss the news of the day here in Headlines at the edmontonian. Let’s hope there’s some juicy news to dig into.

It’s almost always funny, in a sad kind of way, that when governments announce they are going to tackle a problem or get tough on something, it’s a problem that’s had previous attempts to do just that. Edmonton’s recent worries over violent crime is just one of those issues. So, hopefully this is the time everyone follows through on plans and recommendations.

Meanwhile…Edmonton Police are teaming up with other agencies for a new kind of patrol…an action team!

On the tenth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, an Edmonton firefighter who went to New York with the Red Cross is trying to remember the triumph of the human spirit he saw in the days after the Word Trade Centre towers fell.

The City of Edmonton is trying to entice filmmakers to shoot here. Though, not with a grant or tax break, or deals if they are locals or use local crews. I don’t think it’s a great idea to move $5-million from the financial stabilization fund when you’re running a deficit.

“Are people supposed to park on the next block? It’s insanity.” Really? Parking one block away is the end of the world?


Finding the Hidden Tracks

Edmonton’s got a thriving music scene. It’s probably always had a good scene, but you don’t see too many stories about this band or that musician leaving town to make it big these days.

Maybe that means the days of huge rock stars are dwindling, but ironically the Internet probably helps people find an audience to at least sustain some of their music (ironic because of downloading and all the terrible stealing it brings).

And you won’t just find Edmonton bands and artists by hitting up sites that are popping up and flourishing to fill the void of MySpace, the Internet also provides a home for mixes, compilations, promotion, distribution, and discussion of music – from Edmonton and afar.

Let’s jump into some places we think you’re going to find plenty of music you’ll like.


#MackAttack Headlines

Happy Twitter Birthday to Edmonton’s first tweeter, Mack Male! Five years I go I wasn’t even on Facebook.

Now on with the news!

We were talking yesterday about a push to lock up your car.

All that rain slowed down road construction. Thanks a lot, rain.

My guess is that plan B to find $100-million for the downtown arena involves a whole lot of busking by Mayor Mandel. Meanwhile…at our current arena…new seats may or may not happen

David Staples makes a good point in his latest column in favour of government money for a downtown arena. The Alberta government shouldn’t put so much money into horse racing. (I’m pretty sure that was his point, anyway.)

Ethan Allen is moving downtown. Wait. After a downtown arena is built, right?

No more downtown arena after the jump. I promise. (more…)


Edmonton’s dean of the Twittersphere, Mack D. Male, celebrates 5 years of tweeting today.

Five years ago most of us probably didn’t even know about Twitter. Heck, some of us might not have known about Facebook yet. But Mack was one of the first people – in the world – to be on Twitter.

From the use of #yeg as an Edmonton identifier to talking up all of our technology, a lot of the Twitter conversation has been shaped by Mack. That he helps raise money through events like Twestival and organized What The Truck?! are just two more feathers for his digital cap.

So, today, we tip our Internet hats to Mr. Male, and will include the hashtag #MackAttack in all of our tweets in the hope of making him a nation-wide trending topic. It’s the least we can do. (It really is, we didn’t even get him a cake.)

While we’re talking about Mack’s accomplishments, you might be interested to know:

Mack was a world-class bodybuilder until he and Chuck Norris teamed up to invent social media.

Mack carries each fail whale to safety. With his mind.

Mack invented sleeping.


In some parts of Eastern Europe, the Internet is known simply as “Mack.”

A Twitter Festival. A Twestival, If You Will (And You Will)

Hey gang, I know how much you like helping local charities. And I know how much you like winning/bidding on prizes from local businesses. Which is why I thought Twestival would be right up your alley.

That’s right, Twestival’s back! Twitter’s been asking tweeters in cities around the world to hold the (now) annual events for years. Last time out, Twestival was for a Twitter-chosen charity (charity: water) and was held in conjunction with Guru Digital Arts College’s Gala Guru. The time before that it was a local Twestival and we raised money for the Youth Emergency Shelter Society (YESS).

Edmonton’s Twitter King, Mack D. Male, was at the helm for those events. Now I’m in charge.

Actually, I’m one of a handful of people in charge, which means you’re actually going to like this and it’s not just going to be some last-minute pizza party in my basement.

