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September 6 Edmonton Headlines

Good morning, Edmonton, and welcome back to the work week.

How do you commute to work? Is speed your choice? Cost? Convenience? (There’s also a video.)

Here are some updates on Edmonton’s transportation network.

All this commuting stuff comes with the end of the Journal’s summer series on the suburbs. Living on the Edge looked at everything from commuting, to density, shopping, churches, who’s moving to the ‘burbs, and what’s working well out there.

If you followed the series at all, or are about to dive into it, there’s a survey you can fill out. I’d suggest filling out the survey if you appreciate long-form, in-depth reporting like Living on the Edge.


Wow. Could it really be?

Could the old Esso (Imperial Oil) lot at the corner of Whyte Avenue and 105 Street finally be moving toward sale? After more than a decade is the contaminated land finally going to be ready for new development? It’s a miracle!

And it’s a good reason why the City of Edmonton needs more and tougher rules for contaminated lots, or “brownfields,” and owners who would let properties sit vacant for more than a couple of years. (This one has sat empty and dirty for 13 years.)


Edmonton Police are going to start using black and white cruisers.

Alberta festivals, including a couple of Edmonton big ones, are getting some federal funding.

News on new beers after the jump. (more…)

Hang Up and Drive Headlines

I guess, more accurately, that headline should “Hang up, put down the sandwich, don’t do your hair and makeup, shave before you get into the car, stop tweeting on your iPad and drive.” Yes, Alberta’s new distracted driving law takes effect today. It’s a $172 ticket, so keep your eyes on the road.

Alberta is not the first province to have this kind of law.


Edmonton councillors will talk about the community revitalization levy (CRL) in October. This is the tax zone that’s supposed to help fund the downtown arena downtown revitalization projects. I hope it goes through and we finally see something productive happen on 104 Street, at 109 Street, at the old Canada Post property, with LRT expansion, and…what? That stuff is already happening?

Are you sure? I mean, how can it happen without an arena?

Speaking of LRT…Engineering design is to begin on Edmonton’s expanding LRT system.

Edmonton’s deficit for the year is improving.

One community in each of Edmonton’s five police divisions is going to get a little more policing. This is part of a new crime reduction strategy from the Edmonton Police Service. The EPS, by the way, is stretched thin trying to solve this year’s extra homicides.

I’m a little boggled on this one. Three Edmonton newsrooms (the Sun, CTV, and CHED/iNews) have a story today on a fatality report being released. Yet, CBC had it two weeks ago. Just a strange delay.


This school year will be the first for public education in Morinville. Which sounds really weird when I read that back. (Today is the first day of school for most students.)

A new way to move patients through the University Hospital faster will likely be applied at other hospitals after successful wait time reductions. We’re also performing more surgeries in Alberta.

Being the start of a new month all the monthly magazines are out with new issues. Alberta Venture’s got a look at the Slave Lake fire.


The photocopiers were flying, more textbooks are likely to be required, and more online links will be provides, because the University of Alberta’s getting out of its copyright agreement with Access Copyright. (Also, check out that new Gateway website! They’ve also got a refresher on top U of A summer stories.)

U of A students are depressed, not getting exercise, and not eating enough fruits and vegetables. But they’re not doing as many drugs as you may think.

The U of A’s Faculty of Arts is cutting some language classes to save money.


Libraries are not just “warehouses for books” anymore.

And that library story probably has a tie-in to this one about Blockbuster closing their remaining Canadian stories. (Locally, you can still find movies at Videodrome and The Movie Studio.)


Global Youth Assembly 2011

Yes, Edmonton, it’s that time again. Time for a Global Youth Assembly.

Every two years our city gets to plays host to 800 young folks from across Canada and 30+ countries around the world who look to Ignite Change Now! Make the jump for conference details and a music video. (more…)

July 14 Edmonton Headlines

It’s a busy news day, with plenty of big stories in Edmonton, so let’s get this going.

Developers don’t like “The Way We Green” – the City of Edmonton’s environmental plan. Suburban development would actually carry its full cost? We’d be more like San Francisco? Geez, why WOULDN’T we do this?!

Over in Alberta Venture, Preston Manning is arguing that business needs to think more about the environment.

