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history” originally aired Sunday, July 10, 2011 at 9pm. You can see it again Sunday, July 31 at 9:30pm on Shaw cable channel 10.

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This shot is from a deleted scene. Guess you'll have to buy the Director's Cut on DVD.

Special thanks to Fort Edmonton Park for allowing us to record on site – but it really was raining.

Thanks to Gregg Beever, Gord Lacey, Brittney Le Blanc, and Deja Springfield for helping with this episode’s cold open. We tweaked things a little and hope to get more of their hilarity into the director’s cut.

And a big thanks to Cine Audio Visual for providing archival footage used throughout the show.


Our most profound and sincere thanks for watching “the edmontonian presents”; thanks to everyone who shared their time, stories, music, and more; thanks to everyone who helped us with their kind words, generous support and thanks to all those who worked on the actual production of the show.

For all its faults, working on this series has proven to us time and time again that Edmonton is a vibrant, remarkable place to live – and that YOU are the ones who make it that way.


In “Never Forget” we talked with Edmonton’s Historian Laureate, Ken Tingley. He’s the first municipal historian laureate in Canada (likely North America) and has been involved with our city’s history for decades. A couple of groups to stick with for Edmonton history are the Edmonton and District Historical Society and Edmonton Heritage Council. The Council is also where you’ll know be able to find historical articles from writer Lawrence Herzog (who used to write the same for the Edmonton Real Estate Weekly).

If you’ve got an older home you might want to check out the City’s “This Old Edmonton House” seminars and workshops to learn how to keep it in heritage shape. As David Holdsworth explained, there are plenty of ways to preserve older houses and buildings without modernizing them and losing the character.

We also spoke with blogger Mack D. Male about digital preservation. Mack archived the Edmonton 2010 Grey Cup Festival website before it was wiped off the Internet and knows you’ve got plenty of photos and videos on your blog that will speak to what Edmonton looked like in the first part of this century. Speaking of preservation…anyone know if SEE Magazine’s decades of articles, photos, and more can be found anywhere online?


Got some old stuff? Maybe you want to donate it to the archives. Depending on what it is you’ve got, it could go to the City of Edmonton Archives, the Provincial Archives of Alberta, the Edmonton Public School Board Archives, or the University of Alberta Archives.

Give them a call or send them an e-mail to get the archiving going!


Dr. Philip Currie (pretty much Alberta’s dinosaur guy) let us know about all the finds happening in the city of Edmonton. It was also cool (especially to Jeff) to learn about the DinoLab where you can volunteer to prepare dinosaur bones. Imagine visiting a museum and seeing bones you helped prepare!

Oh, and if you find some dinosaur bones, you can contact the University of Alberta or Royal Tyrrell Museum.


We were pleased to see all the great Edmonton stuff at the City Shop at Tix on the Square. Check them out in Churchill Square and land yourself a street sign or ETS belt buckle.



Our show’s theme song is “Ghetto Lung (Get Along Now)” by Brazilian Money – find their songs and albums on bandcamp.

The Provincial Archive performed “Art Museums and Tourist Traps” in The Provincial Archives of Alberta. This was before their first show on “a tour of performances in the foyers, reading rooms, theatres, & exhibit halls of Canada’s provincial archives.” You can find more about the band, and their music at Their music is also available in iTunes.


The rest of the episode was, of course, full of great Edmonton music. Click on the band or artist’s name to buy their song or album in iTunes/bandcamp.

“Small Talk” by Liam Trimble – and on Old Ugly

“New Raincoat” by Jom Comyn

“National Park Service” by The Bird Sang Songon iTunes

“Ghosttown” by Caity Fisher – also on Old Ugly

“Perfect Blue” by Happyon iTunes

“Lonely Soul” by Falklands

“Three More Miles” by Ky Babynon iTunes

You can also check out a playlist we built for the show.


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