Edmonton Twestival is a tweet-up AND fundraiser. (more…)

Stupid Tweets Live Forever

By Angela Ostafichuk

Social media, whether we like it or not, is here to stay. From Facebook and Twitter to YouTube, we live in the age of rapid “information.” No matter where I go in the world, we are in constant communication. Even in Syria, where Facebook has been banned, I managed to hack in to check my account and spread the word about where I was (Much to the dismay of the U.S. Government which now pulls me aside every time I enter, demanding to know what I was doing in Syria. Combined with Colombian stamps of entry and exit, the next few years on my passport will not be pleasant if I have to enter America.).

On the whole, social media is great. But lately, it seems to be a trend of girls gone bad on the Internet. The days of “Girls Gone Wild” are gone and seem to have been replaced by “Girls Gone Racist” and “Girls Gone Incredibly Stupid.” Now, there is no hard and fast guide to what is kosher and what is not. We’ve probably all seen warnings about Facebook coming back to haunt you, but that extends to everything on the Internet. (more…)

Hail, hail


Thanks to Scott for the hail shots. What a storm tonight!

Remember that you can follow storms as they move around the city, by following tweets. Search #yegstorm or #yegwx. Following those hashtags will also get you a great selection of storm shots. Lots of lightning pics out there after this storm.

Our home base was pounded by rain, shaken by thunder, lit up by lightning, hit with hail, but we stayed fairly flood free and the power remained on. Sounds like other parts of Old Strathcona (and Edmonton, in general) were drenched a little more, and had power knocked out. Stay safe, Edmonton!

F it

Since I forgot to post a pending event yesterday, I’ll give you two today.

And they’re both brought to you by the letter F.

You’ve probably already got your tickets for the Edmonton Folk Music Festival (it starts tonight with Van Morrison). I hope you have your tickets. If not, you’re, ummm, how can I tell you this…out of luck.

I’ve been noticing the work on Gallagher Park as I bus it from downtown Edmonton. Hope the weather works out for all you folkies.

If you’re still trying to be a folkie, check that Twitter hashtag I link to, below. You may have to watch all weekend for people offering up passes.

Over in the Leduc Recreation Center, Fragapalooza starts tomorrow. That’s going to be all about video games, shooting each other, and the Rock Band competition. Stock up on energy drinks and coffee.

It’s actually kind of neat. 300 participants bring their own computers, hook up to the network and game away. You should also be able to find one or two people blogging from this gaming festival.

Hey, both of these events have their own Twitter hashtag too. Follow #efmf for all things Folk and #yegfrag for all things Frag.

This will clearly be the most times, in 200 words, I’ve used the letter F.

May 26 YEG Headlines

I’m not sure I’ve ever thrown our Twitter/International Airport identifier into the Headlines subject before. I feel like I should have, since I freakin’ love Twitter so much.

So I guess that times are still tough, especially when it comes to the rising cost of items.

For example, the seemingly homeless guy asking for “Two bucks to get a slice of pizza,” around Whyte Avenue is now asking for “Three bucks.” Inflation stinks.

He also had a hand, completely, full of change when he asked me for $3. I’m pretty sure he had more than that already. It’s sad really. I saw him offered food, from an event I was at, when he was asking for money – for food – last summer. He could not have been more disgusted with the offer of food.

I’m glad the city is continuing to look at ways to help Edmonton’s less-fortunate and street people, without just handing over money.

from the Edmonton Journal:

Tree service $1M cheaper if city did it

Ward 6 Coun.Thiele’s record left for others to assess (My favourite thing is that Dave Thiele says term limits should be implemented for councillors.)

NAIT faculty drops grievance against president

A treacherous field (Farmers had a tough 2009.)

Second man sought in cold-case murder

Former Edmonton Sun columnist sues employer (Surprisingly, or not, this isn’t in the Sun today. I did a quick couple of searches to make sure they just didn’t have it earlier too.)

Second Apple store and iPad arrive together (So here’s what you do, you go down to Southgate Friday and wait in line and buy me an iPad.)