The Premier (still Ed Stelmach at this time) says the provincial government won’t be putting direct money into Edmonton’s downtown arena. There might be some infrastructure money though. I would take that to mean helping with LRT, sewers, and roads. If Gary Mar becomes the next Progressive Conservative there also won’t be money for the arena’s construction. And the federal government already turned down the opportunity to put $100-million into a new home for the Oilers.

Speaking of starchitecture…the Bank of Montreal building at Jasper and 101 Street is indeed going to be demolished. The City’s planning department issued demolition permits to the new owners, which caught the heritage department off-guard. A campaign sprung up to save the 48-year-old building, but it will soon be a parkade. Yes, a parkade.

If the building had been 50-years-old it could have been protected as historic. So, the City probably needs to better communicate between departments and loosen the 50-year rule. (They also need to toughen up the penalties for owners who let buildings waste away.) If not, we will become a temporary city which continually replaces anything of note or worth. (Probably with more of those great beige buildings we have so many of downtown.)

Do we have to make everyone in the planning department watch our “history” episode to learn that old stuff can be cool?

Speaking of knocking down buildings

Alright, more news coming right up. (Told you there was lots today.) (more…)

Two Years of Edmonton Headlines

Stick around and we'll play some tunes.

Good Wednesday to you, Edmonton. Today marks two years of these here Headlines. How’s it going to for you, still digging them?

Since we first started I’ve tweaked one or two things, including moving away from slotting in the stories under the newsrooms they’re from, and zinging the newsrooms all of the time. Now I try to just zing the newsmakers and stories.

Thoughts, comments, and requests are always welcome.

Now, on with the news!

Will we have two Walterdale Bridges? Could the old one (the current, green one) become a hub of food and shops for people crossing the river and enjoying a built-up Rossdale neighbourhood once the EPCOR building is gone? Sounds neat, but the timelines might not match up.

We do have a new food spot in the river valley though, in Louise McKinney Park.

OK…the Mayor was talking about making it easier to move to the suburbs, and now he wants to get rid of traffic lights so he can get around in his car without having to be driven “nuts.” What’s up with all this?

You might have noticed a lot of black smoke over the downtown yesterday afternoon. There was a big apartment fire that sent four residents and two firefighters to hospital.

The University of Alberta’s leading the way with its National Institute for Nanotechnology.


We were talking yesterday about the need to turn away from gangs and criminals, report them to police when they break the law or kill someone, and an elder on the Samson Cree First Nation is saying just that in Hobbema. He’s saying it because a child was shot dead while sleeping inside a home. People may fear retaliation, but the larger the problem gets, the longer things go on without killers going to prison, the larger the risk of dying while doing nothing.

Edmonton also had a man killed this year who was not the intended target.

I’d still call triathlete Paula Findlay’s MRI a healthcare queue jump. Sure, it’s nice she’s a sports star and chose to have it done in the public healthcare system, but if she could have gotten “an immediate MRI scan if she had gone to an emergency room…” she should have gone to an emergency room.

Perhaps an answer here is to ensure athletes, professional and amateur have a line to healthcare since it’s part of their job. In terms of amateur athletes, maybe representatives on provincial or national teams and levels could land that pseudo-workers’ comp.

It has been a tough year in Alberta for disasters. Central Alberta is now flooded (there’s flooding in northern Alberta too, and fires).


If you’re looking for patios (you know, when the sun eventually returns) Edmonton’s got three new ones – at three restaurants I quite enjoy.

July 12 Edmonton Headlines

Hello Edmonton!

Speed on green cameras are back! Govern your driving accordingly. (And this will likely help balance the police and City budgets because we all know you’re going to get caught speeding.)

It’s raining and raining but the last decade was still too dry, and we lost plenty of trees.

As the war in Afghanistan, or, rather, the Canadian military’s fighting role in Afghanistan, comes to a close, there will be plenty of looks back at what was accomplished. Edmonton’s military base certainly played a central role since the first invasion of Afghanistan in 2001.

The observatory at the University of Alberta has a permanent home. Though, I’m sure they’ve heard that one before.

If you notice a guy sitting outside of SUB at the University of Alberta campus it’s because he’s on a hunger strike, looking to get a PhD supervisor.

