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“firsts” originally aired Sunday, May 1, 2011 at 9pm. You can watch it again Sunday, July 31 at 9pm on Shaw cable channel 10.

If you missed it, or want to watch it again, you can watch the episode whenever you want on YouTube or at our Livestream channel. It can also be downloaded from iTunes right to your iPod or other earbud devices. (Here’s our RSS for anyone not using iTunes.)




Segments and more information:

In “starting your first business” we interviewed Brenda Kerber from The Traveling Tickle Trunk, Valerie Gross from Urban Knitters, Chris Janke, Craig Martell and Levi Christensen from Wunderbar, and David Bayda from The Business Link.

We also stopped by 4 Stroke Custom Culture, Luzzara Coffee Bar, and Permanent Records.


You can watch our story on ballpoint pen artist Ted Flower on YouTube, and find our more about him by contacting him through his website;


In “Jeff Explains a Thing” we mentioned the Legislative Assembly of Alberta and MLAs. Here’s where you go for more information:

The Assembly’s got a pretty good website. You’ll be able to find information on the current legislative session, tours and historical information, and Hansard (the transcripts of all goings-on in the Alberta Legislature).

Wikipedia’s got plenty of information on our provincial government, including its history and politicians.

You can find your MLA through the Assembly’s website. You can also find MLAs, and party information, at the party websites: Progressive Conservatives, Liberals, Wildrose Alliance, NDP, Alberta Party.


iPhone” is the work of Highwire Films, a local production company. Arlen Konopaki and Mike Robertson are prolific video producers, and bright stars on Edmonton’s comedy and video scene.


We spoke with Adam and Scott from The Unknown Studio about their first episode. You can listen to all, nearly 50, episodes at their website (where they have plenty of other items and posts) and subscribe to their show in iTunes.



Our show’s theme song is “Ghetto Lung (Get Along Now)” by Brazilian Money – find their songs and albums on bandcamp.

Tim Gilbertson performed live for us in the basement of, the now-closed, Top Gear Scooters (also the basement of Luzzara and The Beauty Parlour). Tim’s the lead singer, though the band goes by his name. You can find them on tour right now, and buy their fantastic music from iTunes.


The rest of the show was chock full of Edmonton music and unsigned artists. That’s how every episode is going to sound! (Let us know if you’ve got music to include in the show.)

Click on the band or artist’s name for their website. Click on their song titles for the iTunes store (or the link that says iTunes store, for other songs and albums available for purchase).

touch it and you will say ow – “Tatiana” – The band is currently on indefinite hiatus.

Christian Hansen and the Autistics – “Kirkegaard

The Bridle Party – “Baby’s First Love Song

Xplosionation – “Electric Jam” – on iTunes

A.O.K. – “Shot on Sight” – on iTunes

The Joe -“Without This Fire” – on iTunes

The Horribly Awfuls -“Phil Collins as the Antidote” – The Horribly Awfuls aren’t around anymore, but lead singer Gareth Williams didn’t stop producing music.

The Poets -“Fond Of” – The Poets no longer exist, but lead singer Tyler Shipley’s continued producing music, including with The Consumer Goods.

The Party Martyrs – “Black String”

You can also check out a playlist we built for the show.


Thanks to our episode 1 sponsors; The Unknown Studio and The League of Extraordinary Media.

A note on sponsorship: Sponsors and advertisers of the edmontonian presents (and are valued local business partners, but hold no sway over our content or production. But, if they wanted to, we could always use a boom mic operator.