Edmonton’s BioWare expands to Ireland

Metric, Stereos, Canyon to his Telus Stage at Capital Ex (Don’t call it Ed Fest.)

from the Edmonton Sun:

Province performs unauthorized credit checks

Beaten bus driver blinded: dangerous offender hearing (The crown is trying to have the man who beat bus driver Tom Bregg declared a dangerous offender, meaning he would go to prison with no clear release date.)

Duckett taken to hospital (There’s also info in this story about some bed closures and new beds opening to replace them.)

from Metro Edmonton:

2010 hockey teams to help raise funds for outdoor rink (The gold medal winning teams from Vancouver.)

CFB honours native youth

from 630CHED/iNews880:

City looks to LRT cams to catch criminals

Edmonton job prospects improving

Stats Can reveals its population projections (Come on, one to two million people.)

from CBC Edmonton:

Flaherty to unveil single securities regulator (Alberta, Quebec and, sort of, Manitoba are against this idea. They like our current system of provincial regulators.)

Man, 19, arrested in LRT slaying (So, I was all ready to link this story to CHED/iNews this morning, since they looked to break the news yesterday, but they never followed up. I want to showcase your good work, newsrooms! Oh, and don’t blame LRT.)

Youth charged in Edmonton slaying ward of province (As Paula Simons detailed, the victim also spent time in provincial care.)

from CTV Edmonton:

Job cuts hinted for Alberta teachers (The provincial budget, and its deficit, is starting to loom large for teachers and schools.)

City’s safety compliance team looks to target problem bar patrons (I’ve said it recently, I’ll say it again, I like the new gusto of this team. Meanwhile…at the Blush Lounge…owners think about how to re-open…And at least one city councillor is musing about bar and entertainment districts leading to problems.)

Salads recalled over salmonella contamination concern (Is packaged and processed food getting worse, or are reporting and recall methods getting better?)


An update: The Edmonton Folk Music Festival’s full lineup has been announced.

The Room Comes to #YEG!

Listen you guys, over lo these many years of adulthood, I’ve grown accustomed to some degree of disappointment. As the old saying goes, you can’t always get what you want, and believe me, many a dream has been thwarted in my 70+ years on the planet. But today, I am so, so pleased to tell you that one of my dreams is coming true.

You'll be screaming with excitement over The Room.

That’s because Tommy Wiseau’s masterpiece, “The Room”, is finally hitting the big screen in Edmonton.

So who is the genius responsible for this? Who are these kings among men who finally made it happen?

Let’s all thank the Turkey Shoot guys. If you’re not familiar, Turkey Shoot has been around since 2008, and is a bit of an Edmonton tradition at this point. Each month, Dave Clarke, Jeff Page and friends watch and heckle the very best of the very worst movies, sort of in the tradition of Mystery Science Theater 3000.

Anyway, this Wednesday, they’re taking on The Room, and Dave has even signed up on Twitter strictly for the occasion, just so he can live tweet the whole cinematic debacle. And in that spirit of livetweeting, I asked that Dave (who describes himself as a complete twitter “noob”) answer my questions in 140 characters or less.

SALLY: Tell me what Turkey Shoot is and/or how it started.

DAVE: Turkey Shoot, which for brevity I’ll call TS, started in 2008 at the Metro Cinema. It’s a live version of MST3K. Wait, only 14 left fuck wh

DAVE: K. TS is monthly event we make fun of movies,eg,top gun,ice castles. I’m Dave – actor & musician – the other guy is Jeff. Next THE ROOM!¥€•

SALLY: Why MUST folks come to the screening?

DAVE: Reasons to come. Only $10. 35mm print, Wiseau as MEANT to be seen. Share joy with other fans. Plus you r ENCOURAGED to txt during movie.

SALLY: What is “The Room?”

DAVE: The Room is a 2003 movie with a fast growing cult following. Coz it’s so good. Facebook Turkey Shoot has links. Sal you are mega fan I’m out

I don’t know about you jackals, but I’m sold.

Obviously Jeff and I are going to be there tomorrow night, so if you plan on coming, make sure to drop us an email and say hello. And if you can’t make it, watch for the live-tweeting frenzy that will unfold under hashtag #theroomyeg.  The Turkey Shoot guys are even going to give Twitterville a heads up right before the movie rolls, just in case you, say, own an autographed DVD copy of The Room and would rather watch that while reading the live comments on twitter.