A very public killing has resulted in a teen getting the maximum youth sentence for second degree murder. That’s seven years, with four in custody and three under community supervision. Meanwhile…in adult court…a Sherwood Park woman gets five years in prison for driving drunk and killing two people – one in her car and one in an oncoming vehicle.


Triathlete Paula Findlay got an MRI right away for her sore hip. The head of diagnostic imaging in Edmonton says anybody with a potential injury on load-bearing joints can get one right away to avoid bone breaks. But, when you throw in the fact 450 people are waiting to get an MRI each week, and Findlay’s father is a doctor who helped get the medical scan set up it does raise some questions about healthcare wait times and queues.

Speaking of diagnostic imaging…there’s a new cardiac MRI at the Mazankowski Heart Institute… Paula Findlay has already given it a whirl. (I’m kidding!)

Alberta’s Persons with Developmental Disabilities program (or PDD) is under scrutiny after the Journal discovered a man’s violent tendencies were never disclosed to the agency providing his care in Camrose. He is alleged to have killed his caregiver – though he found mentally unfit to stand trial.

South of the city, the Chief of the Samson Cree First Nation at Hobbema lost his five-year-old grandson in a shooting. The boy was just sleeping in his bed. For years, Hobbema has been plagued by violent gangs – and this is not the first child hit by a bullet while inside a home – and this comes as RCMP report they were making progress. Just like Edmonton’s Somali community (among others) needs to turn its back on gangs and realize there’s as much risk reporting criminals as not, Hobbema residents who want to live in peace need to keep up the struggle.

RCMP in Vegreville are cleared after shooting a man dead, and the judge in the inquiry is making no suggestions for similar situations in the future.


Internet rates are up for debate with the CRTC. This is the follow-up to the CRTC’s decision to allow the big Internet companies to all but wipe-out unlimited Internet plans from smaller companies.

Wow. Most of the news today is a real downer.

July 5 Edmonton Headlines

There is a fist joke here. But I'm taking the high road.

Good morning Edmonton. All caught up after the long weekend, are we?

Canada Post’s strike and lockout can be blamed for delaying at least one hearing at City Hall. Though, the councillors and staff who put the matter over should be thanked for doing so, since they probably could have gone ahead.

MacEwan’s got a neat summer program. They run a “get ready for post-secondary school” week for aboriginal students making the transition to college and university.

More bike lanes! (And paths. And connections.)

Edmonton’s Big Brothers, Big Sisters, and Boys & Girls Club are all the same organization now.

The U of A’s first chair of Islamic Studies has died while overseas.

An Edmonton school, and a Beaumont one, is off to England for some Shakespeare.

Triathletes heading down to Hawrelak Park this weekend might not be swimming in bird poop. Well, not as much bird poop.


For the public healthcare supporters (which is most of us, I presume) you can’t get a better example of private healthcare than a bunch of seniors being evicted.

The province’s top cancer doctor (top as in head the head of administration) is retiring after four decades in medicine.

Yeah, an oil spill would probably hurt support of an oil pipeline. Speaking of spills…Alberta’s got a nice big role in the ones that happened on federally-regulated lines

A new deal between the federal government and the provinces should bring more than $150-million to Alberta to build affordable housing.

While a couple of the Progressive Conservative leadership candidates (Alison Redford and Gary Mar) are stacking up the money, Doug Horner is showing off his Tory MLA supporters.

If you don’t want to get hit by lightning, stay out of Thorsby.

Long weekend…driving blitz…lots of tickets… You’d think that since it’s always the same story on long weekends police would just enforce the rules of the road in full-force all of the time. Instead of every couple of weekends.

There’s a shortlist for the team to build the new Royal Alberta Museum.


Edmonton’s got some serious tacos going on now.

June 24 Edmonton Headlines

The river is high and fast. And kind of cool to look at.


Edmonton Transit is serious about making things better.

Not necessarily their service or routes, but fining people more for putting their feet on seats. Or eating on transit property. (WHAT?!) And not paying fares.

I shall take this time to repeat my oft-made comment about installing turnstiles in the LRT stations. A little more money right now, but you’d make more from everyone who currently skips onto the train without paying, which is, let’s be honest, really easy and without much consequence. Then security officers could focus on transit station and trouble spots more.

