Where We Are Now

Well, it was fun while it was lasted, but the edmontonian is no longer an active website. We appreciate your support.

If you want to send us hate mail, love letters, or pictures of shopping carts and couches, here’s where you can find us today:

Content Director Jeff SamsonowJeffSamsonow.com and on Twitter at @journalistjeff

Creative Director Sally PoulsenSallyPoulsen.com and on Twitter at @SallyPoulsen

We also have a new website for independent Canadian filmmakers: the edmontonian media co.


Movie writer and rabble rouser Gregg BeeverIngloriousHipsters.com and on Twitter at @GreggBeever

Schemer and evil genius Colin MacIntyre – Running LongJohnIndex.ca, on CJSR’s Making Whoopee and on Twitter at @thecolinium