the edmontonian presents: Food

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“food” originally aired Sunday, June 12, 2011 at 9pm. You can watch it again Sunday, July 24 at 9pm on Shaw cable channel 10.

If you missed it, or want to watch it again, you can watch the episode whenever you want on YouTube or at our Livestream channel. It can also be downloaded from iTunes right to your iPod or other earbud devices. (Here’s our RSS for anyone not using iTunes.)

Please note: Unlike the other episodes in our series, “food” is 60 minutes long, not 30.


There’s lots of information on the show below, including all the great Edmonton music you heard in episode 4, and our show sponsors (who help us make the show happen, but aren’t in charge of what we cover) and a recipe for The Next Act Pub’s fish sandwich. So…buckle up.


Segments and more information:

Good Food
Produced and Written by Sally Poulsen and Jeff Samsonow
Camera: Jeff Samsonow
Editing: Sally Poulsen
featuring First Nature Farms, En Sante Winery, Slow Food Edmonton (and Valerie’s blog)


Produced/Written/Camera: Sally Poulsen Jeff Samsonow
Editing: Sally Poulsen
featuring Eva Sweet Products, Cha Island Tea Co., Honey Spice, The Marc, Next Act Pub

Next Act recipes and ingredients can be found at the bottom of this page.

Thanks to Cha Island for also being the setting of this episode’s cold open; “Disco Donair.” You better not steal our idea, Jake!

Thanks to Doug Organ for the “Eatmonton” name. Be sure to tell Doug you saw him in the credits.


Coffee 101
Produced/Written/Camera: Jeff Samsonow
Editing: Sally Poulsen

Be sure to stop in at Luzzara Coffee Bar for more of Sarah’s coffee genius. You can always find Catfish Coffee at the Old Strathcona Farmers’ Market.

We’d also like to thank Theresa Spinelli at the Italian Centre Shop, James Schutz at Transcend Coffee, and Nate Box at Elm Cafe for helping us make sure we got everything right. Wow, there’s a lot of places to get great coffee in Edmonton!


Jeff Explains a Thing: Local Groceries

Produced and Written by Jeff Samsnow
Camera/Editing: Sally Poulsen
with Joanne Bateman from Wild Earth Foods
more from them on Twitter – @WildEarthFoods and on 99 Street – at 89 Avenue. (Yes, 99 Street businesses are open during construction.)


Produced/Written/Camera/Editing: Sally Poulsen
more at


We Eat Together
Produced/Written/Camera: Jeff Samsonow
Editing: Sally Poulsen
more at and


Famoso Pizza at The Empress

Thanks to Famoso Pizzeria on Jasper Avenue for the delicious Neopolitan, Margherita, Pollo, and Marinara pizzas. (We actually bought a couple of those because we knew they were going to fly out of the box  and we’d need a bunch.)

Thanks to The Empress for letting us bring the pizza and recording.



Our show’s theme song is “Ghetto Lung (Get Along Now)” by Brazilian Money – find their songs and albums on bandcamp.

“Ain’t Been Dancin”
Written by the AwesomeHots
Performed by the AwesomeHots
music available at


The rest of the show was chock full of Edmonton music and unsigned artists. That’s how every episode is going to sound! (Let us know if you’ve got music to include in the show.)

Click on the band or artist’s name for their website. Click on their song titles for the iTunes store (or the link that says iTunes store, for other songs and albums available for purchase).

“I See Fame” by Yevlumeel

“Lakes of Mars“ by Doug Hoyer
Album available at, more at Old Ugly Recording Company

“Edward IV” by 100 Mile House | Available on iTunes

“Circling Numbers” by Manuela | Available on iTunes

“Birds” by The Fight

“@&$%ty Songwriters and My True Feelings About
Plagiarising Your Own Songs” by The Sunshine Experience, 1999

“Morana” by Tyler Butler

“The Big Dig” by Ghost Cousin

“Ferris Bueller’s Day On” by The Electra Complex

“Could’ve It Been Me?” by Sugarglider

“August Already” by Scenic Route to Alaska

You can also check out our iTunes playlists, full of artists from the show.


Thanks to our episode 4 sponsors; the events calendar, the St. Albert Heavenly Rollers Derby (first game is June 18), Edmonton-made movie The Bike Heist (premieres June 27), Kyle Miller (on behalf of, Jay Runham’s movie reviews, tweets, and digital media-ness, Derjis’ dog, Live Local Alberta’s Dine Local Guide, Edmonton’s sex-positive adult store, The Traveling Tickle Trunk, Whyte Avenue’s print, art, photo shop, Vivid Print, The Unknown Studio, and The League of Extraordinary Media.

A note on sponsorship: Sponsors and advertisers of the edmontonian presents (and are valued local business partners, but hold no sway over our content or production. But, if they wanted to, we could always use somebody to yell “Quiet on the set” when we record cold opens.


Next Act Pub’s fish sandwich, house salad and dressing (with thanks to Nathan McLaughlin – Chef Nate Dog)

Fish Sandwich

6oz Halibut
Brioche Bun (a french sweet bread available at Popular Bakery on 118ave) or any other Bread of Choice
Green and Purple Cabbage
Lemon Juice
Dust 6oz piece of halibut with a light flour mixture (flour, paprika, onion powder, salt and pepper)
Chop Both types of Cabbage and Carrots – mix with mayo, lemon juice, paprika, garlic powder, salt, pepper and add chopped capers.
Cilantro Aioli
Mix together mayo, fresh cilantro, lemon juice, salt and pepper to taste.
Heat lightly greased pan on medium-high heat.  Add fish to pan and sear for approx 2 mins on each side or until desired preference.
Spread Aioli on a fresh brioche bun, add fish and top with coleslaw.
House Salad

Mixed Greens
Toasted Almonds
Pea Shoots
White Balsamic Honey Vinaigrette

(white balsamic vinegar, honey, canola oil, garlic, lemon, salt and pepper)
Or just head to The Next Act Pub (Calgary Trail at 83 Avenue) and let them do it for you. No mess to clean up after that!