You might not have to move to Chicago, and live near Wrigley Field, to see a ball game from your home. Speaking of new neighbourhoods…think the City Centre Airport lands could be one of the next great communities around? And surplus school sites could continue to be built up as places to live.

As an add-on to the story about TELUS putting $20-million into fixing up and expanding one of its two towers (Ha! Lord of the Rings pun.) at 100 Street, ATB is sticking around Edmonton’s downtown.

The next stop for Edmonton garbage is into the Mr. Fusion.

More police officers are being sent to 107 Avenue neighbourhoods to try and stem the violent crime in that area.

A pair of Edmonton police officers may be looking at internal investigations, at least, after a judge tossed out one of two charges against a man who took a beating during an arrest.

The use of Twitter is being credited with finding a missing Edmonton boy. And folks say social media and the Internet are time-wasters…


I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, saving money is for suckers.

In the aftermath of a criminal case against an RCMP officer, the Alberta government is being asked to review the crown’s work in court.

In Ottawa, the Supreme Court of Canada just gave the crown attorney more power in plea bargains by saying the deal could be changed or yanked after agreement with the defence.

The U of A has its first-ever female neurosurgery graduate. The first in 50 years of the program.


Canada Post, I have just about forgotten you existed.

June 17 Edmonton Headlines

Yeah, this is what I’d call a Friday.

Edmonton’s City Centre Airport redevelopment should take a big step forward with the selection of the design firm which will plan the new neighbourhood. (City councillors couldn’t decide the last time this was before them, so let’s wait and see if they really can make the call next week.)

LRT planning continues, and City staff will be asking for money to buy land to lay down the new tracks. Meanwhile…on the current LRT line…yes, yes, yes! get some businesses into the stations.

Members of Edmonton’s Somali community say the Edmonton Police Service should hire some Somali-Edmontonians to help solve the many murders involving young men in their neighbourhoods. Speaking homicide…half of Edmonton high number of 2011 killings have been solved by police. Speaking of police…they’ll be training officers to better deal with drunk people in the downtown.

Sewer and water fees, your sewer and water fees, are likely to jump way up.

There won’t be a “Big Garbage Pick-Up” day anytime soon. Speaking of garbage…how much “junk” can you have in your yard before neighbours ask the City to ask you to clean it up.

The University of Alberta’s, allegedly, plagiarizing medical dean is stepping down from the position, and will have a four month leave of absence before he likely returns to the school in a teaching position.

Edmonton’s BioWare has been hacked.

Check out this crazy moth found around Edmonton.


Will Alberta be one of the first places to slap a pricetag on water?

Some doctors are trying to make it easier for immigrants and people who don’t speak English or French to navigate the healthcare system, while others are trying to lower your expectations (they can’t all be Dr. House).

After earlier confirming that missing woman Rene Gunning, last seen at West Edmonton Mall, had been found dead in northwestern Alberta, the medical examiner is now confirming the remains found close by were that of Gunning’s companion, Krystle Knott. Project KARE, a police task force investing the death and disappearance of people in high-risk lifestyles (drugs, prostitution, hitchhiking) is on this case.

How does Alberta private liquor industry stack up against government-owned B.C. and Ontario? Why isn’t anyone else privatizing?

CN’s going to be riding more rails in Alberta.


The Vancouver riot “kissing couple” have been identified.

And finally, a former Canadian Sentator is off to jail.

June 14 Edmonton Headlines

Better late then never, and all that.

The City of Edmonton could be making its way toward a smoking ban in more public places, including parks and playgrounds.

The University of Alberta is investigating a dean of the medical school after he lifted parts of another doctor’s speech for a convocation address. While it certainly wasn’t a paper or report, it’s going to be interesting to see how the U of A deals with this, since you know they’ve got to be tough on students who plagiarize.

I understand that book publishers gots to get paid, but are they really going to get rich on the back of libraries like those in Edmonton and in St. Albert?

Is Edmonton’s younger generation picking up the garden trowel?

We love to shop. Or live to shop. Or do a lot of shopping.

An Edmonton boy is off to the U.S. National Braille Challenge.


It appears Alberta’s opposition parties agree on more things than they might think. Will they use that to their advantage to defeat the long-ruling Progressive Conservatives though?

