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money” originally aired Sunday, May 8, 2011 at 9pm. You can see it again Sunday, May 29 at 9pm and 9:30 pm on Shaw cable channel 10.

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Segments and more information:

In “for love or money” we spoke with Edmonton accessory designer Katrina Mastronardi, of Innocent Pride, artist Lon Wenger of Minus Industries, comedian and writer Trent Wilkie of Mostly Water Theatre, blogger Mack D. Male, and Chad Brunet and Colin MacIntyre from CJSR’s Tuesday morning show Makin’ Whoopee. Follow the links on their names or businesses for more information on these great folks.

And thanks again to everyone doing something in their spare time, or for free, to make Edmonton a better place.


Thanks to Darren McPhee for his short “Sunday.” More McPhee hilarity can be found at their YouTube channel.


Thanks to our new Rhyming Dictionary Bureau Chief Jibril Yassin for telling us about a purchase he regrets. (It’s been awhile since we appointed someone to bureau chief.)


The Capital Budget is actually up for renewal this year at City Hall. It’s updated every three years, so it will be interesting to see how all the LRT expansion (without an Expo 2017 bid) might play into things. And there’s that downtown arena.

More on the budget can be found at the City of Edmonton’s website.

And remember to tell them what you think by calling 311 or phoning/e-mailing your councillor.


We are now saving money, thanks to the Servus Alberta 2010 Young and Free Spokester, Kelsey MacDonald. (You can vote for the 2011 Spokester right now.)



Our show’s theme song is “Ghetto Lung (Get Along Now)” by Brazilian Money – find their songs and albums on bandcamp.

Caity Fisher performed “Coming Home Blues ” live for us at Leva Cappucino Bar as part of the (free!) Old Ugly Showcase. It’s also sponsored by CJSR. Caity’s album is available for purchase – you can find more about Old Ugly and their artists at


The rest of the show was chock full of Edmonton music and unsigned artists. That’s how every episode is going to sound! (Let us know if you’ve got music to include in the show.)

Click on the band or artist’s name for their website. Click on their song titles for the iTunes store (or the link that says iTunes store, for other songs and albums available for purchase).

Mitchmatic – “Mysterious”

Zero Something – “Keep Come Arriving”

Mikey Maybe – “New Area Unlocked-Century Park”

Miek Headache – “Pick of the Litter”

The Mitts – “Hard Times”

“Spearmint” by Hale HaleHale Hale on iTunes

The Coy Hunt – “Spiderman”(full disclosure: the Coy Hunt isn’t around anymore, and when they were, Sally was their drummer).

N.N. – “Poisoning Me” –  N.N. on iTunes

Drake’s Theory –  “Canary Fields” – Drake’s Theory on iTunes

You can also check out a playlist we built for the show.


Thanks to our episode 1 sponsors; The Unknown Studio and The League of Extraordinary Media.

A note on sponsorship: Sponsors and advertisers of the edmontonian presents (and are valued local business partners, but hold no sway over our content or production. But, if they wanted to, we could always use more sandwiches.