the edmontonian presents: Spring

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Playlistspring” originally aired Sunday, May 22, 2011 at 9pm. You can see it again Sunday, July 17 at 9:30 pm on Shaw cable channel 10.

If you missed “spring,” or want to watch it again, you can watch the episode whenever you want at our YouTube channel, and our Livestream channel. It can also be downloaded from iTunes right to your iPod or other earbud devices. (If you aren’t on the iTunes you can grab the RSS of our podcast over here.)


Segments and more information:

In “where does the snow go?” we talked with the City of Edmonton’s Bob Dunford, Director of Roadway Maintenance, about snow storage, and Drainage Service’s Sid Lodewyk, General Supervisor of Drainage Information Systems about where all the melted snow ends up. He, of course, never actually referenced crime-fighting turtles living in the sewers.

Snow removal is going to change in winter 2011/2012, but you can let your councillor know what you think now. For sewers and drainage you can contact the City. For other water questions you can check with EPCOR.

You can always contact the City through the 311 service, and the official Twitter account is monitored pretty regularly.


We really did work out in the Alberta Legislature pedway. We recommend you check out all the cool stuff down there this summer. You can get there from the Legislature grounds, and also from the Grandin LRT station.

Defining Eve’s Alex Senkow was the one with the expert advice. Check out Defining Eve’s group and co-ed schedules.


While Edmonton’s adding more festivals to make us the year-round festival city, spring through fall is still our busy season. Check out the festival calendar from the Edmonton Economic Development Corp. to keep on top of all the fun.

SOS Fest isn’t a three-day extravaganza of (mostly) Edmonton music this summer, but there will be stages set-up at the annual Whyte Avenue Street Sale.


If you, like us, had your minds blown by the fact you shouldn’t cut your flower stems with scissors, you’re going to want to see what other flower power Laurel’s on Whyte can send your way.


A special thanks goes out to the Edmonton New Technology Society for letting us film our show opening at their space in Oliver. Check out the tech at



Our show’s theme song is “Ghetto Lung (Get Along Now)” by Brazilian Money – find their songs and albums on bandcamp.

We attemped to have Consilience play for you at the Alberta Avenue Farmers’ Market but sometimes things just don’t work out. You can, however, still hear great music from this talented young Edmontonian at her bandcamp site.


The rest of the show was chock full of Edmonton music and unsigned artists. That’s how every episode is going to sound! (Let us know if you’ve got music to include in the show.)

Click on the band or artist’s name for their website. Click on their song titles for the iTunes store (or the link that says iTunes store for other songs and albums available for purchase).

Seraphic Sitter – “Dani’s Home & One Love” – on CD Baby

Wild Rose Orchestra – “Waiting” – on iTunes

Justine Vandergrift – “Nothing Like the Rain” – on iTunes

Jessica Jalbert – “Paris Green” –

Gobble Gobble – “Lawn Knives” – on iTunes

Team Building – “Arrivals and Reunions” – on iTunes

Landon A.R. Coleman – “Give my Hips to the Girls” –

The AwesomeHots – “Borda Patro'” – on iTunes

You can also check out a playlist we built for the show.


Thanks to our episode 3 sponsors; Live Local Alberta’s Dine Local Guide, The Unknown Studio, and The League of Extraordinary Media.

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