You found us!

If you could read my'd know that I wasn't dead. Oopsie by Canwest. (Great screen grab by

What a day on the Interweb tubes!

First, there was the big Laura Secord story this morning. It’s back in Canadian hands, but we (people on Twitter) discovered that this chocolate has left town.

Thank goodness we have the awesome chocolate of Kerstin and Sweet Lollapalooza to fill our bellies. If it gets cold again I think some drinking chocolate from Kerstin’s is in order… (We’ve also been chatting up Edmonton chocolate spots at our Facebook page.)

Then, this afternoon, Gordon Lightfoot died. For about 25 minutes. Online only.

I love how people are blaming Twitter, an inanimate social media platform, for the rumours. Unless the machines are about to take over I don’t think “Twitter” was spreading rumours. I think people were. And they were using Twitter as they would their voice, e-mail or a pen and paper. Oh, and once you mix in some major news outlets, you get why this can spread. (Check the screen capture, from Winnipeg blog Chris, above.)

Where’s TMZ when you need them? Can Shaw buy that too?

But…onto what I actually wanted to ask you: How’d you get here?

I’ve recently aquired a sweet new BlackBerry, and my venture into the realm of smartphones has been great. I just got an RSS feed reader and I’ve never been more on top of my blog reading!

I also noticed, in our own visit stats (now Edmonton’s 93rd favourite blog), that more people are coming to our website and our stories via our RSS feed rather than just plunking into a browser. That blew me away! Until I got my feed reader.

So, I’m just curious, are you coming to the website directly, following links off Twitter, catching up with us on Facebook or waiting for your RSS reader to alert you?

There are no wrong answers. Heck, you could even be doing some combination of all of that.

But I want answers, Edmonton!

My Twitter is 1

This week, I’ll have been using Twitter for one year.

It seems like only yesterday I was sending out those first tweets about getting on Twitter, and not knowing what Twitter was, and saying “Hi” to the few people I knew on Twitter.

Now I smile when I see a new account and that person has their first “Finally on this thing…” tweet.

This blog has a lot to thank Twitter for. While I was on Twitter (Man, this could be a drinking game…drink whenever I say Twitter.) as myself months before the edmontonian existed, the micro-blogging service has been the biggest source of getting our word out.

Facebook has been good too. And every once and a while we kick up our YouTube channel. Heck, we’re even on Flickr (in name only right now). But Twitter has ruled them all.

It’s been great to send out links to our stories. And there’s always interaction on Twitter about our stories, it doesn’t all have to happen back here.

It”s been even greater to chat with everyone in Edmonton. Yeah, that’s the best part.

People are always linking to the most hilarious memes.

Twitter didn’t seem to have any appeal to me, at first. Then a friend of mine jumped on, and I followed when I wanted to start blogging.

It’s been a great way to engage with all kinds of smart people I’d never have the chance of meeting in the day-to-day world. Not only did our paths cross online, I’ve since met many tweeps out in reality.

I think the conversations (yes, even in 140 character bursts) have been the best part of Twitter for me. I hope to continue the conversation with those I’ve talked with, start new talks, chat with new people, and keep pushing the great ideas that start at 140 characters into the real world.

Not on Twitter? Here’s where you go.

Twitter party, ya’ll

Do you want to know who likes to party?

I endorse this message. I endorse fun.

I endorse this message. I endorse fun.

Twitter people (tweeple, or, tweeps) like to party.

Heck, we do it all the time.

We’re doing it tonight. Come on out.

Tweetups (see what I did there?) are one of the perks of being on Twitter. It’s like having a whole new group of friends. And, unlike Facebook events that nobody shows up to, the tweetups usually have a fair-sized group.

I’ve been a few tweetups now, and I always meet new people. Don’t you want to meet new and exciting people (without having to call late-night chat lines)?

And, while people are certainly tweeting about the latest celebritiy gossip, there’s actually quite a bit of intelligent debate and political discourse happening. Get your (smart) party on.

p.s. tonight’s tweetup is at Ceili’s Irish pub, at 6:30.