Meanwhile…in the Hall of Integrity…the outgoing Alberta Liberal Leader wants the province to have an Integrity Commissioner to watch over the government’s actions and provide a safe place for whistleblowers to report wrongdoing and waste.

Will car insurance go up or down? Up or down?

Stop moving all of your crazy Medicine Hat plants to Edmonton.


The consequences of indifference.

Heading out of the country this summer? Telus is going to save you some money by cutting their high roaming fees.

If you’re worried about whether you’re being scammed, there’s an app for that. (Although, wouldn’t it be hilariously ironic if the app cost thousands of dollars?)

You ever come home to find your lawn gone?

Air Canada’s got itself a service staff strike. So, keep that in mind when trying to book tickets (and keep it in mind when other Air Canada staff are grumpy).


June 6 Edmonton Headlines

Welcome to the new week, Edmonton.

City Hall saw a protest this weekend, as Edmontonians rallied against the use of tax dollars to pay for the Oilers’ new downtown arena and the abruptness of the decision from city council to move ahead. Another rally happened this weekend (what a political weekend!) at the Alberta Legislature (though it made its way to City Hall), as the “Slut Walk” hit Edmonton. And Edmontonians also walked, and raised money, to fight poverty.

On the arena…while many tout that the City will only be paying $125-million to build it (updated from $100-million, thanks to that City comment…a Monday morning math slip on my part),with $100-million from Oilers owner Daryl Katz, $125-million in a ticket tax, and $100-million in mystery money, the actual construction costs have to be paid by someone which may call for more City tax money or more provincial money. Perhaps in a loan.

A third Somali-Edmontonian has been killed this year. The Somali community has seen a dozen young men murdered or killed in the last few years, mostly due to connections to drugs and gangs. Meanwhile…at police headquarters…the Acting Police Chief is reassuring us that if we steer clear of street drugs and criminals we shouldn’t be at a high-risk to be murdered. (And he’s not the acting chief after today, since our new police chief begins work Monday.)

Nine years later…an Edmonton police officer will indeed face disciplinary charges for a 2002 Tasering

Next up, CYCLOTRONS! (more…)

Long Tuesday Headlines

How was that long weekend for you, Edmonton? Ready to kick things off with some downtown arena? Of course you are.

There are people upset about the downtown arena decision, including some councillors who feel the vote came out of nowhere and was forced upon them in a private meeting. Can’t wait for the instant revitalization of an arena? Perhaps look at some smaller projects and initiatives that would do a lot. Northlands is broke. That’s probably not going to help their arguments in all of this.

The downtown LRT connector through Chinatown (specifically, along 102 Avenue) continues to be a point of contention.

I’m not sure if more police on the street will help prevent crimes of passion; murders that happen between family or friends, but Edmonton sure needs something different. We had homicides 22 and 23 last week and on the weekend.

An Edmonton doctor is working on some really big stem-cell research which could help improve the lungs of prematurely born children.

Smaller, independent restaurants are a little shocked at how much it costs to get a Heart and Stroke Foundation checkmark on their menus.


With the Slave Lake fire occupying much of our news space the last couple of weeks, it’s good to have a little historical context and look back at one of the biggest-ever

Meanwhile…evacuees are looking at what remains of their town…finding new places to call temporary home…and landing some relief money from the Alberta government…cool, rainier weather is helpful in fighting forest fires…many people have been opening their wallets to help…And Slave Lake resident, Cousin, was at Hip Hop in the Park this weekend, representing his hometown

Sometimes a story like the current fire happens, and you’re the guy steps away from the big one…This weekend the Edmonton Journal put out a special insert on Slave Lake.


Alberta teachers are being asked to accept five-years of fixed salary increases. And these one wouldn’t be tied into average weekly earnings (as the most recent deal was).

Another day another report questioning the health risks of the oilsands.

It only took a couple of years, but the Alberta government is finally rolling out a campaign to try and educate people about sexually transmitted infections (STIs), of which we are tops in Canada. Meanwhile…in other health news…The Calgary Herald wants the provincial government to fund fertility treatments.

Saving money is for suckers.

Alberta’s film and television industry is trying to remain a big deal. (Hey, next weekend is the Rosies.)

Don’t forget that we’re getting a new Premier of Alberta this year (whether there’s a general election or not). Well, look at that. And that too.

Service Alberta’s got a couple of consumer warnings about a pair of contractors.


If you’re hearing about the massive tornado that hit Joplin, Missouri (among the deadline in U.S. history – in an already busy tornado season) wondering what you can do, you can always look online for ways to help.

Alright, let’s end things on a good note, with this story about Catholic Social Services and the Rotary Centre for New Canadians, and this one about a U of A student picking up a prestigious scholarship.

May 10 Edmonton Headlines

Sweeper, EdmontonThere’s some murder and death in today’s news. Tough to avoid it today.

It’s going to cost a lot to preserve pieces of Edmonton’s history. And the City doesn’t have the cash to do it alone.

Work continues to get Edmonton’s neighbourhoods upgraded.

Attending games at Commonwealth Stadium may end up costing you an extra dollar or two. But you may find yourself in a much more comfortable seat.

Portions of Edmonton’s river valley are closed to a Project KARE investigation (that’s the task force investigating the disappearance of “high-risk” individuals in the capital region).

Edmonton police have determined homicide, and tampering with a gas line, was behind an explosion in the Lago Lindo neighbourhood last summer.

It doesn’t happen often in the courts, but the crown and the defense agree that a man should not be held criminally responsible for killing his wife because of “heavy metal toxicity.”

The investigation of the suicide of an Edmonton-based soldier is going to investigated, after his family complained the Canadian military didn’t try to help the soldier. Meanwhile…at the University of Alberta…the school is the first in Canada to create a chair for rehabilitation of injuries to soldiers


The Green Party of Canada says the company behind the largest oil spill in 40 years has a dismal record outside of Canada. The Environment Minister isn’t worried about how companies may operate outside of Alberta.

It’s kind of neat how much Alberta Conservative minister Ron Liepert likes superboards. He was health minister when the regional boards were scrapped (and now, just a couple of years later decision-making power is being returned to regional levels) and now as the Energy Minister he’s pushing for a board to oversee all oil, gas, energy, and mineral files.

As new power lines are proposed and planned there are warnings about how much that could cost us on our power bills.


Perhaps one day, soonish, we will be able to text 911 in an emergency.

This summer, you can take a trip to a new city within Edmonton. It’s called Fringeopolis.

Oh, and there’s a new hotel in the west end.

May 6 Edmonton Headlines

Another week is in the books Edmonton. And after that federal election on Monday, it’s been a little quieter in the news.

The Health Quality Council of Alberta says more has to be done at the Edmonton International Airport before the City Centre Airport can shut-down to medevac flights. That’s not all that’s happening on the City Centre Airport front…Envision Edmonton is appealing the latest court ruling that its year-late petition wasn’t valid…and the Edmonton Flying Club is suing the City over the pending closure of the municipal airport.

On Edmonton, Winnipeg, and Quebec City and the NHL: “If somebody is willing to write off all your expenses, you don’t need quite as much revenue to cover those expenses.” Yeah, that pretty much sums up the downtown arena debate. What private business WOULDN’T want government to pay for its new office? Also to keep in mind, the capital budget is going to be full of tough decisions for future City projects.

The City is going to be looking at covering up smoking products and bongs in window displays.

The city is supposed to be one of the hottest economies by year’s end.

An Edmonton bus driver, viciously beaten by a passenger, says he isn’t ready to go back to work and that’s put his Workers Compensation benefits in jeopardy.

Edmonton police have released a sketch of a person of interest in reports of the latest attempted abduction at Montrose School.

Get ready for the last phase of the 23 Avenue interchange construction. Which means some diversion for drivers.

An Edmonton soldier disappeared while on a run in the river valley.

The Alberta government is being told not to rely on oil and energy revenues for day-to-day stuff. Oh, now that it’s in a report I’m sure they’ll listen.

Speaking of oil…the Premier’s criticizing the company behind the largest oil spill in the last four decades…

And speaking of energy…coal is potentially going to be a hot topic if the federal government moves to shut down plants that 45-years-old.


The Telus World of Science is going to expand. Big time.

The University of Alberta is looking at better design, to help make our homes accessible to all.