They’re reel and they’re fabulous

That headline remains my favourite Edmonton International Film Festival tagline.

Ignore the man reflected in the glass and focus on the MOVIES.

Ignore the man reflected in the glass and focus on the MOVIES.

The EIFF has been busy picking and choosing films for your enjoyment and education.

They’ve got more than 150 movies, so you better hurry and start planning your schedule. Something to note; it sounds like they’ve got more international films than ever before.

There’s also the 24/ONE challenge. This is where people try to create a short film in just 24 hours. A juried selection of 10 will be screened October 2.

Being a film festival there are screenings and showings and parties and galas and more. So hit up their website, poke around the ONLY venue, City Centre Theatre, and get into the glam of movies.

If you’re looking for a handy hand-held Film Fest guide you can pick one up at Second Cups, TIX on the Square, the aforementioned Empire Theatre in City Centre and in the lastest SEE Magazine.

Don’t forget to tell us what’s good and what movies we should be seeing. Drop us a line in the comments or tell everyone on Twitter with the hashtag #eiff.


Scrambled #yeg

This is the second in a burgeoning series of Edmonton photos. Basically, I see stuff that’s weird, hilarious, though-provoking, or just plain Edmonton and it appears here every now and again.

There never seems to be a shortage of odd things.

That’s a nice basket of rocks you’ve got there.


The next one was kind of funny at first. Then we found a second cough syrup bottle at Clareview Station and it wasn’t as funny.

Spotted on the Clareview LRT grounds.

Spotted on the Clareview LRT grounds.

And this cough syrup bottle was found on the LRT tracks.

This cough syrup bottle was on the LRT tracks.

I’ve had this one for a while. This mask was found at the University. Surely that means it has something to do with education of some sort. Right?

In case of emergency, find this mask at the U of A.

In case of emergency, find this mask at the U of A.

Remember when this guy (and his pal) were on the main level of the City Centre mall? Now they’ve been relegated to the back corner of the smaller food court. Sorry buddy.

It ain't what it used to be, because they put you in the basement.

It ain't what it used to be, because they put you in the basement.

I think, by this point, our love-hate relationship with Commerce Place and its Jasper Avenue doors is documented. That they have but one door, of four, operational on the city’s main downtown street is funny, but not “ha-ha” funny. Oh, Commerce Place…

Two doors broken, one door saw-horsed. You're next, remaining door.

Two doors broken, one door saw-horsed. You're next, remaining door.

And for those wondering, #yeg is a Twitter reference. Get on Twitter, already.

Wowzer traffic delays

The story today is about the changes coming to Calgary Trail and 23 Avenue, as construction of the interchange continues.

Well, Chad certainly showed everyone (at least, everyone on Twitter) that things aren’t pretty down that way.

Yikes. This is totally one of those times I’m happy to be car-free, living and working in the centre of the city.


Get your Twestival on

twestivallocalTonight is Twestival Local!

Don’t have any idea of the gibberish I’m talking about? Check this.

Now that you’ve got some idea of what it is (a get together of Twitter folk, to raise money for a local cause) you’ll know tonight’s event is a fundraiser for the Youth Emergency Shelter Society, as voted by Edmonton tweeters. This is a local version of Twitter’s fundraiser for charity: water from earlier this year, which was a world-wide effort.

Buy your tickets in advance here. You can also get in at the door, and you can also donate more money if you’d like.

For all of Edmonton’s Tweetups, follow the edmontontweetup account on Twitter.

Symphony Under the Sky

SSUTSI have never considered myself smart or cultured enough to enjoy something as high end as the symphony. I envision any attempt I make to go to the symphony as being received about as well as Julia Roberts shopping for clothes in Pretty Woman.

“I’m sorry, Samsonow, We have nothing for you here. Please leave.”

But this weekend, there’s an event that may change my mind.

First off, “Symphony under the Sky” is in Hawrelak Park. So tuxedos and evening gowns (or whatever people wear to such events) are out. It’s a park, the weather is supposed to be decent (it better be, Classen!) and the atmosphere is casual. Interested? You’re interested. (more…)

Big Valley Stage Collapse

So by now, we all obviously know about the tragic scene this weekend at the Big Valley Jamboree. There’s not much to say about it, besides how deeply saddened we are that such a beloved event wound up costing someone’s life, and that there are now reports that the province is calling for a probe into what caused the collapse.