Election Day Headlines


I am lobbying Parliament to pass a law allowing me to punch people in the face if they don't vote. You can bet Gregg Beever is voting today.

No, seriously, go vote. It’s the federal election today.

Seems like all the papers and newsrooms issuing editorials are backing the Conservatives, and calling for a Conservative majority. We here at the edmontonian are going to get all objective on this one (I know, journalism irony) and just tell you to vote. Get informed and vote.

Remember that you elect a local MP, not the Prime Minister, so choose a representative that you can get a hold of, you see in the neighbourhood, aligns with your values, and won’t just tow the party line (that last one does eliminate most of the Conservatives under a strict Stephen Harper).

Oh, and I personally think we should get on board with the idea of minority governments and coalitions. You won’t have unpredictable election dates if MPs know they have just about zero-chance at forming a majority.

Also, file your taxes.

Now, outside of the election, let’s see what else is going on… (more…)

April 5 Edmonton News

Good day to you, Edmonton!

Because we heard that Daryl Katz may not increase the ticket tax to help pay for a new downtown arena, I shall reiterate our earlier business plan. I think it’s becoming more viable.

The City’s 311 phoneline has been busy with arena phone calls.

Will councillors be ready to decide on an arena this week? Probably not.

My favourite headline today: Katz hits new level of arena weirdness

Just wait until the big meeting at City Hall. Think about all the arena headlines we are going to see tomorrow and Thursday! (Yay?)

We need more buses!

Speaking of traffic delays…leaving the city won’t help you.

A photo radar and Checkstop texting-based warning system could become popular here. Or you could not speed as much or drink and drive.

Before the next real estate boom hits you’re probably going to want to put in a bid on my condo.

The co-founder of I-Dance is an interesting Edmontonian.

With no new money coming from the Alberta government for the next school year, some University of Alberta faculties will be looking at cuts. (more…)

March 30 Edmonton Headlines

Good morning, Edmonton. Let’s start with some good news before diving into the rest of it, including the federal election. Our city’s expanding transit system helped bump us up on MoneySense’s annual look at the best cities to live in. I’m sure low taxes and high job prospects helped more, but I like to think people dig transit.

Edmonton Oilers fans have already been getting used to hearing the new guy call games, but now Rod Phillips officially hangs up his voice.

Pharmacies are being robbed more frequently, and money is often not the target of the criminals.

Does being fined for overcrowding just mean you’re super-popular?

To the federal election-mobile! (more…)

Orgasm Inc. (safe for work)

Orgasm Inc., movie poster

I know you like a good freebie, Edmonton, and a free movie is pretty sweet.

Over at at the University of Alberta tonight you can watch Orgasm Inc., a documentary about the pharmaceutical industry’s push to cure female sexual dysfunction, medical marketing campaigns, and, of course, sexual pleasure. Following the screening there will be a discussion and presentations from smart folks from places like CJSR’s Adamant Eve, and our friends at The Traveling Tickle Trunk.

Documentary and discussion? Smartest Tuesday night ever.

While the movie is free, donations will be accepted for local feminist group the Edmonton Rebelles.

March 25 Edmonton Headlines (and a rant)

Good morning, Edmonton, and welcome to the end of another fine week.

After a few comments about the City of Edmonton’s downtown arena web pages in yesterday’s Headlines I think that’s where I’ll start today. Because I can’t just go into the weekend without fussing.


March 22 Edmonton Headlines

Does that stretch of non-frozen river look like a duck wearing a top hat. At the top there. See it?

More LRT trains! More LRT trains!

More people living downtown means more shops and services will follow. Also, more green space.

The hours of the Cromdale liquor store have been reduced in order to try and curb alcohol-fuelled violence.

People are paying less for hotel rooms in Edmonton.


Albertans wait longer for surgeries. Except when it comes to hip fracture repair; that’s where we shine.

Dr. Raj Sherman has a prescription for electoral reform. It does not include more cowbell. The opposition continues to seek answers on doctor intimidation too.

Alberta’s environment is in good hands. Meanwhile…in the ground…drilling is off to a big start in Alberta this year.

No, we will not have hunt farms. But the government should consider retiring bill numbers that stick in people’s minds because of previous incarnations.