The thing I’d like to mention about Big Valley, which is kind of unrelated to the nuts and bolts news of it, is that Jeff and I actually heard about the stage collapse while casually checking Twitter. Over the course of the night, we watched as information was tweeted and retweeted from the concert site, including photographs of the scene and initial injury counts. People offered consolation to panicked family and friends, and other reconnected online.

This was particularly interesting to me because, regardless of the accuracy of the information being put forward, it allowed people to connect as a community during a really horrible moment. Not only could you check on your friend at #BVJ and make sure they were alright, people (myself included) who had no connection to the event whatsoever could feel like they were doing SOMETHING by re-tweeting information or offering their sympathies to worried onlookers. It was a lot better than watching the shocking scene unfold alone in my living room and feeling helpless.

Picture 1

There were also some claims that cell providers (specifically Rogers) had shut down cellular service, allowing only for emergency calls (we ourselves re-tweeted this one, figuring that even if it wasn’t true, it would go a long way towards easing the minds of frightened friends and family). Telus Mobility’s Chris Gerritsen says that, at least for Telus, this wasn’t the case. He attributes any difficulty getting through to a sudden influx of calls.

“We’ve got a robust network, of course,” he says. “But there aren’t an infinite number of lines.”

(Rogers Wireless never returned my call).

Anyway, for those following events on Twitter, much of the information from Big Valley came by way of Vancouver singer Jessie Farrell, who was there performing. I exchanged e-mails with her Sunday.

“I was using my cell,” wrote Farrell. “Most of my tweets were from the convention centre. We ran there from our trailer when we saw the stage collapse.”

“I’m very active online. I tweet and am on Facebook daily. Twitter was the easiest way to let people know what was going on. I know a lot of people I’m connected to had people they knew at [Big Valley Jamboree] so I wanted to let them know what I knew.”

She added that the response to her tweets were overwhelmingly positive.

“Mostly people were sending their prayers and wishes for everyone to be safe… The organizers and first responders were all amazing. They did a truly fantastic job. Of course I would return to BVJ. This was a tragic freak occurance.”

FTW – No Doubt Tickets


proof of tickets!

YES, my friends. It’s true. We have a pair of tickets to the Paramore/No Doubt show tomorrow night at Rexall place that we’re just itchin’ to give away. But before we get to that, I have to give you a little backstory.

So I’m in a band. And the drummer in that band is my good friend, Ryan Dunford. Ryan and his lovely wife, Miss Kristin Reeves, had tickets to see No Doubt. Good ones, too (Sec.122, Row 17, seats 22 & 23). But sadly, Ryan and Kristin can’t go – so they want you to enjoy it in their place. Thanks Dunfords!

In the interest of time and fairness (and acquiring more followers on twitter), we’re going to have a draw. And in order to qualify for the draw, you crazy kids have to get on twitter, and send out this message:

@theedmontonian GIVE ME THE NO DOUBT TIX! #dunfordisadrumgod

Don’t feel weird about this; trust me, HE IS.

We’ll make the draw at 3:00 p.m. – and we’ll announce the winner at 3:30 p.m. We’ll also notify the winner via twitter DM, and arrange for pickup.

As always, if you’ve won in the last 30 days, you can’t win this one. Sorry, winners. …can’t win ’em all? (groan).



Another beautiful photo from our BF Ryan @ grandefullbody (click photo for link to his site)

A quick question for you guys before we get started today: what would make local media coverage better?

Now, I’m after specifics here, not just “…it could be more …good?” Because you people are better than that. Also because that gets us nowhere. I’m a big believer that you don’t get to criticize without offering a better suggestion – so speak up, silent majority. We’re not mind readers, for God’s sake. What would you like to see that isn’t available yet, or at least isn’t available EVERYWHERE yet?

Help us, Edmonton. Help us to help you. Please leave your responses in the comments, or let us know on twitter, under hashtag #makelocalmediabetter.