Come on, coalition government

Students at the University of Alberta are making the switch to Gmail (officially). The same students fund a refugee program that allows one student to study at the U of A each year. And, hey, students can get their taxes done for free. (Man, I really need to get on top of my taxes…)

Speaking of the U of A (just a little bit more, anyway)…they’ve got a new, crazy 3D running machine that will help identify how injured folks can better rehab their bodies.

Don’t forget that this Thursday is Twestival. And you can help raise money for the Red Cross in Japan by eating pizza today.



Edmonton Ides Headlines

Tuesday morning and we’re going to get right to it!

I’m going to start with a couple of provincial stories, since I think they’re pretty important.

The opposition parties continue to push, together, for more healthcare answers from the governing Alberta Conservatives. In the Legislature the opposition got an emergency debate on healthcare (which pushes aside the business of the day). The pressure mounts for a full public inquiry into our provincial government’s handling of healthcare, especially as it pertains to doctors who challenge budgets policies, with more doctors coming forward and found to have claimed they were being silenced.

It’s a step in the right direction for temporary foreign workers. A small portion will be able to remain in Alberta after applying to the provincial government – not their employer – for permanent residency. Alberta’s got around 65,000 people here for temporary work.

Now, right into Edmonton we go.

(First, more on the Ides of March.) (more…)

Monday Edmonton Headlines

For a Monday, we’ve got a lot of news to catch up on. So let’s get to it, Edmonton.

It sort of quietly happened on Friday afternoon, but Envision Edmonton lost its court bid over the City Centre Airport. Pending appeal, and probably a lawsuit or two, this means the re-development goes ahead. We should find out in spring which design the new neighbourhood will get.

The Journal’s Gary Lamphier has some good questions about the downtown arena. Namely, for a project that’s kicked around for a few years, how can so many questions remain unanswered? And why are no other business owners stepping forward to say they want to be a part of the downtown arena district?

That last one gives me serious concerns about what kind of tax lift a community revitazlization levy would be able to produce to pay off all the city tax dollars proposed with the current Katz Group plan.

Still with the downtown arena, how about that City communications plan?

Now, away from two of the most contentious projects in recent times… (more…)

March 2 Edmonton Headlines


It may be stupid-balls cold, but it's still sunny at 6pm. That's something.

Sure it’s still very much winter, but spring is coming (eventually) and that will mean road construction.

This year’s big construction project is 99 Street and Scona Road (99 Street between Saskatchewan Drive and the Low Level Bridge), and it’s going to impact a lot of people. The stretch of road will be going down to one lane in each direction next month, then shutting completely to all but local traffic (the people living off 99 Street or going to the Old Timer’s Cabin) for the summer and most of the year.

Hey, look at that, Sally talked about it a little with the Journal. They left out the best stuff she said though.

Like “I am on a drug – it’s called Sally Poulsen. It’s not available because if you try it, you will die. Your face will melt off and your children will weep over your exploded body.” and “If you borrowed my brain for five seconds, you’d be like, ‘Dude! Can’t handle it, unplug this bastard!’ It fires in a way that’s maybe not from, uh… this terrestrial realm.” and “I’m not bi-polar, I’m bi-winning. I win here and I win there.”

Probably because she was talking nonsense.

Alright, we have real stuff to talk about. (more…)

Edmonton Lamb Headlines

Sure has been snowy. Yup. Lotta snow.

Councillor Don Iveson wants to know why Edmonton Transit doesn’t explain what’s going on to passengers when there are delays. It would be great if drivers and staff would take to loudspeakers at transit and LRT stations. It’s also a good example as to why wireless Internet on the trains and at transit stations would help; I could be forewarned about delays by other passengers (through social network tools like), or get an e-mail from ETS about any emergencies.

The assault of bus driver Tom Bregg could lead to new penalties for those who attack transit drivers.

San Diego is, again, being held up as a great example of how a downtown arena could work here in Edmonton. Ah, there are always more sides to a story, aren’t there?

Edmonton’s four largest post-secondary institutions (U of A, MacEwan, NAIT, NorQuest) have signed an agreement to help each other out in the event of a disaster or emergency at one of the schools.

There’s actually quite a bit happening over at the Alberta Legislature. (more…)